38Ottawa, Canada
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My self-summary

Sorry to have to lead with that, but too many guys seem to think this site is called "Ok Pimp". I am not a walking vagina. I'm not a prostitute you can buy with a drink or with a couple diners and some roses. Having emotion-less sex with strangers might be great for others, but I care about my sexual health and the well-being of the children I might procreate. I set my own rules, and "third date" isn't one of them. If we're not in a committed relationship, we're not getting naked.



I've been told my profile is longer and more detailed than most, but that's because I care about weird stuff like compatibility. If I'm not the droids you're looking for, taking the time to read might save us both an evening.

1. I'm an Atheist/Humanist and a recovering ex-Christian. (If you're religious we're unlikely to be more than friends because I have minimal tolerance for the mythologically-grounded lifestyle)

2. I'm a sapiosexual autodidact. I love to read, watch documentaries & debate hot topics for fun. In other words: I'm a geek girl ;)

3. I love all things art: I social-dance regularly (lindy-hop, blues & waltz are my favourites) and I love theater - especially musical theater. I've been an extra in two movies.

4. I'm active on a number of human rights and environmental issues. Most passionately:
- I'm an intactivist (against male infant circumcision) because foreskin is very erogenous tissue benefiting both sex partners (see and no one should have their sex organs surgically altered when they're not old enough to give fully informed consent!
- I'm a fetal rights activist (yup - a pro-life atheist - see Bodily autonomy rights matter - and they are nullified if someone denies you your bodily right to keep living!

5. I like to I stay quite active and when I'm not dancing I'm a regular at the community center's salt-water pool. Summer sees me hiking, camping, or out on my inflatable kayak. I love to travel (and I take way too many pictures!)

6. I have chemical sensitivities (MCS) and synthetics ranging from new carpets to paint to perfume and cologne are migraine triggers. I try to eat all organic have dreams of building my own eco-house / dome-house or strawbale house someday.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a freelance journalist, occasional doula (birth assistant), occasional child-care provider (I'm trained in Early Childhood Education), and I travel frequently to speak and debate on the issue of abortion (see
I’m really good at
- Thrifty Traveling! In 2009-2010 l did a back-packing & couch-surfing trek across western Canada, western US and a bit of Mexico (as well as Black Rock City, Nevada - aka Burning Man) and my 1.5 yr adventure only cost me $2500! I hope to do Europe eventually!

- Baking and cooking! I hoard recipes mostly for the pictures - I love adapting the heck out of them and coming up with healthier and tastier alternatives! Ever had black bean brownies? Home-made bagels? Kale chips? Raw vegan coconut chocolates?

- Parler Francais! I'm fluently bilingual in French. J'aimes bien parler ma langue maternelle! Depuis le secondaire j'ai un peu perdu en ce qui concerne l'ortographe mais c'a ce reprend! :)

- Dancing lindy-hop and blues I'm pretty good at any partner dance - it's like a language, once you know the basics, learning a new style isn't too hard. I also enjoy belly dance, tap dance and am taking burlesque lessons.

- Cuddling & Hugging I'm a cuddle slut. I will engage in casual cuddling any day! ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm very colourful. Colours make me feel happy. I love pretty and flowing skirts and head-scarves with vibrant patterns. Even my toenails are frequently painted rainbow. I often look a little like a hippie/gyspy. I love flowers and pretty things :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read EVERYTHING I can! Usually non-fiction. I especially love reading opposing views on the same issue. I read philosophy, science and history for fun. I think I visit the library more than the grocery store and am usually reading multiple books at the same time.

A few recent faves include:
- Anything by Bart Ehrman or Christopher Hitchens (Hitchens was a pro-life atheist like me. I miss him!)
- Unnatural Selection: by Mara Hvistendahl (Since the 1970's more than 160 million girls have been aborted by parents seeking male children!)
- Tasting Freedom (A detailed 500 page history of decades of the slavery abolition movement)
- The Harry Potter series
- The Hunger Games Trilogy
- Stephen King's works

- Sci-fi, time travel & mind f*cks (Back to the Future Trilogy, Equilibrium, In Time, Inception, Momento, The Game, The Tourist... etc)
- Clever Comedy: (The Party -Peter Sellers, French Kiss -Meg Ryan, Blast From the Past, Benny & Joon
- Religious satire films (The Invention of Lying, PK)
- Anything with Robin Williams or Tom Hanks
- Romance (Ever After, The Notebook)
- Scary subtitled Japanese (Ju-on, Ringu)
- Indie films, Quebec films, and subtitled foreign films (Maelstrom, La Grande Séduction, La Sacrée, Maman Last Call )

Tv Shows:
- Documentaries, Learning Channel, Discovery Channel
- Doctor Who (Yes I am absolutely a Whovian!)
- Criminal Minds (I'm in love with Dr Reid's brain, lol)
- Dead Like Me
- Once Upon a Time
- Fringe
- Cosmos (Neil Tyson Degrass)
- Penn & Teller's Bullsh@t! series
- Mythbusters
- 1000 Ways to Die (it's educational, really! lol)
- Game of Thrones

Live Shows:
Especially love old-school Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals

jazz, blues, big-band, oldies, country, reggae, folk music, Putumayo mixes, and anything I can dance to. Also a huge fan of french Canadian music as well as anything with rich lyrics that tell stories.

- Anything I can make from scratch :)
- Cheese and spaghetti sauce - on anything! (Complete veganism would be a challenge, I admit)
- Indian cuisine
- organic garden-grown veggies
- quality breads
- raw and sugarless deserts
- Organic kale chips!
Six things I could never do without
1. Dancing
2. Traveling
3. My camera
4. Access to safe water and healthy food
5. My mind/intelligence
6. Cuddling
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how amazing it is to be a living human being. I marvel at the infinite genetic and historical possibilities that had to line up in order for any single human to be alive. I contemplate the wonder of time with a certain sadness that it will continue on without me, while finding strange comfort in the fact that every genetic and historical wonder who is alive with me today is facing the very same end as I within a few decades. We're all in this weirdness together!

I regret that I can study history but am blind to the world to come. I nonetheless consider it an incredible gift to have been alive at all and able to witness this world for a brief time - and perhaps even to leave a mark on history yet unwritten! I will die and I will forget. Perhaps if I live well, I might not be forgotten too quickly.
On a typical Friday night I am
On a dance floor somewhere doing lindy-hop, blues dancing, or perhaps even waltz or ballroom. Or swimming my laps at the pool since it's nearly empty on Fridays. Alternatively, if I'm not feeling well or not feeling very social (or it's too darn cold to leave the house!), I may be curled up with a good book or documentary. I honestly don't mind my own company. :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
As mentioned above, I have a lot of health challenges, in particular due to hyper-sensitivity to environmental toxins. Nothing that can't be managed, but the average guy in the average modern outgassing home (less than 10 yrs or recently renovated) will find it a challenge to adjust to the chemical-free home life that I must keep in order to survive. If you're already a health guru living out of your local health-food store you'll likely welcome the additional home adjustments if needed, and the added health info I'll bring your way. We're unlikely to get intimate or serious if "going green" is an unwanted drudgery.

Bonus confession: I had a ski accident several years ago and it cost me most of my front teeth. So if a girl with a partial denture freaks you out, you can feel free to sponsor my dental implants. ;)
You should message me if
- You are patient. Girls get bombarded with messages we don't always have time to read in a very timely fashion. If your message sits unread/unanswered for a while, please don't take it personally. Likely I'm traveling/writing/living life (or I've been scared away by all the hookup seekers)

- You can hold an intelligent conversation and say something in your starter message that shows you've *actually read my profile*. If all you say is "Nice pics!" and "Hey there!" Your odds of a response aren't very high unless you look like David Tennant and drive a TARDIS

- You're a free-thinker/humanist/agnostic/atheist/ex-Christian, or at very least are willing to discuss matters of faith and life with large doses of science, philosophy, and reality.

- You're not looking for a quick hook-up or booty call, as I mentioned above. I see sex as meaningful and more than a mutual genital rub. I'm not a toy to be masturbated into. :)
The two of us