31Southampton, United States
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My self-summary
So let's start with why I'm on OK Cupid. Turns out when you spend all your time working and/or going to school its really difficult to meet people. See I go to school for engineering at Temple U which one would think, "College? Goldmine!." False, not when all your time is spent pulling your hair out to find a solution to a problem someone halfway around the world already solved. So like any normal 27 year old male I spend a fair portion of my time going bars. Again one would say "bars? Goldmine!". False Again I say. See bars are good if your looking for a one night stand ( not a bad thing in my personal opinion) but the problem is that the people you meet are rarely of good dating quality, and let's face it, the woman that probably are, are smart enough to stay away from guys at the bar. Thus here I am on OK Cupid, hoping to find another professional to have an engaging an intelligent conversation
What I’m doing with my life
As I mentioned in my summary, I am currently an undergraduate at Temple U majoring in electrical engineering. I graduate in 14' and will attending graduate school there as well (unless I smoke the GREs, then I may consider somewhere else). I must say i love what I do, number, equations, problem solving, programming etc. YES I am a nerd if your wondering by now, however don't be fooled my the stereotypes because I don't wear suspenders glasses or have a room fool of superheros (unless your in to that time of thing in which case...). Instead I have a room full of model airplanes but then again my passion has always been to fly...who wouldn't want to fly?
I’m really good at
lets switch it up and mention what i'm not good at first:
1. Dancing (love too, but still suck. always room for learning tho)
2. Karokee (again, love to, but not an american idol)

things I am good at:
1. Math (go figure)
2. snowboarding
3. effieciency or organization
4. Hockey (gotta love hockey)
The first things people usually notice about me
Either my height or my loud voice. Although I been told its very authoritative. I don't know if that should be taken as a compliment or not lol
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-the biography of Einstien
-The Da Vinci Code
-Failure is not an option (and no this is not a self help book)

Movies: too many

Music: just about everything. A little classical, doo wop, Motown, 90's alternative and techno, modern rock (theory of deadman, alter bridge, hinder) and lately its been a lot of techno and dance (D guetta, scooter, deadmau 5) and every in between

Food: If it came from an animal, it's a favorite, though I don't mind some fruits and vegetables now and again
Six things I could never do without
hockey stick, skates and gloves. I love hockey and its my release from the world...they travel in my car wherever I go in case I need a momentary escape. Lastly of course, family and friends
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why things are the way they are. For instance why does the wind blow? Is there a god? How come some assholes refuse to pull out into the intersection when waiting to make a left turn?
On a typical Friday night I am
During the semester: either studying or playing hockey

During the summer: probably drinking some beers with friends
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can tackle any mountain in north America buIt can't get on a ski lift to save my life...
You should message me if
you work hard to meet your goals and dreams, but love to party like a rockstar too. Also, got have a personality that smiles, laughs, and isn't afraid to call me out me because I will do the same to you. All in good fun of course
The two of us