32 Palo Alto, United States
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My self-summary
The movie of my life involves a creative storyline, thought-provoking characters, a healthy serving of adventure, stylish décor, exotic travel, spontaneous plot twists, and a taste of mischief. Best watched with good company.

The most effective test of compatibility is how well two people can travel together. With that being said, here are my seven travel virtues:

1.) Make plans but break them
2.) Try something at least twice
3.) Local people are better than sightseeing
4.) Learn what to say when you toast
5.) Take any opportunity to play music or dance
6.) Mellow days are not days wasted
7.) Enjoy getting lost
What I’m doing with my life
Getting the foundational things out of the way: I live in Palo Alto. I work in SF. I contribute to my 401k. I meditate every morning. I go to the gym five times a week. My passport is full. I floss without having my gums bleed.

Recently, I've left my corporate job to start my own business. I help tech companies tell their stories. These companies range from fully-fledged corporations to two guys in a dorm room. In Silicon Valley, there is a surplus of innovative ideas; but an amazing idea means nothing unless it's communicated well. That's where I come in.

We talk. I listen. I reflect. Then we make a video together that will let your idea shine. Magic.

Music is the cornerstone of life. I've been playing music since I was four years old and now take pleasure in playing piano, guitar, bass, and singing. Throughout my travels, I've come to realize how much music creates connections. There have been several cases when the locals and I didn't speak the same language, yet singing songs together on the acoustic guitar still fostered a friendship.

Health and fitness keep me sane. During the week, I’ll drag my groggy body out of bed before work for a morning run or a spin session. The weekends you can find me dodging cars on my bike or surfing with the pops in HMB.
I’m really good at
I have an uncanny ability to bring the conversation back to the original subject after we've been going on tangents for the past few hours.
The first things people usually notice about me
Unless it’s extreme sports or the Olympics, I can care less about watching professional sports. I thoroughly enjoy going to live games for the atmosphere and camaraderie, and I'm in awe of how athletes can push the limits of their bodies, but I’m not one to schedule my life around my favorite teams. I’d rather be outside.

I also have the most entertaining Instagram account you'll ever see: thelastshaun.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
- On the Shortness of Life
- Meditations
- The Power of Myth
- Man's Search for Meaning
- The Obstacle is the Way
- My Uncle Oswald

- The Prestige
- One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
- Shaun of the Dead
- Once
- Star Wars
- Fight Club
- The Endless Summer
- 500 Days of Summer
- The Social Network

I'm the healthiest eater I green-smoothie-with-egg-whites-for-breakfast healthy. The role food plays in my life is strictly fuel for my body. I prep my meals twice a week so that a) I know exactly what goes into my food b) it keeps the cost down and most importantly c) I have more time to be creative during the day. Occasionally I'll indulge in dishes that I find intriguing but if you're a die-hard foodie, we won't work.
The six things I could never do without
- an acoustic guitar
- running shoes
- pen and paper
- adversity
- Soundcloud
- a camera of some sort
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how surfing is a metaphor for everything in life. For one, it's about knowing when to take control, and when to let go.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My skills in arithmetic have atrophied beyond belief.
You should message me if
- you currently have a book on your nightstand
- you are aware that money is only one form of currency
- you will join me on a run or bike ride
- you value creativity
- you leave your phone in your purse during conversation
- your musical preferences extend beyond Top-40

If you think we have some things in common, then please feel free to message me and let me know that you're out there.