44 San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Witty with a hint of irreverence.
Trouble yet abundantly thoughtful.
Athletic but not a muscle-head.
Intellectual without overt ego.
Collector and organizer.
Empathic but no pushover.
Hedonist and aesthete.
Gentle with a side of kinky.
Married and embracing (ethical) non-monogamy.
The six things I could never do without
LCD Soundsystem (and now anything James Murphy), climbing plastic rocks, fire pits in the backyard, the xx (and Jamie xx as a DJ), live music, anything Thom Yorke, a quality IPA or Belgian (hello Pliny and La Chouffe), looking you in the eyes (see how I just broke the fourth wall there?), Four Tet (DJ), bikes, women that bike, women that mountain bike, crash and then get me to care for them, bike crashing myself and laying quietly with the pain before I cry like a baby, telling you endless times about how I crashed my car off a bridge once, crashing *your* parents' wedding anniversary party drunk on rye manhattans, bitters, bitterness (not really but it sounded cool with bitters), strange sequiturs apparently, Caribou (DJ), kale (the food, not the DJ silly), Daphni (DJ aka Caribou), Pixies, Royal Tenenbaums (and anything Wes Anderson for that matter), Adidas Superstar shoes, Dirty Projectors (the band, not actual dirty projectors - that's just gross that your mind would go there), sleeping in the tea house (burning man project that now sits in the yard), almond milk (yes, I realize it’s not politically correct to consume almond products in a drought, but fuck it - I’m pretty sure the drought is now over), chocolate with sea salt, chocolate with peanut butter, hell chocolate with just about anything, (biting into) the little strip of skin you love to expose between your super tall boots (or socks) and skirt, being emotionally open and available for friends, Jeff Tweedy, loving that I'm in the best shape of my life at 43 (oh shit, I'm 44 now), earl grey tea (iced or hot), ink on your body, building shit, Elliott Smith when I'm feeling sad and want to really feel it, art, architecture, design, run-on sentences (obviously), exhaustive lists, being embarrassed there's no books in this soliloquy but working on that.