21Metairie, United States
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My self-summary
Étudiante américaine🇺🇸 qui étudie le commerce.
Je viens de la Nouvelle-Orléans🎭 donc j'aimerais bien si tu pourrais me montrer ou me recommander des lieux intéressants à Lille. 😊 Ou me montrer un chien. 🐶👍🏻

J'adore les chiens 🐶, les pâtes, le féminisme, et le Netflix. Et c'est tout 😂 Enfin presque...

Je suis introvertie mais sympa, athée et noctambule. 🌙

Je suis végétarienne. Si tu as des idées de ce qu'une végétarienne peut manger qui n'est ni les pâtes ni le pain ici, ce serai merveilleux !

N'hésite pas de me parler en français ou en anglais. J'avais étudié le français pendant vers 8 années, donc je peux comprendre la plupart de ce que tu dis. 😊✌🏻


Check out my new dance video:

Not here to make friends. Using a dating app to make friends is sketch as fuck, just sayin.

Vegetarian. Feminist. Atheist. ISTJ. Liberal. Pansexual. Democrat. Goody Two Shoes. Studying French and Business and Gender Studies.

The kind of person who genuinely cares and can not fathom when others don't.

I'm 70% introvert and 30% extrovert. I prefer nights in most of the time.

I'm a feminist so we will split the bills. If you don't know what a feminist is (aka you think they hate men), it's not my job to educate you so please message me only after you've educated yourself.

I'm an Old Hollywood/Rockabilly/Vintage enthusiast. What I wouldn't give to be Bettie Page or Dita Von Teese. I try to be the redhead version of them. :)

Ideal date: swing dancing at the WWII Museum to Big Band Music. Then maybe we can cook a meal together because the food there sucks lol.

Very big believer in the idea of the "ball is in your court" theory. If you are the last person to talk in the conversation, then it's up to me to reach out to you. And vice versa. I'm just a big fan of communication, idk.

Deal Breakers:
You have illegal history, frequently smoke, drink excessively, do drugs, have addiction problems.
You play mind games. I'm upfront and honest. I keep things real. You need to, too.
You wear camo lol. I mean, not really, but there's a 99% chance we won't get along cause you probably think killing animals for fun is cool and sexy and manly or some shit and I can't deal with that. If the camo is for work, that's different, obviously.

Fun fact my least favorite thing ever is when people say they "can't describe themselves" or for their description they say "just ask." In case you couldn't tell, I'm a very open, descriptive person lol. And since we're all individuals, I feel like everyone should be proud enough of themselves to be able to differentiate who they are from everyone else.
What I’m doing with my life
Earning at least two degrees and a minor.

Fighting for equality and justice for every member of society.

Following my passions; the French language, feminism, and activism.

Looking hot as hell in sexy clothes and being more intelligent than you expect. 💋
I’m really good at
Knowing French.
Intelligent conversation.
Being passionate about everything I do and sharing that passion with others.
Empowering people to follow their dreams.
Being well-informed and having educated opinions.
Being hard-working and dedicated; I'm always one to take initiative and be a leader.
Knowing my weaknesses! Aka why I stopped trying to play sports a long time ago, haha!
Knowing who I am; I have a really strong sense of self-identity.
Sometimes my Pinterest recipes come out nice.
I have a talent for writing poetry and short stories. I'm very good with languages in general. Grammar also comes very naturally to me.
Putting together outfits and styling them.
I'm a very good public speaker.
Obsessing over 50s fashion/actresses.
The first things people usually notice about me
Physical: Eyes, smile, hair, legs.

Intellectual: Strong beliefs, always learning, passionate.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

The Princess Bride, The Purity Myth, A Little F'd Up, Is Everybody Hanging Out With Me?, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Naked, anything by David Sedaris, anything about Old Hollywood, anything about feminism. I always have a stack of twenty books I need to read but never make time for. I need to work on that.


Favorite ever is The Princess Bride. I also like The Ugly Truth, The Ward, MALEFICENT, Niagara, How To Marry a Millionaire, The Seven Year Itch, and other Old Hollywood Classics especially with Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, or Judy Garland. Love rom coms. Sad movies are just too painful man.


DOCTOR WHO. BBC Sherlock, The Mindy Project (seriously the one liners on this show are LEGENDARY "oh, cookie dough, please solve my problems"), New Girl, Pawn Stars, The Office, any comedies like that.

UPDATE: The other night, The Mindy Project had the best one-liner ever. "This can't be worse than when I shred your passport for confetti, is it?" Mindy Kaling is a goddess amongst women.


All time favorite artist is Vanessa Carlton. Her work beyond A Thousand Miles is so impressive and unique. Second favorite is Lady Gaga. If you think Gaga is just a talentless pop princess, you are so so so wrong. More on that later. I also really enjoy Émilie Simon, Bjork, Marina and The Diamonds, Nicki Minaj, Stromae, Lorde, Janelle Monàe, Jack White, The White Stripes, A Fine Frenzy, Beyoncé, Coldplay, U2, The Script, Michelle Branch, Taking Back Sunday, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, old big band music like Glenn Miller, Eric Hutchinson, Kate Nash, Kate Bush, Celine Dion, all sorts of people. I don't really like country except for Shania Twain. Because really who doesn't like Shania Twain?

If you know who Bjork is, we'll probably get along. If you know who Émilie Simon is, we'll definitely get along. If you're also excited for Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's new jazz album, I'm in love.

Here are some chill songs, because apparently that's a thing people do:

God food is my life. I'm Italian y'all. I love white cheddar macaroni and cheese. If I could bathe in pasta, I would, just sayin. Crawfish, crab, and shrimp are glorious. Add them to pasta...someone hold me. My grandma's gumbo is where it's at. I adore Japanese food...sweet potato hand rolls, miso soup, and edamame gyoza! I hate salads...just cause I'm vegetarian doesn't mean I only eat veggies. However I love bell peppers, broccoli, green beans, and many many other veggies. Love spicy food. So much food. All the food. Minus meat.
Six things I could never do without
1. My father's handwritten poetry notebook.
2. The ability to communicate.
3. My hair clip (practical as hell!)
4. Autonomy.
5. Alone time.
6. Support from my family and friends.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to make sure I live every moment I'm given on this earth to the fullest.

How to improve my community and help people.

How to destroy the patriarchy.

Why people think it's okay to reduce me to a pair of tits.

How it would feel performing a burlesque show.
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying relaxing at home or hanging out with friends. I am low key and like nights in cuddling and watching netflix.

I go to clubs rarely but it's not a weekly activity in the slightest. I love going to see drag or burlesque shows.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am open in relationships and like to try out alternative things. You'll find out more if we get there.

I have a fetlife lol.

Also I want to be a pin up model and a burlesque star. Also I'm GOING to be a pin up model and a burlesque star. #Goals.

Sooooooo, in my free time, I choreograph little burlesque-style dances. The one I'm working on right now is for Lady Gaga's Do What U Want. Annnnnd if you wanna check out what I have so far, go right ahead. Don't be too critical, though! I just do this for shitz&giggles.

Here's another burlesque-ish jazzy dance I choreographed to Stromae's Tous Les Mêmes. It's a song about how men are all the same and should feel lucky women love them. There's a little bit more in-depth translation in the description.
You should message me if

You're a tall, skinny, effeminate guy. That's kinda my type.

You won't get mad/upset if I don't respond immediately. Honestly. As a matter of fact, I actually do have a life outside of this app, and if you're the type of person who gets upset if I don't respond to your message in two days, we're probably not gonna be good together. If I'm in a relationship with you, I'll be the kind of person who responds quickly to your messages. But since I'm NOT in a relationship, I don't have any obligation to respond to you quickly. Neither do you have any obligation to me. If you don't understand that, don't waste your time.

You're okay with the fact that my eyebrows are never on fleek.

You actually listened to one of (or all!) of the songs I just put up. And liked them, hopefully!

You live in Louisiana or the surrounding areas. I go to school in Shreveport but live in NOLA. You should live close to one of those places.

You're NOT looking for a hookup. You wanna get to know someone. I have nothing against casual sex, but I don't screw bad people. Lol. #SelectiveWithMyScrewing

We have things in common. If you're a feminist. You enjoy keeping up with current events and intelligent conversation.

You don't have a substance abuse problem, you don't smoke or drink excessively, you don't hunt, you don't have STDs.

Really just (eventually) looking for someone who will appreciate the love letters I send and will send me love letters back. Guess I'm a romantic.
The two of us