45Louisville, United States
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My self-summary
Okay, I used to have a bit here about gaming and charting the dimensions and all that, but I backed off on that; in a way, it gives a wrong impression. But lest I one day find myself wickedly blogged about on Gizmodo (and isn't that an internet-ancient reference!), I should note that I have been a shameless enthusiast of games like Dungeons and Dragons. Not as much lately, but I still love me some tabletop!

I putter about on the computers, either doing podcasting work or making a valiant attempt at writing. Books are my kryptonite; I like all kinds of subjects, although I have special love for history, fantasy and science fiction and attend conventions for the last couple. I love good movies, but I like bad movies too. The renaissance festival is fun, too. Lately I've pondered starting a YouTube series. We shall see...

I have been involved in polyamory for the last couple of years, which means I am free to see others, with a basis of honesty and communication among all (I've found that knowing where I stand is paramount to my own dealing with this, and I'll do what I can to ensure any others I become involved with do as well).

While I'm not actively looking for a second relationship at the moment, I am open to exploring what life sends my way. Yes, I am presently involved in a relationship, and yes, you'll get to meet her. Like I said, honesty and openness.

I am strange, eclectic, and sardonic
What I’m doing with my life
I have the typical slog of a job, but I also produce an award nominated (and winning!) podcast about games (see above). I've also been a third of the way through writing an urban fantasy/supers novel for the last three years or so, but it's pretty much on the back burner now. I'm currently mulling over a YouTube review show.

Oh, I've been published a few times now in the tabletop gaming biz. Feel free to ask me what if you really want to know.
I’m really good at
Audio editing, of all things. Lord knows I get enough practice. I'm evidently somewhat competent at the artistic endeavors I've embarked on. And I've been told I'm good at making the people around me better, but to be honest I don't know that this is a conscious thing.
The first things people usually notice about me
I stutter a bit, but I like to think I'm getting better. I'm also given to understand I carry an awesome aura of geekiness about me. But in a good way, I assure you... I'm also told my eyes, or even my beard or lack thereof, depending. Even my smile. Why don't you tell me?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I need to seriously simplify this into top ten lists or something.

Books: Spider Robinson (particularly the Callahan's Crosstime Saloon stories), Jim Butcher (mainly Dresden Files), Douglas Adams. I've read a handful of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, and would like to read more. Robert Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress). Dune (haven't read the others yet). Neil Stephenson (Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash). Tom Clancy (at least up through The Bear And The Dragon). Sherlock Holmes. A Prayer For Owen Meany. Lots of non-fiction.

Good Movies: The Blues Brothers, Boondock Saints, Animal House, Dark City, The Crow, Lord of the Rings, The Last American Virgin, When Harry Met Sally, The Matrix, Serenity, Star Wars, Stargate, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Inception, The Terminator, The Killer, Hard Boiled, lots of Hong Kong action films actually, Office Space, Galaxy Quest, the 2009 Star Trek, Clerks, The Princess Bride, The Big Hit, The Big Lebowski, Bulletproof Monk, 21, numerous superhero movies, This is Spinal Tap, A Mighty Wind. Monty Python is always good too. I loved Wreck-It Ralph and a number of the other Pixar movies. Lego was awesome, and so was Mad Max. When I'm in the mood, I like a good documentary.

TV: I like Doctor Who, Stargate Universe, The Big Bang Theory, MST3K, Torchwood, The IT Crowd, Futurama, House, Sherlock, Archer, Arrested Development. Otherwise I don't catch much TV, but I dearly love Netflix (and just let me mention Daredevil!).

Bad Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment, Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death, Dungeons and Dragons, Snakes on a Plane, and plenty more...

Music: The Pogues, Flogging Molly, Wu-Tang Clan, some old-school hip hop (like Run-DMC, the Fat Boys, or Doug E. Fresh), some nerdcore hip hop (like MC Frontalot, Devo Spice, or Dual Core), The Police, various things with a punk flavor, the Beastie Boys, Matthew Sweet, some Meat Loaf. I like Slough Feg's Traveller album, but haven't tried any of their other stuff yet. They Might Be Giants. Jonathan Coulton. A bit of filk. Other folk music stuff, like the Dubliners or the Clancy Brothers. A little bit of country. Just all kinds of stuff, and I try to keep an open mind.

Food: Pizza is an old standby, but I like a good chicken tikka masala or pad thai, and sushi is a dear friend of mine. Then again, plain old burgers and fries are fun, too. I'm willing to try things, but there are some things I just won't eat (I'm trying to break myself of this in regard to green vegetables, but it's tough...)
Six things I could never do without
Dice. My Kindle (that is the best money I ever spent, hands down). Good tunes. Paper. Writing Implements. Some gaming rulebook, but I'm conflicted as to which one. I'm going to break the rules and smuggle my Android phone in my pocket, and go with seven. That thing rocks. Or I can just stick the gaming books on the Kindle...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Work. And I really shouldn't, when it comes down to it.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm either kicking it at home or I might be out at a coffee shop looking for something to do. On other off days, though, it's the coffee shop thing, finding a game, or maybe even geocaching. (Or at least I wish I was geocaching...)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
On the one hand, I'm once again wary of what my instincts tell me. On other hands, I walk in some rather... interesting... circles from time to time.
You should message me if
You've gone mad. Well, okay, maybe not that. Then again, a beloved science fiction TV character once said that anyone at all interesting was mad in some way.

You know what order the letters go in.

Or, you know, if you look this over and say "Hey, he sounds cool!" and especially if you're of a geeky or tabletop gamer persuasion. And at this point, you can be from pretty much anywhere. Pen pals are as good as anything else, I've decided.

In short, if you can put up with my weirdness. Hang around me enough, you'll say "wait, what?" at least once.

But hey, you never know. Take the chance! You know you want to...
The two of us