57Bristol, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Wow. Me. What about me? Well, I've spent too much time on dating sites for a start, so I think I've come to recognise, what I, at least, perceive, as some of the pitfalls.

Either directly, or indirectly, dating sites ask you to describe who you're looking for. That ought to mean the type of person you get on with ( Hi Viv!!!) But all too often it results in a check list, and if you ain't ticking all the boxes, they ain't talking to you.

Now I have my own set of tickboxes (Hi Emily!!!), and if you're a 5'10" or 5' 11" redhead and the number 150 is lower than your IQ but a little higher than (or at least very close to) your weight in pounds while also being less than three times your age but more than five times your age, then feel free to say "Hi." or even "I want your body...". Either will get you a reaction, it's not for nothing that I'm renowned as a wit, raconteur, and a bit of a slut.

Or is it tart?

A check list is only typed into a computer, not chiselled in granite by the finger of the Almighty, being attracted to someone doesn't necessarily make them the one for you, come to that it's entirely possible to think someone is hot, but not actually like them. It's equally possible that someone is going to fail to tick a single box on your check list, and yet every time you set eyes on them it lets sunshine into your soul.

So no, I'm not here looking for a life partner, I'm here because there are times when I'm so lonely, it's insufferable, and even a few messages passed between ships in the night beats that. A coffee, oysters, or even shooting a few clays in company is even better. And frankly? I've been as far afield as Prague and Zurich on coaches, so London ain't that far. What is it with all these people that like to travel, but want to meet someone from their own backyard?

That said, I'm not adverse to the idea of meeting "The One", I'm trying to point out that you stand a lot better chance of meeting "The One" if you actually meet some people rather than sitting in the middle of the World Wide Web like some sort of cyber spider waiting for the exact sort of prey to happen along before you chance a venture into reality.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm not sure. It's all quite busy, but it just got quite busy, I didn't plan it that way....
I’m really good at
As opposed to actually imparting any factual information here, I think I'm going to tell you a true, story. Some while ago, I was accused of being "big headed" which while it's factually accurate, as I do have rather a large hat size, I took some slight exception to and replied along the lines of "While many people think that on first acquaintance, once they get to know me better and realise the full extent of my capabilities, they realise that I'm actually quite a modest chap."

Which was where a friend of mine looked up and said, "Sadly, that's true..."

It's said opinions vary, and opinions about me vary from "insufferable" to "hilarious". You can probably tell why...
The first things people usually notice about me
Of late, it seems to be that I'm looking well. At least people keep saying to me, "You're looking well!". I would imagine that my recent haircut, and losing enough weight that I can wear jeans with a smaller waist than inside leg without looking too much like I put them on with a crow bar has something to do with this.

If they're from around here, it's usually just how un-photogenic I am.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like to read sci-fi. Preferably grandiose sweeping sci-fi such as the "Night's Dawn" trilogy. That said, I've read Gargoyle, The Book Thief, the Time traveller's Wife, Almost Like A Whale, and Pillars of the Earth recently, or at least the books are still beside the bed....

I like watching films, and I don't mind having to exercise the grey matter a little in the process. While a list of my favourite films would mutate from day to day, Easyrider would appear on it consistently.

Musically, I'm not avid about anything really.
Six things I could never do without
I doubt there are six "things" in my life that I truly couldn't do without. People, experiences, or events? That's a different matter and I could readily think of six of each.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Originally, I wrote "Stories" here, but apparently that's understating the case somewhat, and I should have said plotting novels. Whatever you want to call it, I'm still doing it to stop my brain from wandering off and causing trouble though.

It's possible that I also spend some of my time thinking about things that other people didn't. Sadly, I find that this tends to give you a reputation as a bit of a smart ass....
On a typical Friday night I am
Still on a walking stick, still don't like crowds, and often quite tired too. Sitting around with a bottle of wine and talking about what ever rubbish comes up works though...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I take a 42 shoe.
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