46Attleboro, United States
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My self-summary
From my profile name, you may infer that I am a fan of Henry David Thoreau, and you’d be correct. Like he and Emerson and Whitman, I strive to live a life of balance and meaning. And while I think some of the joy in meeting someone new is discovering their interests and favorite things, I will share some of what makes me who I am, and look forward to continuing a conversation with you about it later.

First, I am a teacher. And by teacher I don’t mean the show up, pass out assignments and get home at 2:30 type teacher, but a teacher at heart and in spirit. I’m that teacher you may have had in high school who made learning relevant and fun, and whom you probably still remember as being a pretty fascinating guy. At least, that’s what students tell me. I teach English (at high school and occasionally at the college level) and I absolutely cherish having a job that allows me to make such an indelible impact in the world via the lives of my students. Plus, since they’ll be our overlords, I’d rather get on their good side early.

I became a teacher due to my insatiable appetite for literature, language and ideas. Ideally my match would have similar interests and if you enjoy reading, writing, deep conversations about philosophy, truth and beauty, we would probably get along famously. But since I believe in balance, I also love to run, hike, swim. I am in no way an extreme runner, but I’ve really grown to enjoy my 3-4 runs a week, and I am looking to run another ½ marathon in early Fall, so a running partner would be a wonderful bonus in a new relationship.

I also embrace the spiritual component of living, and while religious ideas are probably too difficult to explain/entertain in a profile, and that I'm not one to foist my beliefs upon others, I will say that my Christian faith is important to me, and I do try to live a moral life. One of my favorite lesson plans to teach my students involves Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues, and I am always reminded how simplicity and patience feature so prominently in being virtuous. I would add that humor and empathy are, for me, the most important attributes to cultivate in our world.

One of the ways I feed my spiritual side is my vegetable garden. A few years ago I started with a few simple plants, but it has grown to include a veritable cornucopia: carrots, peppers, tomatoes, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, lettuce, cucumbers, Spanish onions, some fresh herbs… If you enjoy fresh veggies, I’ll have plenty to share in the upcoming months. If you run a meat-packing plant, we’d be all set foodwise.

Also, I enjoy taking time to cook a proper meal at night. One of my favorite activities to share with someone is the cooking of dinner: getting the ingredients, doing the prep work, cooking and enjoying the results with a fine wine or craft beer. While not ready to compete on Chopped (a great show), I can definitely hold my own in the kitchen. Adding to the fun, my recent fascination with wine and wine tastings have made pairing wine and food an adventure as well. If you enjoy, and can tell the difference between a pinot and a Bordeaux, that would be another bonus.

Probably more than anything, a sharp wit is the sexiest thing a person can have. Laughter is integral to healthy living, and I enjoy nothing more than making others laugh. It’s as intoxicating as fine wine. The importance of a sense of humor, seriously, cannot be overstated in the woman I’d like to meet. The world can be disheartening enough at times, we need people to infuse laughter in our lives.

I have a terrific family and a wonderful relationship with them. My closest friends are those that I’ve known for 30+ years, so loyalty and friendship are vital to me as well.

Art is probably the thread that connects most other things in my life. I have a wide taste in music, but some faves include: Tom Waits, Morphine, Bob Dylan, The Pixies, REM, Buffalo Tom, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Over the Rhine, and I have a soft spot in my heart for glam metal from the 80s, troubadours from the 70s (Billy Joel, Elton John), and more folk-like music (Patty Griffin and Sarah McLachlan). I’m leaving out a ton here, but you get the gist.

Anyway, part of the joy of the first months in a new relationship is to discover and share all these favorites and find out what we both enjoy and perhaps introduce something otherwise unknown to someone else. I like a little bit of everything, but I'm typically drawn towards books and movies with more food for thought. I'm a huge fan of documentaries, but I savor watching classics from the 70s, sci-fi from the 80s, French New Wave from the 60s, Coen Brothers movies from the 90s, and most anything with Philip Seymour Hoffman or Paul Giammatti today.

For books, I adore too many to list, but I'll note Paul Auster, Whitman, ee cummings, Klosterman, Montaigne, Dante, Shakespeare, Faulkner, David Foster Wallace, CS Lewis, and Tolkein are among my most cherished books.

Finally, I'm not one who is slave to his cellphone. That's ok if you are, but ideally I'd look for someone who can keep it off the table during dinner, and who doesn't need to check it in every 5 minute interval whether waiting for a movie to start or in line at the grocery store. I'm looking for something real, and if you are seeking the same, you may have just found him (er, me).
I’m really good at
Teaching. Inspiring others. Word games and crosswords. Listening. Making people laugh. Showing affection.
The first things people usually notice about me
"kind eyes" or a wry smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
more soon.
Six things I could never do without
Love (agape, philia, eros)
Language (literature, dialogue, thoughts)
Music (live, recorded, rhythms of life)
Nature (ocean, woods, mountaintops)
Ideas (philosophy, imagination)
Art (paintings, theater, film)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The meaning of life.
On a typical Friday night I am
wishing you were here :)
You should message me if
You are perpetually curious about life and learning how to live it better. And you enjoy sharing these over hours of conversations.

You don't sweat the small stuff.

You enjoy cooking and eating real foods, and being outdoors as often as possible.

You treat others as you'd have others treat you.

You smile...a lot. Or would like to.
The two of us