64East Northport, United States
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My self-summary
Hello...I am an 'empty-nester'...(almost); I've been a single mom (divorced) for over 13 yrs, and had decided to 'be there' for my children, as they grew up. They are both wonderful contributions to society, I am very proud of my achievements as a single mom. I decided to become a 'teacher's aide', in order to prevent my children from being 'latch-key'.
I enjoy art, and can do pencil portraits, and more...
I love swimming in the summer, visiting places of natural beauty, as well as small quaint towns, love to go 'wine tasting' out 'east, love animals, (enjoy horseback-riding) museums, galleries (art, of course!) Love lobster at Claudio's in Greenport, (lol,oh yes, there really IS a major difference in taste...)...I love to be around loving, caring people...beauty, deep eyes, being giddy with laughter and joy, hiking, the smell of fresh air,...finishing a pencil portrait and watching the secret joy on someone's face as I give it, darning needles? yup...salamanders in the wild, butterflies landing (lighting?) on me...I love the feeling of being one with nature, and sharing that wonderful feeling...being comfortable, cared for, an loved...oh yeah....I love hiking...

I am creative, artistic, and nature lover
What I’m doing with my life
I am still working as a teacher's aide, and living with my extremely gifted and talented 27 yr old son. He is currently making numerous Albums, and with just a bit of luck the world will soon know who he is...my other son has already been recognized for his contributions in his field......he is truly a wizard!(works at Google)
I am planning to retire in about 2 yrs, and perhaps move somewhere south, or west where I will enjoy the climate and the environment...and a daily swim...and walk/hike.
I have always dreamed of becoming my 'artist self.'..
I am occasionally dating/meeting people from this and another site, but have not yet found the right person; I refuse to 'settle'.
Where are you?
I’m really good at
*drawing/painting/portraits, swimming, ...
*I have an uncanny gift of analyzing people/situations...it sometimes can be of great help...animals too...
*loving unconditionally; giving to the students in my charge...
*hiking/kayaking, interpreting animals feelings...
*loving/believing God, no matter what...although I am not a church goer, nor am I a bible 'intellectual'...
*I have been know to have psychic abilities...upon occasion..
*being alone...lol...
The first things people usually notice about me
I am very attractive, youthful and active ...I can be garrulous,as well as extremely quiet, depending on my comfort level, or the situation...
I often dress for comfort...
my eyes ...
I have a nice figure, but not a 'stick' model'...(hey,I just put on 5 lbs of 'indulgent winter weight...lol...)now 125lbs, 5'4"...
I usually 'dress down'; a habit I got into to avoid people's staring, in my youth...
more 'relaxed' now...lol...(I'm 56, but I don't look it.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I seem to read more 'health-related 'books, although you will catch me reading a novel on the beach, just before taking a swim. lol...I often miss the last few chapters, then move onto another novel the following summer...hmmm....movies...I tend to like many different genres of films, crouching tiger, pulp fiction, Sleepless in Seattle, Music and Lyrics, 7 times) ...I have no other excuse except that I am a woman...lol...
Six things I could never do without
love,nature,my children, a dog, sunshine,ocean waves.....................is that enough?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
retirement ; with all that comes with it...
(possible relocation/my two boys/ will I be alone?/ art/wish for occasional travel...)
On a typical Friday night I am
All too often home...I'm really not into 'serial Dating'......much rather be 'in' with the love of my life...but occasional loneliness forces me out, to meet once in a while...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is absolutely NOTHING ...lol..not HERE, anyway!
You should message me if
*you are fairly tall, (my preference) but, personality an looks can outweigh height...
you have confidence, know who you are, ...are monogamous, honest,have a gooD sense of humor, easy going, love to give/share...
love nature/art
The two of us