36South Ozone Park, United States
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My self-summary
I have lived many places and many incantations in my life..I am sure I will live more of both.    

New York City is where I have lived for the last 13 years, perhaps the only place I have ever truly called home. Though I only know it through stories and photos, and in the architecture of buildings long demolished and the geographies of street corners changed before I was even conceived, I find myself filled with longing, nostalgic for a New York that I never actually knew. I live vicariously through that lost city every day, as small traces remind me through my the names of alleyways, or high up on the cornices of ancient brownstone buildings, or through the window of a stalled train deep underground, stories scrawled in aerosol shades between the columns supporting the stygian catacomb mazes of the underground city and locked under decades of grime and grit..    

I work hard and long hours, but I don't mind because I have finally found something that I love to do. I believe that peace of mind and the pride in a job well done are often far more valuable than any monetary compensation.     

I believe everyone has a story to tell and equally everyone deserves to have somebody listen as they tell it.    

I am..enigmatic, opaque, melancholic, poetic, chaotic, verbose, reflective, nostalgic, sometimes shamefully ineloquent, occasionally choleric, always passionate..I often speak in prose to hide the fact that my jumbled thoughts seem to translate most clearly into written words.     

I am a social creature, yet simultaneously a loner, seemingly not by choice but by default.     

I take pride in everything that makes me unique..I would rather be questioned by others for being true to myself than conform for others and be forced to question myself.     

I am an artist in all senses of the word, I am always happiest when I am creating something beautiful.     

One of my greatest shortcomings is sometimes failing to see the positive aspect of situations, but my greatest joy comes from the satisfaction of helping others.                 

This is not a self-summary, but an invitation to those who would read it to take an interest in knowing..that this is only a single drop in the span of a thousand oceans, who we are, who we were, who we have the potential to be, to describe the things we want to know in a single paragraph, there are no words sufficient.        

Sometimes we look back and marvel how far we've come, only to realize that the greatest truths lie not in the maps of the roads we took to get here, but in the lessons we learned, and how they will help us overcome the obstacles we encounter in our journey toward where we are going the last year, I have lost my home and almost everthying I owned in the hurricane, I have been homeless, I have lost the job with the company I worked for for 6 years, had to take a new one making half what I made before, I have struggled for months in poverty..and finally am coming out the other side of all this. Sometimes you have to struggle for a while before you can be comfortable, and sometimes you have to fall so far in order to come back, to reinvent have to cleanse yourself of everything negative to bring new positive change. This year I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given and the chances to start over again.

Thanksgiving eve, 2013
What I’m doing with my life
Fueling airplanes at LaGuardia..


Teaching myself to play bass..
I’m really good at
Helping people
Experimenting with food
NYC history
Getting both wing tanks to be even while fueling a Bombardier CRJ
The first things people usually notice about me
Personality: am friendly and always trying to help people.

Physical: lots of tattoos, dermal anchor piercings and a big red beard.

Sonorous: I can be shy and soft spoken, but in my element I have a tendency to be excessively loud and flamboyant.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Redwall series
Stephen King
Books about New York City

The Yellow Submarine
The Stand
Stand By Me
School of Rock
A Goofy Movie
The Jetsons meet the Flintstones
Jetsons: the Movie

Family Guy
Law & Order: svu
The x Files
The Adventures of Tintin
Darkwing Duck
Rescue Rangers
Kenan & Kel
Rocko's Modern Life
Hey Arnold
Cousin Skeeter

Irish music
The Pogues
The Tossers
Dropkick Murphys
The Dubliners
VNV Nation
Marilyn Manson
Three Days Grace
Simon & Garfunkel
Bad Religion
Garth Brooks
Tim McGraw
Waylon Jennings


Chicken wings
Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy..stuffing
Egg nog
Flaming hot cheeetos
Potato bread
Matzo ball soup
Taco Bell
Six things I could never do without
Social interaction
Productive work
Two arms and hands, two legs, and both eyes
Drivers license
Good sex
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to save money.

What my next step in life will be.

What the cats actually do while I'm at work.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working 1:30pm-10:15pm and possibly going out after
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm an open book..I wear my heart on my sleeve..'private' is rarely in my vocabulary..

I get seriously nostalgic and excited when I play old video games. Metroid..super Mario bros..mega man...legend of Zelda..etc. Super Nintendo, game boy color, 8 bit nes.. I downloaded the apps on my tablet..they don't make games like that any more. I still love to play the games I played growing up, more than half my life ago.
You should message me if
You can understand that I don't have much experience 'dating' and I am still trying to figure it out.. :\
The two of us