33Alexandria, United States
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My self-summary
First things first - I'm Caitlin, and I live for living.

I was born in D.C., grew up in Miami, and chilled out - literally - in Boston for undergrad before I crept across to the west coast and found San Francisco very much to my liking. Wouldn't have left were it not for the job market, and I have a pretty keen intention of returning sometime in the future.

That said, I am open minded, passionate and easily infatuated, so feel free to make it a mission to get me to fall in love with D.C. While I'm warnin' you it's an uphill battle... I welcome all challengers. ;)
What I’m doing with my life
Short answer: I'm a lawyer working for the federal government. It's a spiffy gig, and I love what I am doing (most days).

Long answer: I'm out and about finding every way I can to learn new things, feel alive, and find others who want to do the same.

I'm a vivid, outgoing and generally odd-ball sort of girl; I like to think of myself as a bit of a renaissance woman, though a good friend has recently declared, more simply, that I "know a little bit about everything." I was a competitive ballroom dancer for ten years, although I don't care one way or another if you have two left feet - just because I dance whenever there's no one watching, you don't have to. Recently I've gotten into blues dancing as I step away from the competitive scene, and also go to clubs every so often. I horseback ride, scuba dive and ski; I am an amateur wildlife photographer; I write, I'm a fair hand at archery, and hoping to find a way to learn/take up fencing or sailing while in the metro area (seeking company for either).

Now, YOU. Whoever you are, you have to know what you want and dig goin' after it. Be intelligent and thoughtful, but have a sense of humor - I love laughing and poking fun, which makes it something of a must. You're confident and assertive without being arrogant and dismissive. You understand that two people are happiest when most, but never all, of their lives overlap. Sex is neither a taboo word nor topic for you - I'm blunt as a brick, and finding someone to be comfortable with is a pretty high priority. Not only are you down for spontaneous lets-go-do-this-now affairs, but seeing the sunrise is a badge of achievement rather than groan-worthy.

I need a guy who is as down for cuddlebugging on a couch as hiking Shenandoah. I love getting dirty as much as I love dressing to the nines (it's the ballroom dancer in me), and I am hoping you are someone who likes to do both. A hot guy in a suit being brainy with me will probably require I recross my legs.

So if the you described above is YOU.. message me. You're already quite late - we have some crazy shit to get around to together.
I’m really good at
dancing; sarcasm; (usually playful) mockery; "that's what she said" jokes; dressing up; sniffing out good bars; color-mis-coordinating; procrastinating; providing misleading answers to online dating prompts.
The first things people usually notice about me
My legs, I think. Dancer calves and always in heels (comfy for my poor, collapsed arches). And to be fair, I'm vastly more graceful in them than out of them - and that doesn't even approach the weirdest thing about me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
movies: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Pan's Labyrinth

foods: anything ethnic. I will eat it and love it. Currently going through two helpings of pho per week, and been trying to find worthwhile Ethiopian and Salvadorian food..

SIDENOTE: I do not watch NEARLY as much tv as this will lead you to believe. I am not a tv person. But my most recent job (doc review) before moving to DC for a permanent position involved an unpleasant amount of sitting around waiting for documents to trickle down. We were allowed netflix and little else to pass the time with.

current shows: Walking Dead :: Game of Thrones :: Falling Skies :: The League :: Supernatural :: Archer :: The Following :: Banshee :: Dr. Who :: Sherlock :: Continuum :: American Horror Story

retired shows: Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog :: Firefly :: Battlestar Galactica & Battlestar Galactica - Blood and Chrome :: Jekyll :: Eleventh Hour :: The Pretender :: Doll House :: Lost :: Better off Ted :: Spartacus :: Arrested Development :: Pushing Daisies :: Sync :: Dexter :: Breaking Bad :: How I Met Your Mother

shows on my to do list: (ie, seriously stop telling me to watch them, I AM GETTING TO THEM) The Wire :: Mad Men :: Deadwood :: Torchwood
Six things I could never do without
1. Travel
2. Wine / cheese / bacon
3. Writing
4. Internet
5. The outdoors
6. Sex
I spend a lot of time thinking about
traveling. Where I just was, and how to afford where I'm next going.
On a typical Friday night I am
having an atypical Friday (just like everyone else.)

Could be hosting a murder mystery dinner; might be out at a club or cocktail lounge; hunting for a hookah bar; camping and backpacking; booking my next random flight abroad; hitting the movies or snuggling up on the couch with one. Which is to say, variety is the spice of sex.

..did I mean life? I might have meant life.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have gotten machete training, defended myself against alligators, gone scuba diving with sharks, been charged by a brown bear in Alaska, and picked up/removed rattlesnakes from tourist areas of a national park, and none of that scared me. But I am horribly, hysterically (for observers) terrified of spiders. So, y'know. For clarification, my approach:
You should message me if
there is something in your life that you will geek the f/ck out about. I don't care what it is - if you get riled up and excited talking about ANYTHING, message me. I shoot up on passion like a mainline drug, and I do best around similarly inspired and inspiring people. I want to challenge and be challenged, and find reasons to be damn happy we're alive.


1) You have ever, after a date, debated whether or not to text/call the girl you were digging, because you don't want to look "overeager." Seriously? If I liked the date, I'll text you. If I didn't, I won't. But I guarantee you I will not be trying to wait the "perfect amount of time" before texting you in order to somehow take advantage of some preconceived notion of delayed contact. I dig assertiveness. :)

2) You are a true, no exceptions, vegetarian. If you are, I definitely respect you.. but I can't eat with you. And despite my appearance, I do so love eating.

3) If you're married -and- not poly. It's one thing if you have made a respectful and mutual lifestyle choice--- it's quite another if you're just being an asshole behind her back. My estimation of you will end up somewhere between gutter and garbage. You really won't -want- me to answer your message.

4) Man, I hate having this list. If you don't have a picture and don't provide a link for one in your first message, I won't reply. I get it - some people still think online dating is for social outcasts and screen-tanned nerds, and not everyone is ok with their coworkers/exes/militant secret government organizations/etc finding out they're on here. But one of the perks of OKstupid is the window-shopping, and let's be honest - you didn't click on MY profile because you key-word-searched Battlestar Galactica. Is it superficial? Sure. But let's at least be evenhanded.
The two of us