44Hillsboro, United States
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My self-summary
I am restless and looking for something. I don't know what (new friends, new hobbies, new books/music/games...), but I am feeling antsy in the pantsy...

I am traveling a lot more for work, so that is exciting... I have a Mini Cooper Clubman named Sheldon whom I adore... I am still feeling like I need to find something or someone exciting to engage with... Maybe I'll take up photography or something...

In General...

I'm a girl who is attracted to people regardless of gender - if it works for you, who am I to put a label on you? I am polyamorous, perverted and childfree... I'm less innocent than I look, but that's fine with me. I am not sure that I like how these quizzes keep characterizing me as sweet, but maybe it knows me better than I know me *grin* Funny, smart, geeky, opinionated, honest, kind, inquisitive and adventurous are also words that describe me...

Regarding my current relationship status - I have a husband whom I love, but I am also looking for other people to hang out with/get to know. We're non-monogamous/polyamorous, so it's all above board, I promise...

I currently have a long-distance relationship with a great guy who happens to live 2600 miles away *sigh* I also have a FWB relationship with a couple who live 1600 miles away... I must be a masochist...

I am obsessed with the newer Doctor Who stuff... I have watched some of the older Doctor Who stuff, but I still prefer the stuff from 2005 and on... So, a huge plus would be someone I can discuss Doctor Who with - if nothing else, it's a good starting place for conversation :)

What's next? Good question. I am working on making my long distance relationship work... it's a fun and new and exciting adventure :D but also a lot of hard work... I am also trying to learn Irish (Gaeilge) and Japanese but it's hard on my own and I can't make it out to the classes in Portland... but it is still on my mind as something I want to do...

I am strange, immature, and inappropriate
What I’m doing with my life
What am I doing with my life? At this point, I am just making car payments and getting by... I love my job and I love the company that I work for... I dislike my boss, but you can't have everything :P

I am dreaming of travel and adventures... I am watching Netflix (Sense8 and Stranger Things) and Crunchyroll and waiting for the new Doctor Who to start and watching PBS occasionally - especially Sherlock and Downton Abbey ... I am playing Witcher 3 and reading the books... I am dragging my feet back to eating healthier and even contemplating *gasp* working out again... It's a crazy world...

I am happy for the things I do have in my life :) Even when things are going poorly, I always try to remember the good people and things in my life and how lucky I am to have them...
I’m really good at
Wasting time and playing games (Board Games, Video Games, Role-Playing Games, Card Games and the like)

I am also good at cooking, I think... I love America's Test Kitchen on OPB... I love to open up a cookbook and try a new recipe... I like to think that I am especially good at making pancakes... MMMmmm pancakes!

I am good at my job and fancy myself a jack of all trades when it comes to keeping things afloat at the office... I am not as active as I once was on World of Warcraft... I still keep my characters and account active, but I am more likely to be playing Hearthstone or Witcher 3

I am a total fangirl for Hello Kitty, Disney, and Harry Potter. I also have a brain full of trivia - you should put me on your pub trivia team!
The first things people usually notice about me
I finally have something to put here!! My purple hair!

I have a really loud dorky laugh if I find something or someone insanely funny. I swear like a trucker, laugh at dirty jokes and sexual innuendo, am prone to violent outbursts and I love Hello Kitty.

I don't know that any of that noticeable on the first glance, though.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A - Instead of books, let's talk authors...

Mercedes Lackey, Steven Brust, Neil Gaiman, David Eddings (in small doses), Frank Herbert (though he gets a little heavy sometimes) and many more...

Individually adored books by authors not mentioned above include:

The Talisman by Peter Straub and Stephen King, The Catch Trap by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Pucker Up by Tristan Taormino, Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (I know Neil is listed above, but Terry isn't)... I also should throw a mention in for Elfquest - even after 30 years, I still love these graphic novels...

I also read a lot of webcomics... my favorites include Something*Positive, Girls With Slingshots, Questionable Content, Red String, nemu nemu and The Abominable Charles Christopher

B - I like horror and suspense films even though they freak me out sometimes... I like romantic comedies sometimes, if the main characters aren't too annoying and neurotic... I love caper films like Oceans 11 and The Usual Suspects... I like movies with a twist like KPax, The Life of David Gale and The Matrix... I like dark comedies like Igby Goes Down and Heathers... I like Kevin Smith films in general, though sometimes his low-brow humor makes me avert my eyes... I like classic movies like 12 Angry Men and musicals like My Fair Lady and The Sound of Music... I like kids movies as long as they aren't too cliche or they don't mangle a well-known myth or story too much (Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast were fine, but Hercules sucked)

And of course, I loved Serenity, even though it pissed me off. And even though it's not a movie, I have to toss in a mention for Firefly... I love love LOVE that show!!!

C - In general, I like stuff from the 80's and 90's, movie soundtracks... Absolute favorites include Jonathan Coulton, Chameleon Circuit, BNL (Barenaked Ladies) and Great Big Sea

Other bands I like include They Might Be Giants, Cake, Trashcan Sinatras, Heather Alexander, Sarah McLachlan, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Blink 182, and Hikaru Genji.

D - I love good food! Current favorites include Barbecue, Lebanese, Japanese, Italian and Indian... Screen Door in Portland is one of my favorite places to eat, though I don't get out there often enough... Original Pancake House is Portland is also a favorite and also someplace I don't get out to often enough... Salt & Straw, Whiffies, KOiFusion, The Frying Scotsman and Apizza Scholls are also top of the pops in my book...

D.1 - I also love food television - Alton Brown, Alie and Georgia, and Anthony Bourdain make for good watching...
Six things I could never do without
1.) Doug, my husband

2.) My phone - between work and entertainment and contact lists and reference materials, I am very addicted to my phone. It's a sickness, I know.

3.) My cats - Ming the Merciless and our newer kitty Phil... The Colonel Kitty Sanders had to be put to sleep in 2014 :(

4.) My car - It's still not hip and cool to love having a car, but I don't care :) now that I have Sheldon, I love having a car even more :)

5.) My opinions - The ability and freedom to express myself is vital to my not going insane... It is also vital to me not killing people and going to jail :P

6.) Chapstick - I have an unhealthy addiction to it... especially the cherry flavored... I have tubes of Chapstick EVERYWHERE so I am never without it... Santa Claus puts Chapstick in my stocking every year :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about

I tried to expand on this, but it all really just boils down to that one word. I think about what I want to do about global warming and animal cruelty... I think about foods that I like and how I want to learn to cook them... I think about travel and where I've been and where I want to go... I think about gambling and how much fun it is... I think about my cats and how awesome they are when they aren't driving me crazy... I think about my parents and how my relationship with them has gotten better since I moved away from them... I think about how I need to work out and lose weight... I think about how much I like the rain... I think about how capri pants don't help me keep my ankles and shins warm...

And it all comes down to the fact that I spend a lot of time thinking about stuff.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out at my house - playing a game, reading a book or watching something on the television... I am occasionally known for being passed out because I am tired from my work week :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a card-carrying pervert -- That's not really private though... I am so open about everything, I don't know what I consider private anymore...

Here's a secret that everyone who communicates with me via text, IM or email learns about me eventually... I am addicted to emoticons and smilies :P :D :)
You should message me if
You should message me if you can sweep me off my feet - physically would be fascinating, but not necessary :) I am talking figuratively - be bold, be clever, be charming! And actually read my profile! That goes a long way :D

You can also message me if you are interested in me or if you want to know more about polyamory or if you think I am cool or if you want to buy me an ice cream cone or something Hello Kitty

And since I have changed my profile a bit -- you should contact me if you can amuse me and /or go on adventures with me and talk to me about random shit and explain weird stuff to me...

I also like when people can introduce me to new media like a good book that you love or awesome music (especially awesome music with clever lyrics) or a movie that I just HAVE to see...

Or if you have an Alliance toon on the Kilrogg server :) You can message me for that, too :)

If you speak Irish and want to help me improve my skills, I would love to talk to you!! You should definitely message me if you fall into that category, too :)
The two of us