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My self-summary
Alas, a decent sort of mammal, now unattached and missing attachment, who wouldn’t complain too much to stumble onto an interesting person. I am naively optimistic that this site just might provide one of those surprises you hear happens to others.

BEEN LUCKIER THAN MOST.........................
I've had wonderful and very very long relationships in the past. It would be so nice to find another, maybe permanent. Looking for someone who is simply kind, an equal partner, someone savvy, and above all, with a balance of gravitas and humor (the ability to see the ironic or downright silly around us--and ability to find the occasional silliness being "us," ).

Me... a writer/author---had a couple of books published. I am lucky to be paid for having an off-the-centerline sense-of-humor. Radio commentator-pundit--- spent a bunch of years in radio and TV (had some national visibility and still do radio on a frequent basis). Own a communications consulting firm and get to travel hither and yon occasionally.

A LEISURELY WALKING-TOUR OF MY BRAIN AND ITS ASSOCIATED NEURONS.........................................................
My brain (supported by its associated synapses) is more creative than quantitative, so ask me to write you some prose, build a piece of furniture, or paint something in oils, but not to help you with your taxes or explain something about quantum physics. I cook better than most. I taught myself to play piano (not well) and I am currently learning to play the upright bass, which is three inches taller than I am, and the ukulele, which I tower over.
I'm driven by an insatiable quest to observe and unearth the quirks, ironies, and silliness around us, those things that make us a more interesting species than, say, Capuchin monkeys. I relish celebrating the more heartfelt kindness & support we can offer. Looking to share that playfulness, curiosity and sense of wonder.

THE EXTERNAL VIEW............................................
I claim a sleek corpus, in better shape for my age than most, have the blood pressure & cholesterol of a 30 year old. I ooze boyish cuteness that I'll nurture until I transform into a cute-old-man-years-from-now.

PEERING INSIDE..................................................
Inside, an analytical persona that all loves to whoop it up in moments of childishness & abject immaturity; an overachieving workaholic who's also a bit lazy; a private person who enjoys immensely the public side of his career; comfortable in solitude, but wanting to be with someone who continues to fascinate & inspire. Eclectic interests, creative, liberal. Plays piano and now the ukulele, learning upright bass, paints, and builds-stuff-for-my-house. Adventuresome in food, new pursuits, and emotion. Willing to be passionate about the things that interest you. Chances are, I'm younger than you, even if I am not.

YOUR PORTRAIT...............................................
Looking for someone kind, an equal partner, savvy, and above all, with a balance of gravitas & flukiness, and knowing when to be each. I'm certainly attracted to physical attributes, but unless there's communication, wit, compassion, and kindness oozing, then all the beauty and cutes turn quite ugly in my eyes.
You appreciate creativity, communication, independence, & love what you do. More important than identical hobbies/interests is sharing values, including kindness, support, sensitivity, integrity. Your political bent sways decidedly to the left. You have youthful ebullience no matter your age.

Had some extraordinary long term relationships. Want one more. If anything about my persona piques interest, pass along a hello. it couldn't hurt to talk.
What I’m doing with my life
On the professional front....Writing and Speaking.. working on book #3. Getting to foist my observations and views on a planet ready for them or not.... in print, on line, and on the radio. Still maintaining an active consulting practice to pay for a lavish lifestyle I would like to have. On the domestic front....Caring for an aging Victorian home, which is now plagued by a family of nefarious raccoons, bent on my emotional destruction. Amusing house pets with a wit and charm that has been known to impress house pets, among others. Rolling sushi admirably for a Westerner. Listening to an eclectic collection of music. Teaching myself to play piano by ear. I used to paint, and trying to getting back into it. I am practicing the upright bass and ukulele, but not at the same moment.

On the inner-journey front... learning more about me so I can be just a little better making others happy.

Looking to quench curiosity and leave people I meet a little better when we first met. I aspire to mensch-dom.
I’m really good at
Making others laugh. There is no better music. Finding the irony and silliness in the world where we, as fluky mammals, choose to live and calling attention to those individuals and institutions that take themselves a wee bit too seriously. And I am really good at kindness, and I have letters of recommendation to prove it. Being a good friend and a caring co-equal in a relationship.
The first things people usually notice about me
Marginal charm. Cuteness when the sunlight hits me just-so. Good eyes (slightly better from the outside looking at them than from the inside out). My smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A bounty of non-fiction. Jazz of the early 20th century. Most ethnic-fare.

MOVIES. Citizen Kane (I have seen it more than Orson Welles did). Brazil. The Usual Suspects (Is there any better cinema name than Keyser Soze?), Dr. Strangelove, The King's Speech, McCabe and Mrs. Miller. (Wait, there are too many great films to name here). A fan of Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire.

FOOD. Anything ethnic. Asian fare. Vietnamese summer rolls (with peanut sauce). Fresh pasta (which I make). Sushi (which I make). A really fine pesto.
Six things I could never do without
Sushi. Intellectual curiosity. Gershwin Concertos. Laughter. Fresh brewed coffee. Friends.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The answer to this question
On a typical Friday night I am
With friends...when the mood strikes, but I am not compelled to spend a Friday night out just to spend a Friday night out. I am happy to write, read, watch a movie I have seen before, or practice piano, uke, or newly acquired upright bass, on which I am still producing sounds that mimic eviscerating a cat. When not in a relationship, then thinking how nice it would be to be back in one.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once had a summer job as a medical school cadaver. In 1998, I won the Iditarod, by pulling a sleigh of tired dogs myself for the last 100 miles. Julia Child frequently called me for recipes. Is this serious question? My advice is..... if someone blurts out some heretofore personal and private statement just because the questions asks it of him/her, and that selfsame respondent does not fully appreciate that henceforth, it will no longer be (and let me use the technical jargon "personal and private"), this may not be someone you might want to be dating. Just sayin'...
You should message me if
You have interesting things to say,.... enjoy discovering new ways to get synapses to fire..... are curious about the world.... love to laugh, but know when to be a little more gravitas-stuffed....

Have a sense of humor and value integrity and kindness.

Also, if you think that friendship is the core of all, whether something remains a friendship or morphs into something more. In point of fact, I ultimately want to be involve with my best friend.


If you want more info on me...or want to meet me without actually meeting me, you can visit one of my websites, with a smattering of my writing and video clips from radio appearances

If you want to check out my persona and how my face works when it talking.... YOUTUBE knows....

Uke Could Do Worse Part 1

Uke Could Do Worse Part 2

The Zen of Sock Puppets

A Really Bad Coffee Date

Finally. Integrity for me is the life driving value, which is why I loudly proclaim in this moment of disclosure that, in my hope not to get cut off in the search algorithm, I have kept my age a few years shy, but sounds so terrible. Liar? Cad? Charlatan? No, I am trying to fool the search algorithm, not you. So I hope that you, as I do, judge things like age based on looks, health, activity, spirit, which might convinced you I am much younger, since after a point, these things are what define real age. But after looking at my pics, my viscera, and all all else that is me, if you place you choice solely in the number, I understand and think that your click-delete is OK.
The two of us