73 Durham, United States
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My self-summary

The good news…I’m rash-free and the goiters have almost healed.

O.K., so now that I have your attention, I suppose I have to say something positive besides, “the doctors have given me a clean bill of health.”

I’m not working now, but in the past I worked as a receptionist at the Boston Bonnie Fish Co. My job was to answer letters from irate customers who found bones in their frozen fish dinners. The boxes the dinners came in brashly declared, “Boston Bonnie, Best Bet, NO bones about it!" I would send them coupons for free fish dinners (depending on the number of fish bones they had attached to their letters and/or any notes describing a child's or elderly person's near-death experience upon encountering the bones). My mathematical formula… mo' bones = mo' coupons + a cautious recommendation for the clam or shrimp dinners that are bone-free. Sadly, this experience has not translated into another job in the frozen fish industry.

However, I managed to stay near water as art director at Yachting Magazine and Motorboat Magazine, and also worked at land-locked US News & World report as a senior designer in D.C.

I have owned cats and dogs in the past, but as it turns out I’m allergic to them. I love all animals, but fear my allergies may limit my pet tolerance to a non-furbearing species.

Other than an aversion to the aforementioned fur (cows would be on that list, so Hinduism is out), I have no religious preferences. In fact, no religion is preferable.

I'm an avid sailor and have sailed from New Foundland to the Windward and Leeward islands, as well as a transatlantic crossing. So if you know your way around a boat, have a pair of topsiders, and can tie a bowline, we should talk.

In politics I lean to port, but don't mind a lively discussion with a starboard point of view.

The pressure to be far too clever is daunting; the scope for disenchantment is vast.

…but don’t let that stop you.
You should message me if
…you can tie a bowline, have a pair of topsiders, or sail. One or all of the above.