35San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary most can agree...tis rather a long story...and if you want all that you have to buy me coffee..or whiskey..depending on which version of the story you want..served with or without unnecessary, unfunny well as possibly lots of profanity..HOWEVER...the short version: i'm from the great state of texas..(holla)..always wanted to live in california and now i do, cause it's awesome...i heart biking, playing musical instrument type things..also into silly television programs and old-school video games..and i am very picky about the books i enjoi..i also love western shirts..wearing a tie and boots..good coffee and anchor steam..loud music..and lots of water..
What I’m doing with my life
..i was convinced i wanted a degree in the semesters rolled on and my money ran out..i took a break from school only to make enough money to enjoi my free time..i help manage a local coffee work never follows me home, and that is why i love it. my passion is for the creative. although i understand that monetarily, it is unlikely to make a great living in the is great without the hassles of having to do a job i hate..i am currently working on a full-length record with my band and record a lot for my own immediate goal is to continue learning how to run a business and someday own my own coffee (or whatever) shop to ensure that my happiness never become endangered.
I’m really good at
..staying calm..
..typing the "."..
..riding a bicycle..
..staying quiet during a movie..and the symphony..
..wearing glasses..
The first things people usually notice about me
..i'd love to say my cyclist physique..any of that business..but honestly..either my glasses..cause they are always there..or my hair..cause i kinda look like a fraggle..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
for books:
lots of reference material
a 1st edition/1st printing will drive me banans
books both rare or banned make me smile..
and mcsweeny's..furreals..

dr. bunchofotherstuff

for movies:
wes anderson
most disney
anything with most anyone from the cast of saturday night live (especially the older casts)
documentaries (yes..because planet earth is amazing)

for shows: (bare in mind i usually only watch seasons on dvd)
arrested development
strangers with candy
it's always sunny
big bang theory
parks and rec

for music: (the list is long, so here are the 10 most recent plays)
the black keys
neutral milk hotel
gillian welch
the hives
fiona apple
the clash
franz ferdinand
willie nelson

for food:
love me a sangwich..
italian anything
i'm down for pretty much anything (except over-priced silliness)
Six things I could never do without
1.) humor
2.) a comfortable, safe place to call home
3.) my entire family
4.) a bed (or pile of blankets i guess)
5.) my independence (preferably on my bike)
6.) the feeling that people enjoy me as much as i do
I spend a lot of time thinking about
..major and minor keys..chord routes..trying to remember what i forgot already..and i like to think of a magical land where we no longer exist throught the lens of the andriPhone..a place where friends still knock on each other's doors unannounced..where poloroids exist again..and the human experience is no longer increasingly disfigured and destructive as we continue to be part of the animal kingdom..i think about how perhaps "she" is actually out there somewhere..waiting for me to sweep her off her feet with a terribly unfunny joke..i think about how "she" understands i'm just nervous and can sometimes be an idiot when i'm twitterpated..i think about that stuff..or what i want to do now that i'm all grown up..can do whatever i want..whenever i want..for example: it is currently nap time...
On a typical Friday night I am
..maybe getting a beer with a friend in the neighborhood or riding my bike i guess? real pattern to my friday nights actually..anything from dance parties to putting on sweats and cooking bacon..of course now i just want this friday to include a sweats-only, bacon frying 80's-style dance-off..i feel the 1980's are the correct time frame to be the soundtrack for such an event..70's funk maybe..but i'm leaning towards a soundtrack heavy with prince and david f'n bowie..jusayin..some pretty slammin bacon-dance music..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
....i love zelda..and cheese sandwiches..and i have learned to kinda hate the word "foodie"..and i think typewriters are way cooler than smartphones..cause they's science..look it up..
You should message me if like it when guys open doors for you..
..don't mind if i forget once-in-a-while, or get confused cause i thought it was one of those electronic ones like at target.. wouldn't mind just hanging out..and perhaps want a very simple-minded man in your life if we hit it off..
..and you want someone around who tends to be overly optimistic..about everything..
The two of us