33 Malmö, Sweden
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My self-summary
What I’m doing with my life


I am like this adorable fluffy space-cat on a synth floating in the cosmos going booow chicka bwwowoow bwoing..

I am all about music that makes you move, feel, contemplate and relax. I write and create a lot of music and sounds and work with it part time. Part time I work with youth/kids and recreation work, teaching them how to be a cool, nice, smart and responsible individual.

I am here to expand my social circle. I am looking for extraordinary individuals to enrich and be enriched by.

Friends, family and people would describe me as thus: Warm, Funny, Direct,Witty, Smart, TouchyFeelySensetive, Dreamy, Weird and eccentric, someone who lives in his own reality and fantasy, Kindhearted, naive, thinks good of others and wants the best for everybody, funny when 'open', a diplomat of sorts, good with consensus group work, Mystical and spiritual minded, A philosopher, A daring adventurer and someone who likes food with lots of colors.

See, I am kind of in the world but still not really of the world... In the Buddhist zen spiritual flow of non attachment... I probably lost you here but that's ok, It's a difficult thing to explain, Lets just say it's just as equally possible for me to spend a good Friday night contemplating the mysteries of the meditative practice of pranayama and chanting ohm, as it is for me to be on some crazy zany adventure (probably involving fire, and or firespinning, grafitti and or poetic terrorism, protests, bewilderment in nature, climbing a mountain..etc), or playing nerdy boardgames / computergames with fellow brethren, or performing magical musical rituals out in the woods and wyrds (that is playing my music at a rave party) or....and yeah it kind of just goes on like that dosent it ? the story of our lives... these here fractals, like interwoven energies of love and desire for life emerging through and throughout our mirrors of eyes and souls dancing amidst good intentions and action.. and see, I derive as much as pleasure meditating on the silence of the rain such a night as I would do doing much of anything else or nothing what so ever... Now that I am getting older, I have had much enough of desire and I am getting along very well with nothingness these days.. whoa, if you've read thus far and understand where i am coming from, do tell :)


I am on a mission finding the secret code hidden in the fabric of space and time in ultra high defenition reality, the code to open up the portal to the infinite, I belive it is to be found through the ritual application of correct sacred geometry and vibrations.. It's sorta like an infinite mystery quest I am on, ordained by Thot/Hermes to spread the good work around... Daily I revitalize the chi currents...

I Spend a lot of time creating, making, studying, weaving, performing, blissing out to, and dancing to music.

Building a company to sell music for the computer game industry.

I spend time in prayer and meditation, grateful for the humble open vastness of zen tao space.

And I raise my kid (one and a half year old son) part time.

And I work full time with kids at school.

Now and then again i feel the urge of adventure and being in that space of tingling lovely unsure space, that anticipation of openness when you got your backpack on you and all you need is within and with you right there and you are of to some nice adventure, for me it might be a nice hike with friends, taking of to Berlin or some other place in the world for a gig, meeting new friends at some course or festival.. the traveling vibe is something i really enjoy contrasting with my beautiful soft mystical home and studio... i enjoy getting out there and surfing the fringes.
I’m really good at
Making music, dancing, philosophy, mysticism, humor, creating momentum and good vibes, doing ordinary things in interesting ways, being in the moment, rocking fire spinning moves, weirding people out for the fun, making people laugh, making people feel good about themselves...
The first things people usually notice about me
The good vibrations, the smile, and the nice colors.

I usally hear/get "what a cool style/vibe you got"

I am very capable of being very open and funny and nonjudgemental with people..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
lets just say.. it's a lot :)
The six things I could never do without
Tetragrammaton much ?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The nature of man, conscioussness, reality, God(s), timespace and spacetime.....

Gratitude and awe for the wonder of being.

The processes of alchemy, shamanism and chaos magic.

Secret societies, the hidden dimensions of earth, reality and mankind, the hidden history of man.

What doing nothing is like and how you do it...

Making music in my head.

Thinking about how to better facilitate the music i hear in my head into "physical" vibrations in reality, THUMPIN DAH SPEAKABOX!!!1oneone
On a typical Friday night I am
there is no such thing as a typical friday for me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's a secret so secret even I am not sure I know about it.
You should message me if
You are looking for new friends and connections..

You enjoy good laughter, strangeness, honesty, fun, adventure, meeting new people, evoking philosophical deep nerdy talky stuff... going on adventures, you want to jam (playing music), quirkyness, approaching the strange in life, stargazing....