36River Grove, United States
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My self-summary
Would you like to be entertained? Read. You won't regret it. Sense of humor may be required.

I was born at a very early age. (Pause)
I'm the oldest of 4, my parents are older.
I'm from mixed race parents - my father prefers the 100 meter race.
Mom always told me "You are like ketchup" you have 57 ingredients to you.
I was raised by my father, my mother left before I was born.
I love my father, he is schizophrenic but he is good bunch of people.

Now for the truth: Self-summary.
I was in fact born at a very early age. Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. My parents are still together. They are both a mix of European and so many other nationalities (It's kinda ridiculous). I am the oldest child which means that they did a good job at punishing me the most and then learned from their mistakes.

I've lived all over Chicago-land now and whenever I have left Illinois, life always seems to pull me back. I've done a lot in my career: a public motivational/speaker, organization leader, opened hotels, sales, started 7 non-profit organizations, lots of consulting work, and quite honestly, I am searching for my next adventure. In the meanwhile, I make my income through my part-ownership of a construction/concrete company, creating seminars with a corporate partner, nichè sales market, and coaching. I've got a bunch of side hustles always going.

I keep my expectations of others very low/non-existent, but then I love to help them raise the bar.

Sometimes, I think it is just fun to create lists and descriptions - so here you go.

Passionate gentleman
Character seeker
Kind trouble-maker
Hopeful failure
Quality minimalist
Thoughtful Romantic
Vulnerable Thinker
Conscious Leader
Spontaneous Adventurer
Practical Educated
Reel Notty
Socially-Smart Sapiosexual (go ahead, look it up)
Enthusiast (7) on the Enneagram
ENTP on Meyer's Briggs
Big "I" on DISC Test
Top Strengths: Woo, Adaptability, Strategic, Includer, Communicator

I am actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle at the gym - mostly through intense swimming. I participated in relay swim across Lake Geneva, WI this summer. I play sand volleyball on the weekends and foosball when the weather isn't good. I started doing yoga recently and have been increasing weight lifting.

My friends describe me as the quintessential of inspiration; if normal is your quest, then move along. I was given one life and I intend to make it count for something.

I have my own thing going on & I hope you do to.
What I’m doing with my life
I work hard toward minimalism and the happiness that follows. I've no desire for material positions; Give me experiences - because I can take them with me where ever I go. I am an acrylic painting artist on the side.
I’m really good at
Making you dinner. ;)
Standing in weddings: i've been the best man for 3 different guys named Josh. (Seriously)
Holding the door.
Looking far younger than my age
Speaking in front of any size group
Being loyal...
Checking facebook
Making a fire... I like fire.
Running a mile... I love running except for when i'm doing it.
Fixing whats broke
Got finger painting skillz
Picnic-ing like a boss
Wood Art
Growing my beard
Being a minimalist
Seeing the good in others
Growing + Cutting hair
Making a cocktail
Asking questions
Stock investments
Talking wine
Full-contact origami
Giving & recieving advice
Drinking coffee & tea
Playing well with others
I'm really good at throwing a party
Sitting in random places
Talking about my feelings
Making lists of things i'm good at.
I might be good at more things, but you'll never know if you don't take a risk.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am tall.
I smile a lot.
I'm well spoken and educated.
I have a lot of personality.
I look a lot younger than my age.

"Live your life and forget your age."
Die young & as late as possible.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Forest Gump
P.S. I Love You
Shawshank Redemption
Catch Me If You Can
Just Friends
Definitely Maybe
Cool Runnings
Silver Lining Playbook
The Proposal
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Old School
Italian Job
Harry Potter

Tv: Shameless, Homeland, Revolution, anything JJ Abrams, Weeds, Walking Dead, House of Lies, & Big Bang Theory

Music: yes. Top 40, Dance, Country, Dubstep, Folk, Accoustic, Folktronica, Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Rap, Etc.

Favorite bands/Artists: Sleeping at Last, Damien Rice, Nelly, Jack Johnson, Jon Foreman, Rage Against the Machine, Ben Howard, Mat Kearney, OneRepublic, Cold War Kids, Yellowcard, David Guetta, Avril Lavigne, The Killers, Ron Pope, Timbaland, Violent Femmes, Patrick Stump, Tom Petty, Frank Sinatra, Skrillex... The list continues.

The soundtrack to my life is "Sleeping At Last" if you haven't heard it, educate yourself, you won't regret it. The singer was one of my closest friends in high school.

My favorite concert would have these bands included,

Mat Kearney
Sleeping At Last
Jack Johnson
One Republic
Willy Nelson
Tom Petty (Headliner)

I can't think of a better concert than that.

Rob Bell
Brene Brown
Bob Goff
Elizabeth Gilberts
Shanti Feldham
Mark Twain
Viktor Frankl
Six things I could never do without
I can go 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 seconds without love.

Good stuff starts with F (Bahaha!!!)

1. Family
2. Friends
3. Food
4. Fresh water
5. Fire
6. Fitness

I have a certain disregard for rules
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What brought people to the place they are at...

Why so many people have unreasonable expectations of themselves and others?

Why people are afraid?

What people really want?

What does it mean to have your sh** together? This is an unreasonable question based on cultural perspective and someones unmatched agenda.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopefully on a plane somewhere exciting for the weekend

If I get a block of 3 or more days off. I have a tendency to get out of town and visit a friend.
You should message me if
When it comes to women; the girls I am most attracted to are described like this... Typically shorter (5'4 & under) - not always, but fiesty and somewhat witty. There is a humility there, open minded, they are good at challenging me, they love to encourage, are fun, they are movers/doers and love to smile. They might not have all those qualities, but a good handful with trying to do the others is great in my book.
The two of us