46Austin, United States
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My self-summary
If I had to come up with a 1 line summary it might be something like:

I am intelligent, zen-esque (take that spell checker software), and love humor.

One "warning" before baring my soul to the world in a few paragraphs: brevity is often my nemesis because details are so important and yet trivial.

Intelligent is one of the words I'd most use to describe myself. Intellectual as well really. Though I try not to take myself seriously, If I start doing so, I don't mind getting humorously zinged about it.

Along with that intellectual bit, I sort of have my talking preferences backwards in that if I don't know someone I prefer serious or deeper conversations and only really get in to the swing of adding small talk to it all with people I know and like. Also I joke more with people once I know them better.

I think humor is very important. This means being able to laugh at one's self as well. Finding humor in a situation always makes life better.

I am pretty open minded and accepting of people. Even if we had a bad first encounter, I prefer to take a wait and see approach.

Ok a partial list of interests: humor, irony, absurdity,philosophy, psychology, deep theory, zen, atheism, reading sci-fi fantasy and other stuff, computer games sometimes, martial arts like Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Chi Cung and Aikido, Dr. Who, anime, Buddhism, running, serious conversations, time with friends.

Other random stuff:
I spent years fencing competitively.
I'm a certified scuba diver.
I used to run seriously for fun, but work stopped that and now shin splits keep ruining attempts to add it back to my life.
I have 30 minutes of logged pilot time in a hot air balloon.
I've been to Japan a number of times, China once, central Mexico and off the coast of South America but I haven't set foot in Europe.
What I’m doing with my life
I dislike that I'm starting off with work, but when you spend about half of your waking life doing something, I guess it needs to be mentioned.

Right now I'm working in IT. I do a mix of development and support. The support part is helping other technical people solve issues or helping with the apps I've written or have inherited. For some odd reason, it seems most IT people are either developers or systems/OS people, but not both. I'm both and then some. so when something breaks I can usually come up with either a way to fix it, to go around it, or at least quickly figure out what is wrong.

I have a degree in Molecular Biology. But I've taken a significant number of classes in math and CS as well. I'm within 2-4 class of having degrees in Math, CS and other bio/chem fields.

Outside of work:
I read a lot. I love spending time in coffee shops too, where I read, or study whatever I want, or even work on things for myself or work. I feel weird the few times I end up at a coffee shop without a laptop.

I do spend some time gaming. And while I do enjoy it, lately I can't help wondering what other things I could try that would be as much fun, but would be have more benefits beyond just the enjoyment of it.

Obviously I spend a lot of time on a computer. Though to me it's less of an end than a means to an end. So you won't find me having deep conversations about the tool itself or any its minute specs or details. Discussing the how and the why and the goals is much more interesting.

I also spend time thinking. The subjects range from current events, to philosophy, to what I want out of life, to what I might want to change about it or to try differently, and to all sorts of other things.

I used to spend a huge amount of time doing martial arts. When I fenced in college there were times where I would spend 30+ hours per week training or competing. I can take a lot of pleasure in things athletic or physical. I haven't done either of these 2 things recently however, but it seems like its getting time to pick up something active again.

Now if only there was a good way to mix some of my hobbies. But trying to spar with a book in one hand doesn't seem to work well. Running with a laptop be really awkward. Ect.

Other than running or cycling, I haven't been much of an outdoors person. Actually it's not so much outdoors as wilderness or back to nature. I'm more of a city or at least civilization person than I am a wilderness person. The occasional hike or maybe camping can be fun, but so far they've never really been the first thing I consider doing for fun or exercise. They rarely make the top 5 either.
I guess the difference might be something like: running town lake is more fun than climbing enchanted rock. Cycling through Austin or nearby is more fun than mountain biking the green belt. Sitting outdoors at a coffee shop (assuming I don't have to share second hand smoke) is more fun than going camping.
I’m really good at
I'm a great listener. Long serious conversations. Seeing the irony or absurdity in life. Finding humor in almost everything. Laughing at myself. Being honest with myself and usually the people I'm close too. Finding Anime online to download. Fixing or solving all sorts of things.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really don't know. I guess the intelligence. People often comment about me smiling, oh and now that I think about it, my eyes,
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Yes. Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Douglas Adams (shame on you if he's not on your list ;) ) and of course Terry Pratchett. My top authors also include Roger Zelazny, Larry Niven, David Brin, Heinlein,.. too many to list really
My top books include Good Omens, almost anything by Zelazny or Niven or Heinlein, Ender's Game (maybe, haven't read it in a long time and he's gone a little down hill IMO)
This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface actually.
Outside that genre I really enjoyed 3 books by Tom Robbins (Still Life.. Fierce Invalids.., Jitterbug Perfume)
Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa, a number of books by Thich Nhat Han, Siddhartha by Hesse
ok, enough, this really doesn't begin to cover it all

Movies: The Zero Effect. Hudson Hawk. Donnie Darko. Grosse Pointe Blank. Army of Darkness. Stuff by Miyazaki. Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm waiting on the movie for the book Good Omens. Gaiman and Pratchett just sold the rights to Terry Gilliam for a groat. Yes, a groat, not a goat. It's an old coin.

Music: Trance, from a number of DJ's and performers. Peter Gabriel. A fair amount of classical ect, more hard code music along the lines of metal or industrial or hard rock and so on. some jazz artists, In general I like most music except for a lot of modern country.

Food: SUSHI!! Coffee!! Thai, Japanese. Things with artichoke hearts. Basil Pesto. Pizza with mixes of the following black olives, chicken, bbq sauce, artichoke hearts, pesto, olive oil, feta cheese, meat, pineapple, and spinach. I really am not a fan of fungus. Fresh veggie juice (which is way over priced if you buy it rather than make it, but I still do both)

TV: I don't really follow TV much any more and I don't have cable/whatever and haven't for more than 10 years now. If there is a decent series, I'll wait for a season to end and then binge watch it.
Six things I could never do without
stuff to learn or understand or to figure out
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People, life, avoiding thinking about current events so I don't go on another rant, what to do next with my life.
Trying to understand things better. IMO nothing is sacred when it comes to picking it apart to get a better understanding of.
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately coding while at a coffee shop,
Playing games,
Hanging out with friends,
Less lately:
Martial arts,
Working out,
Drinking with friends
Random other stuff
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not sure really: Private as in feel embarrassed to admit it to people I don't know? With people I'm close to, there isn't much I'm private about so I'm not sure how to really answer this. I'd rather just be able to take questions and answer them.

So I guess to a stranger I'd hate to admit just how much of an anime fan I am. After writing I sort of feel I should be embarrassed that I felt embarrassed about it and that it's not so private. And that feels way too meta or recursive or something.
You should message me if
Definitely do so, if you have a sense of humor.
If you like to hang out at coffee shops.
If you notice a lot of irony and absurdity in life.
If you really have an open mind and are fairly self aware and honest with yourself.
Looking for a gym partner or someone to start a new martial arts/tai chi/ect with.
The two of us