29Jamaica Plain, United States
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My self-summary


I like immersing myself in new experiences. I do in-depth research on random things I find interesting just for the hell of it (these days it's structuralism). I like books, infinity, goals, running, mythology, pitch black humor, friends, dancing, dust motes in light beams, epiphanies, The Lego Movie, neon lights, information overload, adrenaline, intelligent conversations, foxes, intelligent conversations with foxes, absurdity, and too many other things...

I collect pet projects and show them off to curious people.

When I was in elementary school, I could raise either eyebrow individually and make them dance for my friends. Now I can only raise the right one or both simultaneously. Such wasted talent.

I'm an INTJ, stress on the N for iNtuition, according to the MBTI, for what it's worth... Personally, I'd rather categorize myself as Chaotic Good (type 4), but phrase it as you like... Or maybe I should just say I'm an excitable introvert. For instance, I'm into Don DeLillo and Hermann Hesse to an astounding degree. And if I met Philip Glass in person, I would probably ask him to sign my boobs without any sign of irony or hesitation, I would say, "Please, would you sign my man-boobs." And if he did, in such a parallel world as that, I would be unspeakably happy for months, clutching my physiologically useless, masculine, A-cup boobs hourly, until the Sharpie stains filled my hands with unforgivable regret for his lost signature. And then weep.

As for the rest, I don't even know it all myself... I suppose you just have to ask.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a storyteller who works in healthcare on the side.

Jobwise, I'm just a plain ol' nurse's aide working the death and donuts shift at a rehab center in East Boston. You can say I'm working my way up the ladder, figuring out this whole healthcare business from the ground up.

One day I'll be a registered nurse, or a physical therapist, or have some other hands-on medical-type job while simultaneously publishing novels which aren't even remotely associated with that career path.

Or one of my novels will get published and I'll just be a writer for the rest of my life. Whatever comes first, or maybe both. Who knows?
I’m really good at
Blasting off into space with my feet on the ground... Being proactive and curiously unfazed in times of unspeakable disaster... Also writing, caregiving, cooking (other people say it, so I assume it's true), and yada yada.
The first things people usually notice about me
I've often heard strangers tell me I have "amazing" and/or "perfect" hair. Also, I've been rocking the mustache for a while, and I'm getting positive results so far. And yesterday, someone at work told me I speak "very proper English". I hope so. I'm a recovering sesquipedalian.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This could go on and on forever. So, instead, I'll break it down into some of my Favorite Themes in Books, Music, and so forth:

1) Adventure
2) Philosophical/Mythological
3) Character-centric or World Building
4) Alienation and Conspiracy
5) Surrealism and Modernism
6) Children's Whatever
7) Parody and Satire

... My favorite food is REALLY, REALLY, burn-your-mouth-reentering-orbit spicy Mexican.
Six things I could never do without
My friends, family, step/half-family members, dogs, and Marlowe my shaggy spider plant.
Books & Notebooks.
Goals (practical, impractical and quixotic).
Dreams & Daydreams.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Writing... And where I'm going with my career in health care. But mostly stories... And what country I want to visit at some point in the future... Probably India, but maybe Denmark... And what I want to do this weekend... And what will be the fate of our new, niche-based, Information Age tribalistic culture... And how does a neutrino assert its individuality... And then story structure, characterization, tonality, thematic synchronicity, etc... Random stuff I like, or find interesting like: electronica, voodoo, distribution of natural resources... Asking questions, such as: is Time still Real when taken out of the context of civilization? Is there such a thing as Wilderness if humans have the capability to simulate, reproduce and destroy all of nature at woo? Who REALLY runs the world, and do they really? Why do people Do Anything? What's their motivation? And other unanswerable quandries... I daydream.
On a typical Friday night I am
Dancing awkwardly for no damn reason.

Going out with friends. Hanging out at bars, restaurants, concerts, cons, raves, kareoke; wherever interesting people congregate. Just having fun, in general.

Or passing out in my room because I worked way too hard that week... Or doing homework... Or watching people dance on Youtube... Depends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a shameless carnivore.
You should message me if
you can look inside yourself and find more than blood and bone. A dreamer with ambition who can hold their own in conversation. And you aren't afraid of rambling fragment sentences, or looking stupid because you have an opinion.

Or you just need somebody to be unrepentantly silly with.
The two of us