44Germantown, United States
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My self-summary
I live life to it fullest, do you? I am a Seven-day adventist. To know me is know Jesus is in your hart. God change me like the old hymn amazing grace.The life one has is a great responsibility. Well how we use it that the question. I am a person believes in honesty, loyalty, honor and most all respect. My dad taught me a few lesson in life. 1) Alway respect someone even if you don't agree with them 2)It not what you know if life it who you know and 3)life is about choices we must strive to archive to our fullest. I am a simple and practical person. I also believe in Cryptozoology. I am also believe in alternative history as to respect to the history we were taught in school. I also believe in true love or love at first sight. I believe that marriage is for life and divorce is not the answer to proplems in marriage.

I am dependable, loving, and reliable

update 8-13-12 please be aware that i am temp going absent fr here. i lost my service animal and need some me time to morn him . i will try and respond be not be upset if i don't get back asap. i am back but still morning it like not have my right hand. I also want to make sure a good match would also understand that i now have a his ashes and his paw print. i will be keeping this so it must be understand that i am keeping no matter what.

update 7-6-13 I am been back for awile now but still feeling the lost of my shadow it funny how things seem to not stay the same but always do . life is short one thing I learned is that we all must take what god gives us and then use it to our help those who need it. It always seem that life can be fast pace it hard to stop and smell the roses but if we don't then it like we waste gods love for us. I am sad for those who can't see what a true love god gave us. He gave time with but shadow and now I find a new dog to train it hard for me not see god plan and for me to say stop take the time to really see the small things. I am a Seventh Day Adventist. One reason is we truly keep ten commandants and keep the sabeth (fri sundown to sat sundown). It is my way keep god love fresh for me to remember the fine points how about you? do you love god? can stop and smell the roses? How about takeing the most of the day? if so let me know.

update 6/6/17
so I had rough time but i found a new found love of advocacy I was walking home and fell hit my head and been one heck of ride in jan 2014. I hope anyone who has a chance go to your local nursing home and visit it's very hard being in one. They call them rehab but a lot of them are the worst of the worst. i went in bad came out not in good place. It very bad when some dr who doesn't know you as all the power. One big thing is you have less right of some in jail or convicted felon. I now go and speck for those who can't. I think like most is can't be that bad. first you can't leave go get something a dr has to say it okay . dr dose not "exam you" rehab can be joke. I think interesting that gov officials i talk say that can't be right. one week later I can't believe it your right. so one thing you have very little rights or chance to get education. no way for you to appeal or get help and for famliy to get it. I am better now but new respect for those in need.
What I’m doing with my life
Well I am going to school. I am studying to get my BA in General studies. I am hoping to go in to EEO work or mediation (ARA). I am planning on mostly working with disable workers and their families to help them cope with life hardship. I got AA in Cisco Track, Microcomputer Technician, general studies; cert. in Microcomputer Technician, Network Security, and soon will have Wireless Technologies. I also working on getting moved in (after 3 yrs still unpacking.) I also take online class do better my knowledge on disable and ADA laws / Regulations.
I also just started working on a Board of Governors of the Alumni Association of the local community college where I went to school. I love it is great to help out the current and former students. I also do try to do volunteer on different things when I can. I also try when possible to do some hobbies but it hard to find the time.
I’m really good at
I am really good at finding out information, computers and helping out people. What I am really good at is seeing the good that people can offer. Thou it is hard for me not too. I have been burn a lot. I think there is good in most people. I can sometimes revert to old ways and make a conversation more like an interview / fact finding mission. I am working on it. I am good on computers. I have built and repaired many computers. I love to help out people. This is something is something that I am looking for in my spouse. Many have given the opportunity to grow. I believe in paying it forward to help those who will need the help I was given.

It one reason I got in involved with my old college to ask what I can do to help them. ALL ARE valued. None is left behind. It hard not to think that it can happen but we all at some point in our lives just need help .I am also good at memory thou it has change somewhat but I can still got one heck memory. I look at things different. I look at problems on the outside; looking at all sides then take it one step at a time. I am good at taking things for what they are the good, the bad and all things between. I am good at giving people a chance to succeed and the support they need. I am also good at having someone back when need be. I am also good at being good at give advice and keeping secrets.

3/17 /17 update
I change a little I am now a major in advocacy for those in nursing homes( sub acute and hospitals. It started with me being that horrible place. I fell and long of it was seeing how bad it real is. You have no say about your care or leaving so some dr who dose it know you make major decisions. what worst is you have no rights and convicted felon has more right then them. I better now but it was very difficult to see . so i now try work gov to see how to how work change this. It funny when talk to them first it like that can't be then it like wow you are right. the biggest for me education for home bound and in hospital /rehab. I also saw many people in burn out or compassion fatigue. not knowing about Pro-QOL 5 test . need to test monthly. I think sad that we don't realize things in still are in it. I found speaking for those who can't very rewarding. why I am going more psychology major then what i was before
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am one of kind, I really I am. That I walk with a cane. I am a somewhat a shy. I am really a closet social person it just something I am working on. I think and told that I can be one those people that you can seem to know forever. I am also very good with face but good with names. I am going bald. I could do something about this but why it would be a lie. I am a very honest person. Like my hair I don’t try and sugar coat things for the most part. I am a fighter by nature I had to overcome so many things that by nature I will overcome most things. I will somehow relearn to walk without this cane. I have for the most part over come it. Life has a way of showing me how much God has changes me. One thing that is known when people see me is that life has a hold on me. God has always been their but I have not. Life been hard for me, it changes me in some ways I cannot describe. Some that visit my place will see that I have a service animal that is so much like me. He has helped me in more way than I can count. I am simple person. I love the country but I need some since of social interaction.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- I have a lot but here are some. The Holy Bible, SDA Hymnal, Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, some from The Left Behind Series, some prayer books, Gods Way to Ultimate Health, Behind The Lines, The Secret Destiny of America, America’s Hidden History, some cookbooks (thou if I have to say I really don’t need it), Fortunate Son, Plato, The Confessions of St. Augustine, Nowhere High, stories of O’ Henry, now and then, Daily Wisdom to Satisfy the Soul, All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten, the Game, Gulliver’s travels, Revival Fire & Glory, Riders to the sea, The playboy of the western world, the American story and Dracula
Movies- I have over 200 movies. I have wide range taste. I also have a few that some might call chick flicks. I have some new like Air bender, Day and Knight, Avatar, man in moon, wall street, Toy story 3, all Shrek movies, back to future1-3, Waitress, Despicable me, cats, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1 and 2, the Bounty Hunter, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Stripes, Toy, and The Love Bug
Music- I have a wide range of taste. I listen to music that changes to how feel. Blues, rock and roll, old time music, folk music, Jonny cash, Carmen, Alice cooper, Juice Newton, Christian music, and Sam Cooke, and Lita Ford
Six things I could never do without
God, family, friends,helping out people in need-because so many have done the same for me,My country and guarding angel(s)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
God, My dad- what he would think of me, family and Jesus --this is most of time, i some times think about how things work.
On a typical Friday night I am
I often start by reading Psalms 92. I then thank god for two thing 1) being alive and 2) For give a chance to love him and to do is work. I then Pray for many thing and people. I then ask him guidance on problems I have. Then I finally give thanks for a start of a beautiful Sabbath. One of the things I like about the SDA is our keeping of the Sabbath. It is a time to reflex on God and Jesus. I alway felt like I was in a rat race. I don't feel that now because of the Sabbath. I feel much more closer to God.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well it wont be a private now. For real I keep private things private.
You should message me if
You love God and you want a long term relationship. I am at the point where I believe in marriage is for life and not years!!!!!!! I also think God should be at the top of your list, The six things I could never do without. I also looking for someone to explore life that look at life as a journey not and destination. I am looking for some that look at each day as it is a gift from God. that looks at people from the inside not the outside. My life is devoted to God and the ten commandments, it should also be yours as well. That you can respect others even if you not agree with them. that you know when to be respectful and when to have someone back. That you can understand that God loves us all. I love to travel an visit my family oversees. You would also understand that this important to me and that you must act in certain ways. I respect all culture and must as well. Some culture go back thousands of years and we must keep it in mind. if this sound like something you would like to talk about let me know. I also want to point out that i am close to family in Kentucky and My family in Assam,India. This also means that my patner would understand this. also take my test and see how you do
The two of us