22 Shawnee, United States
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My self-summary
A few months ago I admitted to a friend that I was bisexual, and he reflexively responded with "so which do you prefer?" He looked quite perplexed when I reacted in silent contemplation--apparently the stereotype asserts that bisexuals invariably have a preference, yet after giving it some thought I had to admit that I didn't know. I am bias because I have only dated girls; they're much easier to pursue because I can consider ninety percent of the female population instead of the narrow 10 percent of gay or bisexual guys. But for the sake of investigation, it would be stupid not to at least try dating a guy. Because most guys are creeped out by unpredictable sexual advances (since most are straight), this has been an extremely frustrating and futile effort. So after jumping on the bandwagon and spending an unnecessary $60, I gained some common sense and came here. Although I am primarily interested in meeting a male partner for the reasons mentioned, I am open to meeting girls online as well.

I have been described by some as a hippy: I'm a down-to-earth treehugger who prefers walking barefoot and would rather spend a night in front of a fire than a TV screen. I am technologically obsolete (I would prefer to spend time doing something personally or socially engaging over losing myself in a screen). I love nature--I'm currently majoring in botany--and would rather indulge in a wholesome meal than poison my body with the processed shit that pervades most of the shelves at local grocery stores. I love Eastern philosophy and religions, but am tolerant and interested in any religious practice. I meditate and enjoy burning incense, I'm 420 friendly (but can easily abstain at the will of any disapproving partner). I love concerts and tiedye... hippy is probably a fitting label. That said, I will happily compromise occasionally and settle down for a movie or some inside time if it's what my partner enjoys. I am open and nonjudgmental.

I'd also like to find someone who'd be willing to kick it with my friends in addition to any alone time. I have awesome friends who are just as open, tolerant and lighthearted as I am.
I’m really good at
I'm good at forgiving a person for his/her perceived vices, shortcomings, disrespect etc. and acknowledging that this behavior is almost always rooted in something circumstantial that I don't understand.
I'm musically talented, specifically playing by ear. Discerning chord progressions in songs, adding different melodies to the chord base.
I'm athletic but don't have time to play sports regularly anymore. Presumably I retain some of those skills.
Sometimes my common sense seems inadequate but I allegedly compensate for this with a type of "wisdom." I don't think she believes in reincarnation, but I am often regarded as an "old soul" by my mom
You should message me if
I decided to edit my profile after three years without touching it. Everything was accurate enough to remain unedited. Literally, I wrote everything above when I was 18. This is the ONLY necessary addition, so it's important!

You should message me if:

You are innovative enough to send a message with some content. "Hey cutie," "; )" or any equally careless message will receive the same carelessness from me. The "hey handsome" messages constitute 90 percent of my inbox, and 90 percent have never heard a word back. It seems obvious that if we are to have a conversation we should actually converse instead of thrusting the burden of conversation into the hands of the recipient. If you are interested, express your interest, ask a question, something! Or else you are suggesting that my attention is worth no more than three seconds of your time, but I on the other hand should be interested, I should be the one to get the ball rolling. If I wanted to I probably would have. Sorry for the rant, thank you for hopefully abiding by this advice.