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My self-summary
*My daughter is in my profile picture for a reason, she is the most important person in my life, please understand that before you go any further*

INTJ personality type (http://www.16personalities.com/intj-personality) logical thinker (76% left brain, 24% right brain), some close friends say too serious and a just a little mad, Poe has the perfect definition from "Eleonora";

"Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled,
whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence -- whether much that is glorious- whether all that is profound -- does not spring from disease of thought -- from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. In their gray visions they obtain glimpses of eternity, and thrill, in awakening, to find that they have been upon the verge of the great secret. In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil."

Edgar Allan Poe - Eleonora

I am very logical, somewhat serious, and possibly mad, all in a awesome way... ;)
What I’m doing with my life
working, working, working, did i mention working?

1990 - 2004 Uni, + managing a sawmill, self employed I.T. and doing the abattoir thing, cutting up cows with big sharp knives .............. update, yes, after 9 years i did stop doing the moo cow thing.

2005 + Now self employed / specialist sub contracting doing more I.T. networking and automation systems for new and existing multi million dollar housing, alarms, intercoms, smart wiring, camera systems, security, VoIP, digital phone systems, home automation, commercial and residential audio distribution. etc... weapons of choice include Honeywell (thats ur plug Neil !), and Lexcom by PDL, + the special one off's by yours truly!

2009 -update- ^thought^ this industry is so shallow, hungry and greedy, I provide some of the most advanced custom systems in Brisbane, but still perhaps people don't appreciate what it is i do, for me its not about the money, its the challange of doing the impossible. maybe its time for a change, thinking about volunteer work overseas perhaps.

2010-2011. well overseas i went, not quite the way i wanted though. Spent the last 12 months and some in PNG doing some of the most advanced security systems and such the country has ever seen for one of the largest projects ever undertaken.

2011 Home for a while now to take stock of life......
working for myself again, and just started a 4 month contracting stint in brissie being the guru that i am...

2012 contract extended, senior technician/project supervisor on the biggest audio/visual project in Australia......
Project complete. Now looking for something worthy of my talents to commit to... managing / developing an automotive workshop / business for a friend. Now in negotiations to return to the commercial I.T. sector as a senior consultant / technician for a major international network / security company.

2013 I.T. appears to be calling again. Final meetings in place to return to doing commercial data networking deployment.

2014-2015 After a 18m hiatus needed to deal with matters relating to my daughter, now completed negotations to return to specialized electronic security project works for a major international channel partner in Brisbane.
I’m really good at
I'm a geek, an old school geek, from when it wasn't cool to be one, unlike now when everyone defines themselves as a hipster geek when they are nothing more than tech addicts with 'em bugger all savvy... The difference is I know how to think and how to learn, faster and better than most. I'm good at most things I set my mind and body to. Yes I can cook, thanks mum. I can, well, its prob easier to say what I can't.. that list would be shorter. I can do most things that involve useful "life" skills, I can build stuff, fix stuff, make stuff from scratch. Its not really that hard, you just need to do a bit of analysis, and plan things before you start. Things that challenge my IQ, yes its high, damn high. (haven't you gathered that already)
The first things people usually notice about me
it used to be my lack of hair, did i really look like a criminal?

no, i actually have no idea.. maybe its the 30kgs i lost in 12 months.. amazing what stress does 4 you.

Or is it that im a ranga ? (i hate that term)

update: some would say that i stare, perhaps they are unable to realize that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. let me look in your eyes for an instant, and i will have known you for an eternity, let me look for longer than that and i might just steal your soul.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
any by herbert, donaldson, jordan, dan brown.

reference manuals, installation guides, tech bullets, new product lit, and now i know most of this industries product, perhaps back to programming languages again.. fufulling the mind is a vicious cycle.

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, blade runner, and to many sci-fi's to list. Romper stomper, se7en, silence of the lambs, natural born killers, pulp fiction, kill bill 1 & 2, city of angels, saw 1 & 2 and 3. the cube. anything with a plot that keeps you thinking. I'm not fussed on feel good "chick flicks" with predictable happy endings. TV, blar, apart from the odd good doco, (Attenborough is awesome) I haven't watched TV in over 9 years now. TED talks on an internet stream are good though.

music, it allows you to work and enjoy yourself, you can't do that with tv. wow I listen to most things, far too much to list here. a very large collection, very little country and rap though, love my Andrew sisters, Tony Bennett, through to grinspoon and pink.. And most things in between, yep broad tastes..

cold pizza and hot flat vanilla coke, it was the best hang over cure, but now i don't drink anymore.....
Six things I could never do without
my many cars, (my commodore wagon, and at least one has to be a torana) a min of 3 computers, my new awesome android mobile phone, my steel cap boots, my pocket knife, and a stainless shackle - yes these are very practical useful items.


smell. fresh rain. tropical forests, honeysuckle in full bloom
(thanks mum - till we are together again, 1942 - 1991 RIP).

touch, unusual textures experienced with eyes closed, the lingering sensual caress of someone who desires you.

taste, fresh Greek salad (thanks Vicki & Baz), Turkish coffee (thanks Vera), and my passion-fruit and/or lemon cheesecakes, made for those few who are worthy, Thai feasts at Thai emperor, Springfield, Qld. Chinese sausage and egg omelette's, with braddles Port Moresby, PNG. The boz and craig special, little Hong Kong, Sunnybank, Qld. Fish and chips or an old school hamburger on a beach anywhere.

sight, sunsets over Brisbane at easter, fresh snow at 2am, lanarch castle in duneiden NZ, lightening storms viewed from Mt Cootha in November. Stars on a clear night anywhere.

emotions, to be with someone and feel content and at peace, only because you are in their presence. To laugh at the most trivial of things, even when everything in your life is going bad. To have found and lost many times over someone who makes you smile, regularly, at nothing at all.

And finally perception, to accept and understand that being different is good, to know that there is more to this world that what can be seen, and not fearing death, for in its embrace shall come the ability to exist beyond these physical limits and learn all over again.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why is 51% a majority, but 85% is a pass mark ?

Why would most people rather lie than be honest ?

As I cant make enough time to go sailing or rock-climbing any-more, could I at least learn to glide (sailplane)?

Why women think that a cleavage selfie in a bathroom is going to make me want to get to know them?
Show me you have a brain, that would be far more attractive.

Would the world not be a better place if people controlled their fears, instead of letting their fears control them..?

Why so incredibly few people have manners any-more ?
Seriously, most of the women on this site are so rude.

Why I get 4 or 5 star ratings here from females, but they never send me a message..?

Is being totally honest with people really that wrong..?

Of all my skills and abilities, I find the longer I live the less I understand people and their misguided actions, their unfounded beliefs that rule their insecure lives and not only hurt themselves but those few around them who are enlightened enough to see and act better.

Why some women here post photos of themselves with their bestie, but then don't say which one they are... for that they may have just posted nothing...

The few women in all the years I've been on here who have the character to see me for who I really am, and take the time to tell me i'm awesome... thank-you...

Of the few in my life that mean so much, make me so happy, and yet cannot deal with the artificial skeletons my x puts in my closet near every chance she gets.

Should the name of the site be okcupid or whateveryouwantprincess ?
Why some people think it is not ok for me to -talk- to a late 20 something round here, No I didn't do your Mum when I hit puberty, so I'm NOT old enough to be your father, in reality my daughter is 9 years +, that does make you old enough to be her mother. Try dealing with that ok.

Why if you visit someone's profile more than once your taken as strange or a stalker. I read a new profile, it has little or no information in it. Still I might have found you interesting in some way. I stop by again to see if you have added enough information for me to actually be able to strike up a real conversation, without reverting o hey, your hot, etc, but still nothing. I stop by again a few weeks later, still nothing. Then I get a message saying I'm a wierdo.. Seriously, grow up. Realise that beauty fades, and when it does you will be nothing more than ugly and stupid. Are you here to really meet genuine people or are you just all playas?

Why many that read my profile think i hate my x, but I don't. In spite of all her wrongdoings, I just pity her, for one day soon my daughter will understand the truth, and then her mother will lose her forever.

And last but of most importance, my daughter, the purpose of our existence, destiny, and other such all absorbing things.
On a typical Friday night I am




looking for better offers !

- yes dinner would be nice, a intelligent conversation would be awesome !

If your willing to share a mutual smile, and perhaps a laugh, because you're mature enough to understand that that is worth more than anything else.. then that takes all... ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
still reflecting... (thanks Barry, can i go now?)
You should message me if
You can make it to the end of this list and realize the meaning of it.... Ok. Here goes...

You don't lie.
If you do, you can leave now. Those who lie are nothing more than oxygen thieves.

Your a honey badger, and not a feminist.

You respect yourself, and those around you by applying honesty, integrity, commitment, and hard work to all that you do and achieve.

You don't have the misconception that your a princess. If you in some screwed up way believe that you are, that's probably why you're here and still alone, so please reflect upon the following. To borrow a phrase from the bogans i hate most : "Australia doesn't have princesses, so you can't be one. Harden the f@#k up."

You're not an Internet scammer. Sending me a copy and paste message saying you have lived in Brisbane all your life, but your now stuck overseas with no money in broken English sort of says you haven't and are not. I hate those who lie with a vengeance.

You have ability to continue a conversation, and not enter into such without giving up after a day or so.

You're not batshit crazy. I've met women from here. And nearly all of them have had major mental issues. If that's you, please do everyone here a favor and remove your profile.

You have done it alone, for long enough to understand what truly matters and what doesn't, without depending on others. I am looking for an equal, not a piece of hand luggage.

You understand that okcupid offers descriptions of single, married or seeing someone here. That being the case I am single. We all have a past, you included, but if your that petty with the divorced thing, then perhaps I should be asking why you're single, or how many guys have you had. Pettiness is just another trait I don't need in those around me. Divorced is that, it means your not with someone anymore, this does not make me an alien with three heads, just wiser, and that is always a good thing.

You're not a bogan. Chain smoking, dole bludging, pension scumming, alcoholics need not apply.

You might like to teach me to take better photos. The few good ones I have taken are worth far more than words.

You don't use the comment "But I changed my mind, whatever, or talk to the hand"

You're actually in awe of the fact i have no interest in fishing, golf, football, or most other mentally depressing sports.

You see the world just a bit different than the other 98% of n.t's out there. No I'm NOT n.t., don't ever want to be.

You don't have the word cat, princess or taco as part of your user name. Sorry ladies. There are many strange ones who do.

You're not so shallow that you think beauty comes before all else. But if you are, at least put that in your profile so none of us waste our time.

If you have a personality like that of Felicity Smoak from Arrow, without her attraction to brain dead jocks, then we will get along awesomely.

You might just know what prolog or miranda was.

You enjoy cooking, and understand the best comes from sharing that task with another. Food is about conversation, time together and so many other things most people neglect in their rush to get in front of a tv set and such.

You know that a real boat has sails.

You have and or do work hard both physically and mentally for what you desire, yes, drawing a bit of blood in the process is OK, in doing so it should remind you this is all real.

You enjoy a good road trip to some place you have never been, or long not visited, for no other reason than you can.

You realize that its better to give more back to this world than what you take from it.

You have a desire to learn, but perhaps of more importance to teach what you know, it is this that makes this world a better place.

You're not superficial, dependent on bling, gossip, new shoes and credit cards, and expect everyone else to carry you when you should be learning how to do it for yourself.

You're honest, not misleading, sure about who you are and what you want, whatever that may be is fine, just be open about it.
Life is to short to be wasted toying with the emotions of others.

You might like to take me barefoot bowling, or spend a lazy sunday under a tree somewhere quaint watching the clouds go by.

You're intelligent, you can hold a conversation on topics other and greater that the new pair of shoes you just bought, etc.

... and you have manners. Even if your not interested you will at least have the courtesy to reply to messages received. Even if its to say, "hey I'm not interested"
To give the silent treatment is just a major example that you may have Princess Bitch-face syndrome,yes, it is real, google it. I don't need any more of those types of women in my life.

You believe that its OK for a guy to not have to make the first move all the time... If your interested, you could message me too :)

You can show me a way to bypass years of bureaucratic bungling and legal red tape so that my daughter is safe from parental alienation as soon as possible.

And last but not least, you are strong, and can deal with the fact i have to fight for my daughter, and the truth, and that battle is far from over. If you think sometimes I'm a little to hard, and maybe a little bitter, then have the maturity to understand no-one should ever be put through what we have. This battle has taken many casualties, now I am all that is left that is protecting the most awesome little girl in the world. The time we have together is still not enough, but when she is with me that time is for her. Each second lost can never be replaced. I would rather be alone forever than be asked to substitute our precious time together for someone else exclusively. We could both do with a few more good friends, but when she is with me, she comes first, period.

So you made it this far. Thanks for giving me a bit of your time. On the influence of someone who impressed me greatly I wanted to add that it seems many may interpret the above as negatives, not positives. Some would say I come across as angry or narcissistic, if that be your interpretation, please realize that neither of these are true. My closest friends define me as fiercely loyal, committed, trustworthy, dependable and truly intelligent. I would hope you realize what I'm looking for is unconditional trust and friendship before anything else. For anything beyond friendship, these are paramount beginnings.

I'm not here to play games, and foremost I expect that in return. I understand that for most they want an easy life, but life for some is not easy, though in many ways the character which builds from that surpasses all. True measures of happiness and success should be measured in terms of honesty, self worth and personal achievement, and never involve monetary gain, and within myself i have reached that point in my life, what i need now is people around me to share that with. This doesn't mean anything or everything listed here is finite and set in stone, if you're headed in the same direction then great, for if you have read between the lines you would have realized these are guide markers, way-points for want of a better term. Having others to share with, and grow from is always better than being alone.

You took note of the fact that i'm looking for friends, not a relationship, not friends with benefits etc. Please understand what is occurring in my life now will destroy so many innocent people if left unchecked. I fight for the truth, but I haven't won yet. No, it wont be over in a week, a month or even a year, this is in fact something that has taken over 15 years of my life thus far... and has now been nearly 3 years since my delusional narcissistic x has taken my most amazing little girl from me and her extended family that love her so much. In spite of that hopefully the truth will prevail such this is the last battle that will win the war brought on by the problems of one other.
The two of us