36Saint Paul, United States
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My self-summary
(Note: As you read through the following profile, please imagine that “Gangstaz Paradise” by Coolio is playing as background music. In fact, go ahead and take a moment to turn on that song and then come back and read the profile.)

Okay, here are things you should know:

- I lied about my height in my profile. I am not 5’10”. I am more like 5’9” 3/4. And since you probably wear heels and I probably don’t (at least not on our first date), if you are 5’7” or taller, we will have a non-traditional man-to-woman height ratio on our hands. If this bothers you, please plan your footwear accordingly.

- Don’t put pictures of you and your ex-boyfriend or some dude you met at the bar/beach on your profile. We get it. You are very hot and hot guys like to have their picture taken with you. We are all very impressed.

- I love Summer (more than you do). And weekends. I prefer being outside whenever possible...but not camping...and not in the Winter...and definitely not camping in the Winter. I like staying active. But I also love to relax. (Enigma?)

- If you are offended easily, or take yourelf very seriously, this will never work. (If you are already offended, leave now. Don’t worry, girl… this wasn’t going to work out anyway. Good luck to you.)

- I get a kick out of dogs. Especially my dog, Steve. (Note: I DO NOT kick dogs.) I am not a big fan of cats or cat "people". (Sorry, cat people. But that is how I feel. I don't hate cats, per se. I just think dogs are so much better.) On an unrelated note: I don't count fish as pets, more like decorations. I don't know enough about ferrets to have an opinion, although I'm leaning more toward "don't like them".

- Burt Reynolds is my nemesis.

- I have 2 younger brothers who I would die for. My Dad is my best friend. My Mom is my biggest fan – And I love her to death. The older I get the more important family becomes. I am viciously & unapologetically loyal. If you don’t value family deeply, quit reading now. (Well, read the next few items, because I worked really hard on them… but then leave right away after that.)

- I love music and I am learning* to play the guitar. (*Learning = I know 1 song. The 1 song I know is "Collide" by Howie Day.) I am far too self-conscious* to sing in front of people. (*Self-Conscious = Bad Singer) I don't like Prince or Celine Dion. At all. Not one bit. (Is there an ‘e’ at the end of ‘Dion’? Not worth Googling…)

- I am stubborn but I'm trying not to be. I also bite my nails and I'm trying not to that, too. I can’t parallel park. I drive a ’96 Oldsmobile Cutlass with no air conditioning. I cannot long divide. My socks only match about 85% percent of the time, which, I am proud to say, is a dramatic increase since college. I cried during Rudy & I like to wear pink.

- I don't do small talk or mingling. Or, at least I don't like to. I'd much rather know your views on euthanasia, pacifism or abiogenesis than chat about the weather.

- I hate cliches. I love irony. I am then, by definition, perfectly indifferent to ironic cliches.

- I am a sucker for a beautiful smile and a genuine laugh. In fact, I would say spontaneous, genuine laughter (and a beautiful smile to go along with it) is my favorite thing in the world; That, and Chipotle.

- I admire truly generous people. People that sacrifice for the sake of others are the only people I am impressed with.

- I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic. I strongly believe in chivalry. I think grand gestures and over-the-top-spectacle-type-in-love stuff is really fun. I don't think it is nearly as important as trust. (Sorry. That sounds cheese now that I type it... but that is what I think.)

- I really don't care how smart or rich or powerful or sexy or cool you are. Almost anybody can fake all that stuff. Life is too short to try and be something you are not. Pretty girls are everywhere; Truly beautiful ones are almost impossible to find.

But I'm looking.
The two of us