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In the wake of all this Eich/Mozilla shit, let's all remember that okcupid CEO Sam Yagan (who vocally denounced Brendan Eich and campaigned for his removal) donated to a viciously homophobic political candidate in 2004 (Rep. Chris Cannon, R-Utah). So, if you agreed with him and stopped using Firefox, perhaps you should also stop using okcupid (and match.com, also owned by him). And...should we campaign to get him fired?

No, because his illl-advised campaign years ago hasn't affected his work one bit, and also because we aren't bullies who force our opinion on others no matter what the consequences...right?

[i should probably change this soon...]

The Poet at Eighteen
by Dick Allen
What I’m doing with my life
In the cab of the truck bound straight across Ohio,
to earn my ride
and keep the driver sharp against the traffic flow,
one night I tried

right out of my freshmen textbooks to convince
him of all things
to know thyself was best, and since
to that iron string
I’m really good at
each heart beats true, each man should undergo
the search within
or with his dying gurgle will not know
that he has been
The first things people usually notice about me
alive. The driver was amused, and stayed awake
but said he'd heard
those thoughts before. His large foot worked the brake
to miss a furred
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
thing stumbling from the bushes. In the greenish light
I saw him pop
a benny, swallow it with spit, then sight
the first snowdrop
Six things I could never do without
upon our windshield, rub it out. "Damn," he said,
"it means we'll reach
Indiana like we're on a god-damn sled."
He said that each
I spend a lot of time thinking about
five miles slower was another half an hour
from town to town--
more minutes when he could not sleep, nor wear
a woman down.
On a typical Friday night I am
It was a mighty snowstorm. At its end
he slid the truck
beside a clapboard house, and left me there, went in
to try his luck.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
A soft loose woman's shadow met the curtains,
then retreated.
I looked away. A stone deer sniffed the lawn
for crusts of bread.

Freezing, wrapped in blankets, I began
to draw my face
upon the frosted mirror. It took me until then
to know my place.
You should message me if
You too are a grammar Nazi, but be serious about it. If your dangling participles are circumcised, I'll fucking gas every word, and I would expect the same commitment from you.

Or if you like smiling. whatever.

i used to have a stick self-portrait of myself on here. i liked it, but...it got reported. so, if you're THAT douche: you're a douche. stop making your life not matter, for the kids.
The two of us