50 Mountain View, United States
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My self-summary
***Update, May 2015: Internet dating creates the perception of abundant supply. No matter how many people we meet, we feel there are still lots out there. The supply erodes the value of any one individual. As a result people pass over great relationship opportunities on the hunt for the ever-more-perfect one. We skim the surface, rather than diving deep into the the experience of dating. When you find that person that makes you happy, be grateful and stay with them. Know when you have won the race***

I hate internet dating

Let's slow things down a bit. What ever happened to dating? Taking time to get to know someone, leaving a little mystery, something to look forward to? That anticipation of seeing someone, spending time with them, that accidental jolt and thrill of accidentally touching their hand as you walk along, that exquisite tension at the end of the night where you both do that little dance of should I kiss her? does he want to kiss me? Let's focus on getting to know one another before jumping in bed naked, not vice versa, shall we?

Really a bit of an enigma...I am a single mom of a wonderful adult child, she's a pastry chef, with our different work schedules we only hang out on the weekends.

Love to be outdoors, but also don't mind being inside either. I am a former Marine, but I am now practicing Buddhism. Tall, fit and strong, but also compassionate and sensitive...go figure right?

I am a ridiculously insane sports fan...and I don't just say that because I want guys to like me...I probably enjoy sports and follow it more than most men. We all have our hobbies, right? So if you want to go fishing with your pals, that's fine. That just means you get to either watch hockey, baseball or listen to me yell at the tv lol

And by sports, I mean any team from Chicago. I will never wear teal or orange and black (unless it's Halloween). So let's talk baseball, let's talk hockey...any sport really, you'll have to peel me away from SportsCenter first
What I’m doing with my life
Work out every day, and enjoy doing that. I love being active and outdoors, try to get outside at least one of the days of the weekend. However with all the baseball, hockey and football (both college and pro) games on, it's hard to resist sometimes! Although if someone said, hey let's go to the beach or Napa, etc. I would leave that TV in a second!

I have an active meditation/spiritual practice. It's an important part of my life and I don't preach about it, I gain strength and wisdom from it and hope that it helps others along the way

I volunteer or try to give back a little of my time and energy. I am active with the LGBT community and I spend every 3rd Saturday of the month working at the National AIDS Memorial Grove. I am a firm believer in equal rights for all, that has been a bit of a litmus test lately when meeting people
I’m really good at
making my daughter laugh and chasing my puppy around the yard

I am a great listener and very grounded, I like being the person you can come to for advice, I have big shoulders too. I was told I am the 'ultimate mother' since I am warm and inviting and have a nice soft place to land if you're needing comfort...of course that came from a gay guy who for some reason love my womanly attributes LOL
The first things people usually notice about me
Definitely my eyes and how tall I am (plus the curves)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My friend gave me a DVD with over 900 e-books on it. Right now I am switching between Bill Bryson and Ken Follett. I am also really into Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I have been listening to his Wishes Fulfilled audio book every day.

I like historical movies and tv so I really enjoyed Hatfields and McCoys and shows like that. Stuff on USA and F/X are always worth a watch as well as AMC, great shows there too. I have noticed I have spent more time away from home and outside being active to really pay attention to the TV anyway. It's a great escapist thing to do, but I would much rather be out walking, riding my bike, meeting up with friends than sitting and watching TV. I have found that I am on the treadmill when I am watching, so I am killing many birds with one stone!

Love live music, always go see some crappy punk rock shows. I love the opera, classical music, jazz, my Pandora has some great stations on it.

If you haven't gone to the Opera in the Park you haven't really experienced opera. Getting to sit on the infield of AT&T Park for one thing is a thrill, watching a live simulcast of opera, while cuddling up together after enjoying a nice picnic...who wouldn't want to do that together?

I am a trained chef, so I am really into trying new recipes and checking out new restaurants. I love nothing better than dashing home to get cooking for someone who's on his way over to my house. A nice dinner, sitting outside on my deck, softly lit with cafe lights, and a walk around my quiet neighborhood is a really nice way to spend an evening
The six things I could never do without
My daughter, laughter, baseball, hockey, meditation, my bike, my mom's apple pie, my pup
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I can give back to the community more, give of myself so that I can help others, I have the time why not give some of it to a worthy cause

I try not to dwell on choices made in the past, can't change them, no sense dwelling on them. Sometimes it's really interesting to think about where your life would be if you had taken the other route when you had come to a fork in the road in your life.

I am learning to listen to my gut...unfortunately I haven't been so great at that in the past, lessons learned though. When your gut is telling you something, pay attention, it seems to know what it's doing!
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually sitting on my porch enjoying the evening, as it cools off, sun setting, dog running around being silly
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I sometimes wish I had more kids
You should message me if
you love sports as much as I do and would love to hang out, be active and get outside for hikes or bike rides

you're spontaneous and want to jump in the car and head someplace new, or grab a bike and just ride until our legs fall off.

you want to look over at someone and just laugh because you're thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time.

the road less traveled would make all the difference in the world to you

you want to wake up on a lazy Sunday morning and read the paper or sit and watch the dogs play while sipping coffee/tea and just enjoying the moment with someone you really connect with

As fun as it might seem to chat with someone from a different state, not looking for an online romance and I am full on aware of men out there catfishing women, so don't even try it here!