49San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
Happy go easy guy - have a great sense of humor, at times in your face with a tinge of sarcasm, blame it on my upbringing. Have been a West Coaster since moving across the big pond and have discovered that this sense of humor is a better fit with NY'ers than possibly west coasters - I am just saying. Though having any sense of humor is far more important than having a matching one.

I have lived on 3 different continents, with roots from 4th - so I guess this makes me citizen of the world. Well sure I belong to the human race, and fill some of the pigeon holes we've managed to create.

The truth is that I haven't travelled as much once I landed here on the West Coast. This first came about as I put off travels by committing to all things work, and then the gods of timing weren't favoring me, change of career and family had me put any ideas of travel on hiatus. Now I am in a relatively good place to make the change on this front, so I'd like to discover Latin America part of this continent before it changes forever and everyone is speaking spanmerican.

Here are some important qualities that I am looking for in another person: Honest, compassionate communicator. One who brings ideas to the table, and stands her ground as it is informed. Most of all doesn't carry the weight of a grudge and lets by gone be by gone.
So what makes me more interesting then the next person?

So let me tell you about a time when a copper on the beat .......
no better still let me tell you about the next guy ......

Sure is sounding like the primary debates Not !!

Seriously, we won't really know until we meet and something of a chemistry is uncovered - if you can tell by the few snap shots and matching words, then you are far better person than I.

I also should confess, there must be something in the water, as like many people I have a number of books open for reading given that I go through some of them at a snails pace, then again the good ones I seem to rip through.

Oh, yes I do have powers of ESP and so not only can I transmit thoughts through cyberspace! but also read yours while you read this. At this point you are thinking, sure if "he can do ESP, then I too can read the future" - that being the case can I ask you when will I get to meet you...
What I’m doing with my life
Take care of my number one. Hopefully inspiring her to dream big and dream to make a difference not just in her life but just as importantly in the lives of others.

Seriously, listening to Brazilian Love Affair Radio on Pandora - and living life is what I'm doing right now - how about you?
I’m really good at
What can I share with you that we could otherwise figure out over a mojo?

I like to inspire those around me to take the risks and overcome the hurdle that sits between them and the next challenge in front of them. The nice thing is that I actually get paid to do this working in high tech environment
The first things people usually notice about me
You be the judge, as what good is it me anchoring what you should notice - as if we were to meet then its because we have figured out that you are perfectly able to judge for yourself.

Alas isn't it funny, its not the first things you noticed that one remembers in the passage of time but the last thing you said and the last thing you saw - as in what if this was to be our last day on the Planet.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My most recent favorite read was High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, it was a bit of a laugh, though the north london vernacular will land flat if you don't know it.

On topic of amusing, I found "Predictably Irrational" By Dan Ariely interesting, as its about how we are born to be irrational. Of course we are desensitized and only see such behavior as noise given the drip, drip diet of low quality information.

I have gone through various phases, first there was Graham Greene, then Narayan, Alice Walker, James Baldwin, V.S Naipaul, Shiva Naipaul and more recently Mitch Albom, Khaled Hosseini etc. Okay, so they are not the books but the authors of the books - but should give you an idea of what I graviate to,but can imagine wonderful authors that you may share with me too.

Shows: Daily Show, Law & Order, LA NCIS, BBC News, Lewis Black and TED talks.

My musical taste range from R&B, Jazz, Funk, Reggae to Latin. My current play list on Pandora is Brazilian Love Affair & Brazilian Funk.
You can check out my Pandora radio by looking for "Expand UR Mind" - I guess I borrowed a bit from Lonnie Liston Smith and the Expansion album. This probably dates me, but this sort of music doesn't age. Big brownie points if you know who Lonnie Liston Smith is.

My taste in humor, well currently its Jon Stewart, Lewis Black and in the past it was Only Fools and Horses, Red Dwarf, Some Mothers Do Ave Em, The Good Life, Max Headroom but my all time favorite has been the one and only Richard Pryor. Now all this not only dates me but also points out the smarmy and sarcastic sense of humor I enjoy - closer to NY'ers and sure it comes from across the big pond.

As for food, I like it spicy ranging from Thai, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Indian, though my favorite food is Japanese
Six things I could never do without
- A good Shiraz and a great Pinot Noir.
- Music on LP - the covers tell a story about the musicians, singers, producers and the background to how they put it all together.
- Sunshine - well spend too many years across the big pond with grey, rainy, cold days.
-Good food - but I am no foodie
-Getting to the beach - nothing like Sun, Sand and Water
- Trees - wonder do they talk to each other and if so what do they say?
- Birds - wonder do they plan their days?

No specific order to this and sure I didn't have a Rick Perry moment as I know I have listed more then six. Why stop at six what about 7, 8 and 9 they are numbers too!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How come images of things that one has never seen in real life, as in images either as picture or contemporary to our times, appear as if real in dreams?

Why OKC isn't %Match = %Friend - %Enemy?
Why anyone pays any attention to the OKC matching metrics?
Why does it appear there are more blondes on OKC then dark haired?
How does Pareto law (80/20 rule) apply to matching metrics in OKC?
On a typical Friday night I am
Out dinning with friends & family. Running in to do the laundry so I can have more time for the weekend with my daughter.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well there was a time when .....

.... we'll have to get together as this is hardly private

For full disclosure, my real age is few years older then shown. I have always been told "you can't be, you look lot younger". Most recently a TSA female agent was doubtful of my age given my birth year on the driver license. Sure! I hear you saying what do TSA agents know given they are all too busy getting people to take off shoes, belts, laptops, phones and what ever liquids you may be carrying - just so you feel safe. Anyways I figured if you got this far then the least I could do is fess up that I smudged my age, shaving off few years to catch the right one!.
You should message me if
You think we'll have all too uncommon connection. I am afraid I do not get to see who you are if you acknowledge "I like you" from my profile page, which means just throw a simple hello to get my attention.
The two of us