49Knoxville, United States
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My self-summary
Hi. My name is Tim and I'm a father of 2 great boys who live with me 100% of the time. I'm not single by choice, but lost my wife in a car accident in December of 2007. While we still miss her, talk about her, and have a few pictures up, we have moved on with our lives in hopes of finding someone to share the next chapter with.

I have been out several times with a few people since the accident and have met some nice people but no one that clicked. I guess I'm here to see what's out there for a guy like me. I'm honest, caring, tend to side with the underdog, a christian with strong morals, a Titans fan (but not one who has to watch every game), a little geekish, avid reader, computer nerd (who can and will fix your computer! lol), and all around nice guy. I could have put in there wild and adventurous, because at one time I was years ago, but having kids causes one to learn about self-sacrifice and responsibility. The wildest thing about me now is my motorcycle. I am far from perfect, but I keep trying. Most recently I started exercising at a local gym and start with a trainer in January to get into better shape.

I am a romantic, dedicated and loyal, and ready for the one.

A couple of notes about this site:

The chat function rarely works for me. Not sure what the problem is but sometimes I see it and sometimes it never shows up.

If I wink at you, it's not because I'm too stupid or too lazy to write. I'm throwing out an exploritory 'hello' to see if you would like to talk. If you do, then wink back. I'll initiate a conversation, I promise. I just like a ticket to the "clue bus" (or a whap with a "clue-by-four") to see if you are open to talking. :)

So recently I've been told that I am too old for my target range. I thought a little explanation was necessary. I have 2 young boys. Most women my age seem to not want kids, or want kids that young. I am totally open to dating anyone my age (even plus a few years) but you have to understand that its a package deal. I don't seem to look my age (and truth be told, act it either sometimes!) anyway. I am looking for someone who can welcome the chance to become a part of a family. Come on! Here's your chance to be surrounded by 3 guys all your own. :)

Lastly, I'm really at a loss as to where all the curvy, nicely shaped women are. My dream woman has a 'few extra' but still has a shape to her. I love a renniasance, classic woman, voluptious and with substance. Surely there are those still out there, aren't there? A woman that likes to be a woman, is girly and appreciates chivalry and someone that honors her, who cares about the way she looks, because she knows that size is not what makes a girl hot, it's all attitude and happiness with who you are. Ever see 'Drop Dead Diva'? Women like that. That's kind of what I think is attractive, just so you understand what I am looking for, because I know the world says that only a size 0 can be beautiful but the world is so wrong. :)

So what would be the trade off for engaging in a LTR/marriage with a guy like me?

1. All the fun of kids with none of the horrible pain of birthing! I'm open for another child or so if it was agreed on, but if birthing is not something you look forward to, I'm your guy! :)

2. A guy who is not going to run aroud on you, play games with you, is emotionally available, doesn't mind PDA's, and has no baby mamma drama.

3. I already have a career and don't need to spend every waking hour trying to chase the dollar. This means I can spend my time being a better BF/SO/etc to you. Most of my bills are paid and I love buying surprise gifts, too.

4. I actually call when I tell you I will. If I am going to be late (or am late) I call as soon as I can after the promised time to let you know why. I know this sounds obssesive, but I call it common courtesy.

more to come.....

What I’m doing with my life
I'm taking care of my kids, first and foremost, fulfilling the roles of both parents. I have a killer job for a major media company that owns several cable channels as a system admin.
I’m really good at
Fixing computers, coloring outside and inside the lines, pwning noobs in the few minutes I get to play a game now and then ;)

I also think I am good at making those I love know it. You won't have to guess how I feel about you. Be it through surprise gifts, flowers for no reason, or me calling just to say it, you will know. If you like a standoff-ish no emotion kind of guy, I'm probably not the one for you.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I don't look my age, my blue eyes, or more likely my kids. They are pretty cute. ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have been reading Steven James lately and enjoy him. I used to like Stephen King and stuff like that but have started watching the things I put in my head. I love Christian fiction more often than not but also enjoy The Adversary Cycle py F. Paul Wilson is a fav. Also 'Chronicles in Amber' and 'The Death Gate Cycle' are good too.

I like a lot of contemporary christian music, 80's stuff, classic rock, some country, a little rap (Andre 3000), and other stuff. I used to DJ back in the day so I kind of picked up a wierd mix of favorites. Oh, and the London cast recording of Les Miserables, original Broadcast soundtrack and movie Soundtrack to Hair, Matt and Kim, New Young Pony Club, Monkeys, Dwight Yokum, Lady Antebellum, classic rock, old punk,...

I like action/adventure, thrillers, dramas, mysteries, and some sci-fi movies. For some reason, I also have a penchant for Zombie flicks. I dislike horror films that only rely on gore to make the scares.
Six things I could never do without
Not in any particular order:
God and my church
My kids
My motorcycle
My family
Diet Coke
I spend a lot of time thinking about
.....what to do next, why Hardees thinks that over amplified sounds of people sloppily eating greasy hamburgers is in any way a good way to sell food and not make me puke, if Cancun will ever get over the Swine Flu so I can go back to Pericos and hang out :) If I ever will be able to find someone to love again...
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing Wii with the kids, sitting at home wondering how I got here....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
ehh, what the heck. Here's a quick one. I played Brad in the RHPS for 10+ years in Nashville and Memphis and was once on the front page of the paper for it. If you don't know what that is, its probably better for both of us. ;)

That I am an absolute sucker for dark hair/dark eyes. Not that I am not attracted to other hair/eye combos but that always seems to draw me in.
You should message me if
Are kind, like kids, feel like talking, are tired of the guys in here that only want naked pics of you, if you are looking for a serious LTR...

*Note about the LTR thing. If you are only interested in short term or casual dating, I probably won't be right for you. I don't expect, or necessarily want to be married this week, but I believe in magic, in romance, in love at first sight, in the one you are supposed to be with taking your breath away and your heart skip a beat, and I believe in love where you live happily ever after. To be sure there are disagreements and conflicts, but when it's right, its right. If you can't wrap your head around the idea that this can happen, we probably won't get along. It won't just be a fairy tale ending. It will be our fairy tale ending. I don't have a desire to be dating for another few years. I'd love to be married before that or at least in a relationship headed that way. I want a life time love. Do you?
The two of us