50London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
21 Random things about me (stolen from facebook):

1) My favourite book is dangerous liaisons, though i have read absolute beginners by colin macinnes more times

2) i have a one - eyed cat called morrissey, though i did contemplate changing his name after finding out that Russell Brand's cat is called the same

3) i first wore eyeliner when i was 13, and like so many things in my life, it was to impress a girl.

4) i book my holidays with a musical link

5) i have shared a stage with kylie, though obviously she wanted more!

6) i believe that ordering your vinyl alphabetically and your books thematically is perfectly normal

7) i am agnostic, mainly because being an atheist requires too much effort

8) white lillies are my favourite flower

9) i have visited 4 of the 5 major continents, but am not convinced that australia is worth visiting just to make the set

10) i have an elvis shrine, and think that everyone should have some sort of shrine to a thing they love, but draws the line at living breathing people they know, as that is just a little bit stalkery

11) loves passionately, but has never carried a photo of the person i love (see above!)

12) spends far too much time quoting song lyrics

13) has done stand up, and was actually pretty good

14) has had his hair permed (and root permed, which used to make it straight and stand up)

15) has a suit that was more expensive than his car, and sees nothing odd in this.

16) has dressed up as a womble on stage, and again sees nothing odd in this.

17) feels passionately that it is wrong that we so easily knock down and forget our nightclubs (the astoria, hammersmith palais, the hacienda) yet fight passionately to save cinemas and theatres.

18) likes cemetries, and wants a massive weeping angel on his tomb.

19) believes that it is important to consider what his 16 year old self would think about his life choices

20) prefers sid vicious's version of "my way" to any other

21) really wants to believe in happy endings
What I’m doing with my life
living the dream (unfortunately i think the dream may belong to someone else, who doesn't like me very much)

All sorts of things - a bit of djing, vintage shopping, working just that little bit too hard, drinking cocktails, reading clever books, going to gigs, wanting to own Wilton's Music Hall....
I’m really good at
making people laugh.
thinking about things.
brilliant clothes
djing (although anyone who has ever heard me may disagree)
saying stupid things at inopportune times
remembering lines from songs
making mixtapes (although it's all cds and playlists these days)
making a mess
having opinions
kissing and the like
The first things people usually notice about me
my taste (or otherwise) in clothes
my hair
my northern accent
my nice bum (so i'm told, though how they notice this first i'm never sure)
my eyes
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
dangerous liaisons (book)
casanova - a biography (book)
absolute beginners (book)
i am legend (book)
necropolis (book) not the shit new one, but the one about death in London
i'm not really that into films, but likes a bit of black and white cleverness
all sorts of music - this is not strictly true actually, nobody likes all types of music - but my tastes vary though i can happily live without hearing any nu-metal. And no good music has ever come from a man or men with beards. I am very opinionated and passionate about music, so prepare to have your record collections vilified, arguments about how hip hop / r&b has returned to it's primary source and me fighting with my ipod everytime we meet.
Six things I could never do without
A massive clothes rail
An "old fashioned"
a vivid imagination
an ink pen
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how difficult can it be to keep a vintage car on the road?
why can i never find a decent profile picture?
another tattoo?
music, and what song comes next
which idiots elected Cameron?
sex - well not a "lot of time" but who doesn't?
On a typical Friday night I am
wondering what a typical Friday night is. I'm not a great believer in "school nights", just "great nights"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
according to Primark i'm a size 16. In a pencil skirt, at least. See my last profile picture.
You should message me if
your profile does not contain the word "crazy", you are actually interested in meeting up, you have a streak of creativity and independence, you don't think my photos are "scary" and you are not american. It's a blind prejudice - but it's MY blind prejudice.

And if you know the value of killer heels, a pencil skirt and a good red lipstick
The two of us