32Newport Beach, United States
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My self-summary
**** NOTE : I am not going to use this website anymore. Not deleting my profile just so people can read what I think about it :)
I originally registered in the hope that it could help me find a beautiful, smart, genuine, honest and mentally stable woman, willing to open her heart and able to love just one guy. All I have to say is that most girls here seems to be very far from what I'm looking for. I am a busy professional and I have no time to waste with childish girls with confidence issues yet full of themselves, that need to flatter their ego by getting compliments, free drinks, or sex from a silly amount of different guys. I am very sensitive, and being disappointed by people is mentally very tiring for me. I really don't need this.

But if you happened to read this message and feel like this doesn't apply to you, then you can add me and contact me through facebook (as I won't be reading my messages here) :
Have fun guys ;) ****

I'm smart, sensitive, loyal, fun, generous, honest, crazy, loving,
open-minded, curious, cultivated, sweet and romantic. But I'm French. I know. Nobody's perfect :P

I earn money doing what I love the most, photography and travels :) I have lot of wonderful friends all over the words, and an amazing family. So overall, I'm happy :) I'm single, and would love to settle down with a girl... but even though I feel lonely sometimes, I prefer to stay single than dating a girl who doesn't fit me, or is not mature enough... so I'll be patient and wait for the right woman to come into my life :)

My life and personality look like my hair style : fun, messy and random !
I am honest to the point that I'm incapable of lying... so remember, never ask me something if you don't want an actual and sincere answer :P

I'm a computer and photography Geek. So don't get me started about operating systems or lenses :P
And due to my scientific background (Master in Molecular Biology, PhD in Oncology) I can be quite nerdy at time ;)
What I’m doing with my life
My life is a bit crazy right now but I love it.
I'm a photographer and co-funder of Premium Paris ( )
I'm launching a magazine in SoCal and I'm also a chef, specialized in healthy French fusion food (vegan, vegetarian and piscetarian).

I'm doing commercial, fashion and wedding Photography - based in California now, but also work in Paris and Europe, Brazil / South America, USA, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Istanbul... And wherever I get opportunities ! I LOVE to travel, for my personal work, for clients or for holidays.
I also do model and acting, whenever I have time. That's one of the reason I love SoCal.
I’m really good at
Beside what I do for a living, I am also good at teaching languages (French and English), cooking for people close to me, repairing computers, web design, acting, design, wardrobe styling, looking after kids, looking good in front of your parents, etc. ;)

It's not asked but I'm lame at : ironing clothes, drawing, handwriting and being an hypocrite.
The first things people usually notice about me
My Crazy Hair Style, then my hazel eyes (sometime it's green and orange in the center !)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm 100% French, born and raised as they say, but I feel like multi-cultural for some reasons. I love to know new cultures : traditions, languages, music... and most importantly... FOOD !! :)
My own personal culture is very French of course (especially my tendency to talk about sex and food, and kissing people on the cheek while giving a big hug as a greeting), but with influences of USA, UK, Germany and Japan. I try to take the good things of every cultures. For example money is taboo in France, but not with me.
When it come to food, I think the best I am aware of are French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Indian. When I cook I have all this influences. German breads rocks ! but I don't know how to make this ;)

When it comes to series, USA have the best ones I think. Six Feet Under, Californication, Dexter, House, The Mentalist !!
Lately I discovered a great show : White Collar !! :D

Movies, French have done some great comedies lately :) while american seems to be cheesier and cheesier in comedies ^_^ we are still lame for action I think... but anyway comedy is my favorite style ;)
Six things I could never do without
Nothing much, I can deal being without anything. really. But then the question is, for how long ? :P
I can live without water, without friends, without lover, without internet... but without the formers, I'll stay alive shorter than with the laters.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how I'm freaking late !
On a typical Friday night I am
Why would we have to wait Fridays to have fun ?! that would be boring ! Life is a Friday night ! Yay ! :P
But anyway, I'm not a party animal. When I do go out, I like to dance crazy until the morning, and I don't need/want alcohol for that :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm bald. But just pretending not to be.
You should message me if
I know what I want I'm not settling for less.
I'm really waiting for a girl that can give me both passion (we need some "chemistry"), complicity and long term perspective... I don't like compromises.

What turn me off : lies, lack of intelligence, cigarets
What turn me on : honesty and straightforwardness, nerd/geekness, wit, humor, a cute smile, a short and slim yet curvy body (yeah curvy mean that have curves... Thin waist and larger hips make curves...)

I'm very health concerned and would like to share this with my other half :) also, I'm not very tall and pretty thin, and I don't really see myself dating someone bigger than me (I'm about 140lb).
The two of us