65San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Divinely Silly and Intellectually Sexy Charismatic Creative Troublemaker

*low maintenance*
*high functioning*
*trenchant, but not mordant*

*Photo: Parasailing over Lahaina Bay, being towed by speedboat.* NB. My legs are not fat. The harness pushed the soft yielding flesh forward. LMAO.

March 3, 2015. Awaiting surgery for ulnar neuropathy in the very near future. This will prepare me for total hip replacement. Dancecard full. Friends welcome!

I pledge allegiance to the Scientific Method and the Grandmother Earth. I like wearing makeup every day. I will always have more shoes than you think I should reasonably own. I spend more time reading than you do, and I love Steely Dan more than you do. I value my personal autonomy, and yours, too. I am a political writer and an involuntary "information sponge." I soak up everything in any environment I enter.

You too are an information sponge, and share new ideas with me. You are busy, but our times together are filled with interaction, intense conversation and passionate intellectual and sensual adventure. We may read some of the same books and analyze them. We cook, clean, and entertain well together. We are also good at cuddling!

T'was OKCUPID that indicated that I was intellectually sexy, so I decided to adopt the label.

I tend to hit it off with programmers and other scientists ("boffins" in the UK...I love that), econ geeks, as well as artists, humanities people and social scientists. I have library cards from nine different California counties.

I work all the time for social, economic, and environmental justice. So, I am seeking divine silliness and friends who enjoy the same.

(Come out! Let’s play!) Is now replaced by "I can't come out to play now" due to arthritis needing special treatment. I am getting better but still sorer than you are on your worst day.

If you are looking for the B11chy types, I'm not your kinda woman. Although I am happy to do theatre, I don't do drama. I do not want to fight. I just want to have play and have fun.

I can also talk construction talk.
"Phillips or straight?" (In the UK they ask + or -; brilliant!)
"Hey, throw me a cold one."
I have a chop saw in my apartment. I used to have my own woodshop complete with table saw.
That makes some people hot and some people uncomfortable. You should know that I still have all my fingers.

Finished 7 years of college and top-tier law school, graduating in 2004. That was fun!!!!

I am a sole proprietor tax practitioner serving families, domestic partners, small business owners, artists, healers, and musicians. I specialize in helping people who are behind in filing their tax returns.

I do not have a license to practice law. Not because I was a bad girl, but because I didn't want it bad enough.

My son helped move me to college, and then law school. What a cool kid :) That's him in one of my pictures. He decided to get tattoos. I couldn't dissuade him, so I helped with the design. They turned out nicely!

My attitude towards life? Let's Face the Music and Dance! Diana Krall.

I am a socialist libertarian, which is not the same as a capitalist libertarian. I don't believe the fairy-tales about the "Invisible Hand" of the market.

Find out where you sit by taking the fun little quiz at If you are in the lower left, let's talk!

I don't hate dogs, but I get fleas, and dogs bring fleas home from the park, even if they don't have their own! Please do not make me explain any more about the the dogs, the indoor/outdoor cats, or fleas. Please see my Journal entry here.

An old flame described me as "imaginative, sometimes to the point of annoyance." We giggled madly.

An old flame said, "I worry about you." I said, "Which thing?" He replied, "All of them." We giggled madly.

My body type is delicious, I am told.
What I’m doing with my life
...ummmm, subverting and redefining the *dangerous* dominant paradigm ummm, usually (the illusion of free markets). The bottom has fallen out at last. People have to learn that if we have to bail out rich people all the time just because of some stupid paradigm, it might be time for a *P *S. I don't want to type it because people yell at me for saying it because it's such a cliche! (Psst...paradigm shift.)

I belong to a group that talks weekly about political, social and economic issues. I am a natural organizer both on and offline and love to bring people together for the greater good. As the late, great Molly Ivins said: There's no better job in a democracy than speaking truth to power, and even better if you can have fun doing it.

I have been on the site for 3 years now and I have enjoyed corresponding with and meeting everyone in this group, whatever the heck it represents. Please message me about this if you are interested in a meetup in San Francisco. This can surely be about finding a date (not with me,) but it can also be about building a group of fascinating friends as well.

I am fascinated by the analysis of political linguistics and framing. Let's talk about Antonio Gramsci, too.

I have been reading and studying global politics and economics for the last ten years, in hope of saving the world from fascism. See, the fascists did not lose WWII. They are in a commanding position of global control at this point in time. Wha'choo doin' aboud id?

I am a polymath. Let's swap stories.
I’m really good at
Deconstructing and rebuilding flawed processes and institutions.

Do you like strategically placed lights and articles arranged to create positive energy in your living space? I practice a form of feng shui to keep my surroundings harmonious. I know wiring, plumbing, finish carpentry, and love doing it, but I will allow you to peel me a grape.

I can fix most any computer's software or hardware problems. I build and administer websites. My friends call me the computer whisperer.

I'm really good at challenging received opinion, research, political linguistics, reeding, riting, and rithamatic. I have no trouble adapting to new circumstances. I just spent 7 years in college and law school, starting when I was 47. I am also great at interacting with people much younger and older than me.

WARNING-PELIGRO: If you do not lock your doors and windows, I will sneak into your house and explain credit swaps and subordinated debentures to you.

Massages, haircuts, and manicures.


Apparently, also, scaring the *crap* out of men. I don't know why. Really, I am very sweet. My grandma made sure of that, because she loved me so much. The more love you give, the more love grows.
The first things people usually notice about me
I made my reputation by not being cool, and it shows! People are drawn to me because I am open, and comfortable in my own skin. People often call me gorgeous. Not cute, not pretty, but gorgeous. I don't know why, but whatever.

I have big eyes and a big brain.

I can make grown men cry (with happiness.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My Favorite Books, Music, Movies, and Food

I fell in love with jazz way back when I was a kid, but I never knew where to git me some. Then I found KCSM in 2006, and life has been much better ever since I got me some. Not the kind of jazz you hate! I hate that kind too! 91.1. If you like jazz you will LOVE IT.

Play me some of your music, especially during intimate moments...

KCSM makes my brain cells light up. So do computers, new tech, new science, new concepts, nicely put-together sentences.

Recently heard and loved: ** Cracker: Low ** Sugar Blues: Help Me ** Count Basie: Who Me? (Chairman of the Board) ** Queen Latifah: Poetry Man ** Chris Botti (feat. Gladys Knight): Lover Man ** Patricia Barbour: Bye Bye Blackbird ** Diana Krall: Let's Face the Music and Dance ** Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Jack DeJohnette: Cantaloupe Island ** Oscar Peterson: 'Round Midnight **

Hint: If you want to know WHAT lights up my brain cells, listening to my music would help. My music is very important to me, and I find new gems weekly. Please mention a few of your favorite musical works outside the pop-rock-rap mainstream so I can do the same :)

I love watching well-crafted movies, but cannot do it on my own. Need a movie-watching partner? I am way behind!

My favorite books are the ones I haven't read yet. Duh! Exemplars of books in different genres that I have enjoyed: Guns, Germs, and Steel; Jared Diamond ** Antproof Case; Mark Halperin ** Absurdistan; Gary Shteynfarb ** The Soul of Capitalism; William Greider ** 911 Synthetic Terror Made in the USA; Webster Griffin Tarpley ** James Thurber. Alarms and diversions. ** Ursula LeGuin; The Dispossessed.** The Arrow Book of Funny Poems** which I got in 4th grade and am still able to recite.

Speaking of Ursula LeGuin...

I wish there was an ansible. This device would be of great assistance in promoting global peace and plenty. We're getting close to an earth-ansible. I am jazzed.

I love food and love cooking when I have the time to do it well. Preparing a delicious meal on the weekend is an act of love. Organic is tastes like food used to taste when I was a kid.
Six things I could never do without
eh, after being alliterative for so long, I am going with eclectic.
the internet
wine and song
the sun in the mornin and the moon at night
the touch that means so much
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Situationism: Politics is merely theater. It doesn't even matter that much what happens during the pResidential election. It's all a spectacle without meaning. The Society of the Spectacle. Guy DeBord

Antonio Gramsci and Steady-State Economics

Other philosophers: for example Montagne, Descartes, Spinoza, Rousseau, Wittgenstein, Habermas and Hume.

I *don't* spend time thinking about what is wrong with people who support the right wing. That's a waste. I spend my time addressing those who wonder about the right wing. I am a Reframer. I think about how to explain an empathetic and humanistic political structure to people.

Computers: I shouldn't still have to be a sysadmin of my own system after all these years, spending 20% of my time troubleshooting the machine. I am switching to Macs, because Apple does not feel the need to change its interface all that much every couple of years. Do you know that the new Microsoft Office Suite for MAC looks just like MSOffice 2003? Ya know, the program that you knew and loved for 15 years? Well, they lost me with MSOffice 2007, and I am a power user who diagnoses problems over the phone.
On a typical Friday night I am
home alone. Would rather not be. Sometimes I am out listening to friends sing Brazilian Jazz :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
*You will never tire of the information I bring you, but if you need a rest I can provide such.
*I am really a month younger than my profile indicates. OKC says that my BRAIN is only 39. A recent OKC contact told me that I was in my prime.
*I try not to get peeved with people who answer this area by saying, "Well, that's private." I see this as a great place to demonstrate charming eccentricities. I say, give it a chance!
*If you consider yourself to have the charming eccentricities of most scientists and artistic types wanting to be in touch with yourself and present with me, working on creating synergy, well, write to me.
*I have Attention Deficit Disorder, which I treat. I am not hyper.
*I am intolerant of passive-aggressive behavior. Frankness and open communication works for me. Either you accept my romantic generosity and sense of fun or make tracks.
*You should have at least one day and night in your weekly schedule to share with me if we begin to have textual chemistry.
Textual chemistry tends to lead to coffee at some vague midday hour that makes everything seem casual. If it all comes together when we see one another, well, it could be fun!
*We can see one another as long as you are looking forward to it, but not one moment longer. Please take note: "Gee, thephoenix_, it's been fun, but I am getting bored and it's time to move on." This protects me from passive-aggressive behavior.
*I can't take long walks or hikes due to an automobile accident in 1983 that injured both of my legs. As long as I can prepare for tasks, I can participate in a limited fashion. Most days I can do anything I want to.
*I am no day at the beach, but my heart is pure and my conscience is clear.
*I have always been a better listener than talker.
*Because of my androgynous mental processing, I often naturally get along better with guys than girls.
*My range of skills will come in handy during this Second Depression.
You should message me if
*You want to talk about how to help the world and your community survive the global economic meltdown currently occurring.
*If you want to build community.
*If you like me.
*If you like to have the sense of a salon, where people chat and share their newest discoveries. Casual, light, delicious. I see this as being GN (Geek, Nerd) Central Temple of Consciousness Mission.
*If you do not neglect your mental health.
*you would like to pay me to engage my intellectual analytic abilities on your behalf.
*You are always willing to share the work of preparing and cleaning up after meals or make other arrangements (like going out or delivery) so that I am not in the kitchen alone. Spent far too many hours there to want more.
*You do not have a tendency to consider your partner as a whipping post for other disappointments in your life.
*You are disinclined toward passive-aggressive behavior.
*Would be a bad idea to message me if you think that make-up sex is hot. I don't like arguing. I prefer sharing our thoughts and creating synergy.
The two of us