58 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Not A List, sorry.
I rarely make the first move, and if I do, it's most often commenting on or complimenting your dog or photo.
if you're interested, it's on you to take the first step.
My profile simply due diligence.
I know my situation is not for many, if any,
but I do enjoy the company of a good man

i find it interesting how many men list Boston as home, but live outside the city, sometime even in other states.
If you live in greater Boston, just say it, we're going to find out anyway, same goes for your children and the not quite ex you keep under the bed or in the attic.

In an effort to be transparent and offer full disclosure, I'm looking to relocate to Manhattan in the coming year.
(this is a recent decision, that feels incredibly right, unlike any move I've made in years)
I'm more interested in NY than Newton, Newburyport or other New England locations.

I've sold my last car for the 5th time, no interest in going for 6.
(I never wanted to drive)
I'm living my life, I'd enjoy more good company, but I'm not commuting for anything.
I truly live where I live, and will do the same in my next location.
Isn't that the point?

(young children are great, but I'm not doing that again for anyone.
Not my place for many reasons, mostly for your child)

Local chick in chair (as in wheelchair)
Looking to keep her world large without the hassle of long distance dating. I really am 'home'.
I really live where I live and the next location will be home too.

The bigger the City, the better. I find big cities relaxing. NO suburbs. They truly are not my goal, not my lifestyle, none of my hopes and dreams live in the 'burbs)

When I want to travel, I do.
I am 'out of town' mostly Manhattan) nearly every month, it fills the voids, and I admit it is more comfortable than Boston, in many ways.

My first judgement on 'quick match' is your place not your face,
but I'll pass everyone before I 'like' anyone. My situation, distinctly different and is your choice not mine, I don't want to impose my life upon anyone.
I ask for the same courtesy.
While I do more than many, but I'm not for all.

'fixers' and 'knights in shining dreck' need not reply.
The OKC filters, keep those who are further out away and I will no longer respond to men who think they can change my mind or me, I'm not looking to change you.

Basically, I set my own rules on OKC, Please don't waste your time or mine trying to convince me I want or need anything different.

I'm always learning new things, not always wanting to.
The rewards are most often, worth it.

Relationships begin and end with respect.
I do not need validation, I don't want to spend my days validating you. I want to connect with people.
We are adults.
I have love, know love, believe in love and want more love in the world.

My life is fun & work, these days my work most likely has a different definition.
I was in Manhattan at MoMA in January for Picasso & Pollack, Philadelphia in February for a birthday & The Barnes Foundation.
March I made it to Manhattan to visit friends and why go anywhere in April? We have The Marathon.
June took me back to NY for 4 days and 5 museums, that's my 'heaven on earth'.

Just like you, I'm hoping for a little more love in my life and life in my love.

I lack that special companion, that leads to something ethereal, because love is both fragile & strong,
It's magical.
It is the something I know is missing.

It all starts with respect, and friendship.
It won't get to friendship without respect.
Don't test respect.

If you have not taken the time to answer some of the questions, I'm taking that as an indication of how much work you're willing to put into a relationship, but if you take the time to communicate with a note, you most definately get 'points'
That said, I do not think the numbers mean anything accurate, as I'm all about community and caring for my neighbors, but if you look at their interpretation, I'm not.
Sadly, my community has mostly moved on, it's time for me o do like wise.

Generosity of spirit and heart is not the same as the giving of things, and picking up the check. that's the easy part.
I'm looking for a man with a generous spirit, a love of art, and a loving heart.
we'll figure dinner out.

So now, the basic parameters are marked.
Please respect them.

More follows.
What I’m doing with my life
Chick in chair, living and loving life, rather, enjoying myself.

I know, I'm chasing 'good art' (all genres)
It is always at the center of my travels,
and the subject of the books I read.
You probably enjoy art, as well,
though certainly not required.

I am creative, and curious by nature, though somewhat tamed by time.
I love 'home', as much as travel, and home my current installation.
It is a purely biographical piece, that has moved too frequently.

I am tormented by the desire for a dog.
(I'm already 'worried' about the dog)
So the Truth?
I'm 'puppy proofing' my apartment, finding homes for the last few boxes, already having made the space and shed or just lost or broke lots of things to do it.
It only makes the next move easier.
I have the memories
Some people call it nesting, it has become 'besting' as I continue to downsize and continue to 'edit'
.....and I'm generally enjoying the better weather and learning about The neighborhoods of NY today.
Though visits frequent, I'm a tourist again.
I’m really good at
Overcoming obsticles,
(I do live, mostly in a wheelchair.)
I can also provide recreations of the moments I realized, "Ooops! this might not be my thing," and a few laughs.
Defining me by my chair is a mistake.
The first things people usually notice about me
let's just say, either you can't miss me, or you can't see me, when either of us, enters the room, I have wheels.
And my apparently nearly complete independence.
Everyone in the nieghborhood knows me, top shelves are great ice breakers.
Trust me, I couldn't do it alone, nobody does. Have you ever shopped at Trader Joe's?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Okay, let's start with food, as we all like to eat. most any vegetarian fare, well prepared by anyone who enjoys preparing it. This can be, a solo, a team, or even a group activity. Though I have to admit, these days I eat more chicken than I have in decades. It's a constant balance.
semi-regular feedings of sushi, seem to work well.
I don't believe in always 'being good', dates wrapped in bacon and stuffed with gorgonzola, and 'a girl next door', please! (it's not supposed to be about, self denial)
Books? Where do I begin? Mostly biographies about a variety of artists, architects, designers and musicians. I love to follow up with an exhibit or performance. If we get lucky, we can figure out how to get food into the theme, why not?
A fondness for fashion, not a clothes horse though. will send photos of closets upon request ;). It's a fun way to learn social history. My personal wardrobe is, urban, with an gentle twist of fate (the fabulous finds of Vintage shopping or collecting wonderful finds, for years.
Music? still chasing the last of the great blues performers. Otherwise music falls into two categories, good, and bad. Every genre has both. But, Lord, don't make me sit through The Ring again, and allow me the strength to leave during Rap, and anything that get's too twangy.
I don't own a TV. I can watch all the junk I want, and keep my addiction to TED lectures, satisfied, on this nifty little contraption.
The six things I could never do without
I learned long ago, things are not the most important part of life. Having 'lost' a husband and a family, I'm pretty sure there isn't much I could never live without, but these make me smile when they come to mind, and they come to mind, often.

My most, amazing, wonderful, kind, generous, friends.
Love, hope & a dash of faith.
Kindness & compassion.
art, (includes music, architecture, fashion, and good writing)
room to breathe, (freedom, choices....)
(so, I cheated, but I did keep it to 6, lines)
May I please add, coffee?

While my memories, have made the trip so far, worthwhile. I'd love to make some new wonderful ones, with a new and wonderful man. Until then, I happily, travel solo.
It's another, interesting experience.

so in the end, fill the bucket, with great memories & love.
life is only as good as, you make it, and you will cherish your memories.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Today definately politics and my next trip (they are doing renovations in my building) but this could almost change daily, but this is an example of my mind's wanderings.
I'd really love to live in a museum.
which one?
I'm always thinking, aren't you?
yes, I think about healthcare everyday too,
and these wars and the fiscal mess. Who has the bomb this week? Wishing the people of the Mid-east would realize they have more in common than not, and figure out how to celebrate it.
Though this election, scary and just out of control.
I still enjoy the fantast of living in a museum, where I will look at beautiful art, read fashion magazines and know nothing of the real world. Much more insulated from the day to day, I can't do anything about, is the dream.
Trust me, it just doesn't last.
Reality, always wins.
Today, I need to do laundry.

I'm going back to, the museum.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday nights are less predictable, I could be out with friends or at a film, sometimes hanging in, as easily as out.
Now, Saturday nights. My now favorite time to do laundry. I'd love to change that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
1. how very much, I miss having a hand to hold.
2. all my shoes and boots, are black.
I only realized that this last fall myself, but wasn't at all surprised.

The question is the most private thing you are WILLING to admit.
I gave you 2.
You should message me if
you're interesting, intelligent, generous of spirit, 'guy next door', looking to meet your 'neighbor', for friendship, fun and possibly romance.