25Portage, United States
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My self-summary
whats there to know about me? hm, well, i was born on june 19. i'm young, yet ive made many mistakes. i try to move on, and get past them but they always seem to bite me in the butt. im a lesbian, so no men, please.. im gullible. i rarely capitalize. i can't accept that death will come to everyone. it keeps me awake at night if i try to. basically im in denial about alot of things.

i love AIM, tumblr, facebook, and twitter and i love reading and writing fan fiction. i tend to leave my heart out on my sleeve. i also tend to crush on more then one person at a time and then break someone's heart. anyways, im just a normal teenager. i like to talk on the phone and get on the internet. i like music and dancing. i date and i like shopping. i like to take pictures and go to the movie theater. all kinds of things :]

i do have a couple things about me that you don't see everyday though.. i'm vegetarian. i quit public school and started home schooling myself in the summer of 06' and i know 4 celebrities.. they're all from harry potter. ROFL. i love video games; kingdom hearts is the best game ever. im OBSESSED with zombies. i also ADORE the loch ness monster, moth man, and big foot. yeah, im kinda odd, and believe in weird mythical creatures.. but its okay :) im sensitive. scratch that. I'M OVER SENSITIVE. i take things personal when i shouldnt and i have an over active imagination. im really girly and yet if i had a choice i would probably be a guy.

i am pro choice. personally, i believe in abortions, gay marriages, ect. but i wont force anyone to think like me. i like movies. horror flicks are the shit. romantic comedy's, superbad type movies and some action movies like WANTED are cool. i am scared of japanese ghosts. im terrified of them. i lie sometimes, but i think everyone does. just to add some more interests to this profile, i'm gonna list all the things i like.. here goes :]

my interests consist of; acting, cheese cake, love, home school, singing (although i dont feel like i'm good at it most of the time), musicals (being in them, and watching them), email, bike riding, reading, walking, my friends, every single animal, writing, music, fan fiction, laughing, running, screaming, rodents, wombats, squirrels, frogs, ferrets, ducks, vegetarians, mushrooms, cabbage, more cheesecake, ice cream, vegetable broth, Harry Potter, PETA, Oreos, movies, fruit, smoothies, twerps, Twilight, shorts, video games, Icee's, Airheads, the internet, V8 vegetable juice, italian charm bracelets, homegrown vegetables, NOODLES&CO., my family, taking pictures, eating at Jimmy Johns and Cici's Pizza and going to chinese buffets, going to the mall, going to the movies, playing board games, swimming, sleeping in, & hugs!
What I’m doing with my life
i always feel hallow unless im on stage performing. acting is my life, and i would just be that shell of my self without it. i have been in peter pan, aladdin, cinderella, and alice in wonderland; all school productions. a few were leads, towards the end.

I am currently signed with Babes N Beaus Talent Agency, whom i met with through my acting and modeling school, John Robert Powers, in Chicago, IL.

I am also currently working at a texas corral restaurant nearby, as a hostess.
I’m really good at
acting, singing (this is something i've been told, but never believed. to be honest i think its more of a big fish in a small pond situation, cause i might be good for this talentless town, but if i got out there in the real world, and tried to sing, id probably be shot down. you see it on Idol all the time :P aha), writing (again, this is something ive been told, but i believe it more, just cause i have thousands of fans on online fan fiction sites), giving advice even though i dont usually take the advice i give. its also hard to give advice on some things i have no idea about, so i wouldn't count on advice from me, just in case i fail at giving you an answer.

i would like to think i'm good at being a friend, but sometimes i am not as good of a friend as i should be. same goes for being a sister and daughter. i want to be better, and i'm trying.. but habits are hard to break, so. i'd give it more time. i'm really good at being a girlfriend.. at least, for people who are right for me.

i am the type of girl who likes attention, but not the bad type, of course. i just wanna be appreciated for the things i do, and well.. just for being there. i like to be hugged and cuddled and kissed my partner. i like to just be held, i like falling asleep together, i like watching movies together, and holding hands. although i do get nervous a lot when i first get with someone, i love to be close, and i love public displays of affection.. not the gross, make out in public sort, but cute little kisses, holding hands, arms around each other, kisses on the cheek, head, and hands sort of things are what make the butterflies in my stomach go insane.

sex shouldn't come right away in a relationship, so dont expect to see me naked tomorrow.

back to my relationship habits, i am usually very caring, very open with my feelings, and very quick to fall in love. just because i'm quick to fall in love though, doesn't mean i dont know love when i feel it. i understand that there are different types of love, and more mild forms of admiration, that FEEL like love.

Also, i understand that i'm still young, and i have plenty of time for things like relationships, but people don't seem to understand that love is something i've wanted all of my life, and it's always gonna be one of the top priorities in my life. i always put my significant other in front of myself, and i always try to be the best girlfriend i can be. i admit, i can be a little selfish at times, i mean, im not perfect. i also admit, that i dont usually find myself worthy of the people i date.. i dont know why i have such low self esteem, but i do. the point is, even though i do,

I always try to put 110% into my relationship, and even though i hope for that back, i'm not all that crushed when i get less. maybe i shouldn't let people walk all over me, but sometimes i do. it's another flaw i have to work out, sadly. i try to be good to others, especially my girlfriend, and sometimes i dont make the right decisions to make them happy, but the point is i try, right? thats more then you can really say for half of the population.. i'm also really good at being myself.

I hope people see this long as profile and one special, awesome person reads it all, and decides they really like the real me, that i'm showing you all, on here. i don't think i've ever put so much about me into words.. and it really feels good.
The first things people usually notice about me
uhm. i really wouldnt know cause im not other people xD id probably assume that they notice my red hair.. really curly, red hair. they probably notice that my weight fluctuates oddly; i feel like i look like a different person every year, lol. one year i am mostly skinny, next year, i am mostly fat. rofl. if u dont like fat girls, you may wanna stay clear, cause i do get a bit chubby sometimes; no shame ;D anyways, these are all just assumptions about what people will notice, since i am not, someone else, looking at myself.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
hmm, driving lessons, seven pounds, harry potter, the princess bride, the girl next door, mamma mia, hairspray, seventeen again, where the day takes you, all i want, the bumble bee flies anyway, cloverfield, zombieland, paper heart, x-men trilogy, lord of the rings, nick and norah’s infinite play list, december boys, donnie darko, shes the man, jennifer’s body, coroline, the corpse bride, the nightmare before christmas, toy story, click, the 40 year old virgin, a goofy movie, monkey bone, the chronicles of narnia, dan in real life, happy feet, the cat in the hat, drop dead fred, penelope, transformers, disturbia, eagle eye, dawn of the dead, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, the ring, the grudge, mirrors, shutter, pulse (or any other japanese horror films), juno, hard candy, smart people, [[superbad, year one, i am legend, wall-e, i now pronounce you chuck and larry, silent hill, dear john, day breakers, twilight and new moon, my super ex girlfriend, zodiac, dead silence, bolt, the saw movies, night at the museum, adam and steve, mission impossible, wedding crashers, 27 dresses, i love you man, michael jackson's: this is it, knocked up, because i said so, furry vengeance, cougar hunting, mortuary, house on haunted hill and return to house on haunted hill, brokeback moutain, elektra, bruce almighty, evan almighty, miracle run, the derby stallion, the messengers, jar heads, brothers, s. darko, transformers 2, when in rome, percy jackson and the olympians: the lightning thief, forgetting sarah marshall, the strangers, youth in revolt, ratatouille, cars, up, avatar, shutter island, valentines day, HSM3, GAH THERES SO MANY! I DONT EVEN KNOW THE REST BUT THERE'S PLENTY! |: bleh, anyways..

uhm. tv shows i like are: desperate houswives, dexter, one life to live, chuck, the ellen degeneres show and american idol now that ellen's on it, queer as folk, six feet under, bones, house, medium, the tonight show with conan o'brien (R.I.P.), late night with jimmy fallon, the jeff dunham show, the l word, a shot at love with tila tequila, legally blonde the musical: the search for the next elle woods, drop dead diva, pushing up daises, jon & kate plus 8, family guy, tmz, south park, degrassi, south of nowhere, instant star, robot chicken, thats 70's show, [[true blood], who's line is it anyway?, and so, you think you can dance?.

music i like to listen to? well, the artists i listen to most, and i have the most songs on my play list by are breaking benjamin, nickelback, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, secondhand serenade, orianthi, kris allen, the all american rejects, the fray, hinder, daughtry, men without hats! jacks mannequin, the scene aesthetic, sara bareilles, metrostation, british sea power, jason mraz, selena gomez, paramore, hanson, fly leaf, and taylor swift.

books i adore reading, and re-reading are harry potter, twilight, the princess bride, the alibi, if only it were true, all of the a series of unfortunate events books, and the rest in the twilight saga. i also like to read fan fiction.

i am a vegetarian, but I love to eat :P im a chubbster, i know. xD i like noodle dishes, cheese cake, fake meat like chicken, burgers, crumbles, etc. i also love chili, chinese food, tacos, burritos, fries, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, ice cream, brownies, pizza, tv dinners with various items to my liking, diet soda, tea, icee's, iced coffee, soup, salad, tomato sauce, rice, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, avocado spread, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber sauce, pickles, fake bacon bits, fake blts, vegenaise, sour cream, taco sauce, chips, tofurky jerky, shepherd's pie. there's others, but i cant think of anymore right now.
Six things I could never do without
1. my cell phone 2. my laptop 3. my aunt 4. my parents 5. my debit card 6. my hoodie, cause i get cold even in the summer. (if people dont count, then ill add two more material possessions) 7. my purse 8. soda
I spend a lot of time thinking about
sex: good ways, and bad.. i'm not ALWAYS thinking dirty things about it, obviously.

i think a lot about the future, and even more about the past i miss so much, but never should've really happened. i think about love more then anything though. i think about how much i want it, i think about how i feel i'll never find it. it's just so frustrating, because people like me all the time, but i never feel that way back for them.. and if i do, it ends up they didnt really like me that way, and they were just using me. it's just stupid.

i think a lot about money. and how i dont have enough. i think about my ex, and i think about people who have left me in other ways, like my grandma who passed away. i think about my own death or people i love's death as little as possible, cause as i said up there, it scares me.
On a typical Friday night I am
as lame as it is, i'm usually working on a friday night. if i'm not working for some odd reason though, i'm hanging out with my two best friends, who happen to my aunt and her wife, or at my own house, watching tv, on the internet; its all very plain, and uninteresting to you.. but its fun to me. its what i like to do, most.

I'm not a party-type girl. i dont drink or smoke or anything. honestly, im very shy for most people, in real life, and even if we talk for two months before meeting in real life, over the internet, i will still be shy as hell around you, once we meet in person. another reason why i just should not ever be a party girl :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
hm, well, i'm not a very private person. i guess i'll admit that i've slept with 4 men in the last 4 years, and idk if that's bad or good.. or neutral. idk xD rofl, i lost my virginity when i was 15, turning 16. i've never slept with a woman. all the girls ive dated in my life have been younger then me, so i didn't ever have the conscience to sleep with them (like literally, they were 2(ish) years younger then me, and it just felt weird so xD rofl, yeah)

i actually started feeling like maybe i was a lesbian, when i was with my last boyfriend... he was so abusive, emotionally and physically.. but i was stuck with him, bc i live with him and i have very little money, right? yes, sadly, i became THAT kind of girl... but dont get me wrong, he KNEW i hated him. he knew that i didnt want to be together anymore. im pretty sure he was a bit mentally off, or just COMPLETELY in denial; idk. bc he still wanted to kiss and love one me all the time.. (very bipolar, yes) im not sure if his constant abusive, rape while i was asleep, harsh words, and the miserable life i had with him is what turned me off to men, or not... i hadnt had a serious relationship with a man before him so maybe just the relationship made me realize it wasnt what i wanted, and then when i started to pull away, thats when he went nuts? im not sure.. i know he wasnt always like that with me.. maybe its my own fault for not just leaving him the moment i knew things werent right.. ill always have to live with the consequences tho.....

anyways.... last thing i wanna admit is, i'm hella awkward about everything. you'll learn this.
You should message me if
you're looking for a serious, long term relationship. i want someone who is going to love me (sooner or later) and always be with me. i want someone who has a car, and lives nearby, so we can spend time together often. i am looking for someone who wants to be close with me, and be my best friend. i really just need someone who is going to take care of me, and let me take care of them. i need someone who is cute, and fun to be around, and willing to compromise.

I dont want a know it all, or a complete tool. i prefer someone who doesn't do drugs or drink a lot. i dont party and if you're a huge party-loving kid, we might not mesh correctly. but who knows?

lipstick lesbians are my weakness.

my "type" would be, dark hair, dark skin.. not black, but latina, pacific islander, filipina, etc... and tbh, i prefer.. larger girls :x its just something i like, idk. i like skinnier girls too... its just a preference xD

id prefer if you lived here, or hobart, valparaiso , merrillville, lake station, etc. i will write you back as long as you dont seem like a total creep. i cant promise we'll hit it off, but i can always use more friends :]
The two of us