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My self-summary
hellow this is tomhawk

ok lets split the atom

determined to win



a united ireland

legal document and bill passed through the republic of ireland parliment

as hong kong and china did reclaim taiwan as its 23 rd province

it,s time for a chainge and a new begining

the disolveing of the common wealth/perminant

its over

persistant to form a united ireland a one country indipendant country ie to break down the wall between north and south ireland ie another berlin wall and for ireland to dislodge its self from british rule which is unwanted and has no power northern ireland is now reclaimed back to the people of ireland and norhtern ireland will rebuild a new northern ireland goverment
a branch of the republic
i am not alone we know have the internet where each person can have there opion its your right

republic of ireland ie dublin and all of ireland and make ireland an indipendant state

of course all people won,t agree but thats there choice
it,s time for a chainge
a new begining even if uk dose not agree a set of legal bill,s will be passed through ireland parliment in dublin to make ireland an indipendat country as hong kong reclaimed it,s self back excetra
also i can for see all other countrys in the world ie austrailia excetra becomeing indipendant countys

it,s time its over
it,s time for peace
in ireland and all over the world

ireland has now been reclaimed i have recieved hundreads of views on the internet which will multiply

liveing in paris at the moment

no person or persons to have there face or company on any global or universal currancy

there can be a piture of the universe

curious this england has a monerkey a queen?
who has a face on the money a privet train a cruise ship armys navys palaces castles all the money in the world privet air force
and is the same star sign as hitler

while 10 years a go in london over 2 million people where homeless all over london and london which they estimate has 6 million plus people 3 million unemployed ? that,s like a hitler
blind eye aproach,a goverment that just has to walk out of its office to c poverty and people,s desperation /the monerkey has to be disolved and some thing new in place the goverment have to be acountable in all countrys not just england

strainge where there is stockpiles of gold and food and global companys?

to the creator of this web site you are a genius congratulations


serious and top secreat

i wrote many serious books and song,s and art and scripts it never got published it got destrode as well with many years of work reserch and data still we never give up

i lost it all but i will continue with a postitive attitude

be persistant to win

ok lets go,lets split the atom

never give up do something good for you selves and the planet
it is inportant that every person in the world invents some thing positive and safe and inspiering for the world

each person is hear for a special reason

life is a race againsted time

u only live once

i have been working on some thing very serious
and inportant

ever lost computer data xcetra by by masterpieces ?
the universe plays a cruel spin of the dice ?

ireland univercitys

a new king of ireland
a new queen
a new irish royal family
the princes of ireland
the pricess,es of ireland

a new scotish king and queen
and wales king and queen
the scotish and the welsh royal family

lords earls dukes

and dukes of ireland
and wales and scotland

also a new ireland secreat service
and internatioal secreat service

these will generate publicity to good causes

ireland now has a new royal family a new irish king and queen of ireland
these are the decendants from the irish royal nobels
these individuals have been dna tested
and will carry out duties to help the needy also ie hospital the sick excetra as well with charitable cause

also scotland and wales and all other countrys around the world will each have there own figures ie heads of state who will do charitable acts for the needy the poor and for good causes to have publicity as with tourist and imperial functions

northern ireland now reclaims back its land and its country
ireland is with the euro and the future generastions deserve to in herit a positive future

dublin univercity yes
the people goverment
the un united nations
and an international global corperation a world flag
a planet flag a universal flag and an all people,s flag.

northern ireland now claims back indipendance from the
uk by by england you now have no say and no power in ireland
northern ireland has now been reclaimed back to ireland
also the falkland irelands are now returned back to argentina
what is gods is gods and what is ceasors is stolen goods from the people

ok lets split the atom
a solve the world project yes big
live in the present and design for the future
the future is now

in 2011 this is destiny a persistance unmatched

i was born to solve the world and thus is my objective for the

future of man kind?

a super geek,nerd,dork ?

determined and persistant

u can be anything is possible

i will not use people in difficult situations for publicity

ok lets split the atom

whispa,s and codes

i am going to put together a solve the world project with an iq team yes big serious

iq =5000 plus a super geeks

serious gsoh

yes big


be positive and quietly confident


i am a privetly educated hi iq figure of significant intelligence

good will concur evil

i like you are hear for a reason and this is my destiny i do not just have speaches but a proven global plan and formular to start a solve the world project for the positive future of the human race

anti war and anti violence

world peace bless

i have good iq but a terrible speller and gramer well a good secatary can do that

i have a plan a formular and a system thus with and through a privet corperation to design and bring to fuition a global corperation that will be around long after my time

life is a race againsted time

thus i have been working on a solve the world project
this is my focused persistance project


world peace

i will not use people in difficult situations for publicity

assitant manager for a company

for freedom and liberty for all the people in the world

serious data

i am hear to win and i,m going to win

with persistance and determination the inposible is possible

millitary intelligence precision

hi iq

i was fortunate to have the following
i had a privet education 5 privet proffessors tutors and grew up in politic,s ie i live with a polition as a kid who was my gaurdian

thus i feel a responsability to put certain knolage to good use

the inpossible is possible

profile,super nerd,clever

77% nerd
13% geek
105 dork

currantly working on corperation dvd,d for a new p.f.m.c.corperation as with other company corperation d.vd,s

ok let,s split the atom

qi revelc

the future

a solve the world project that,s easy

i have studied politic,s since 11 years old and personaly wrote to goverments at 11 years old concerning certain inportant issues
i am a serious person

i have designed an international corperate corperation that will chainge the face of the world and be of a significant benifit to mankind thus this privet corperation will be a key player in the international bizzness world

i with an iq team will put together a formular and a standard set system for the national and the international community

it,s time for chainge it,s time for the future and for the future generations to inherit a new peacefull world where every indivdual has the opertuneity to become all they can be with positive persistance and confidence

with grim persistance i chace this dream and this goal for this dream to be a reality of which it will be

just luv the womens fashion thing its kinda kool

studieing photography with the future vision to be a magazine and a fashion photographer and to travel to different locations around the world takeing photo,s

luv the internet also aware that in every web there is a spyder
i never go for the bate

hears a tip quiet and be a bit discreat

i like computer games and computer software and all tecknolagie stuff

did stage ackting as a kid and drama school and some stuff for the bbc met producers and directors as a kid and went for certain parts did some extra work then went to live abroad was in a band that got no where fast and it fizzeled out make some home made art ameter movies in spare time sad i know but great xcentric fun kind in a kinda modern art way

inportant whispas

never herd of them data

whispa,s u can b

computer comunication data

come on inpress me

a global buget for a global population and a new inventions plus some other computer data of a high iq plus i have designed a new company plus an unpublished book and film script ie si-fi that need a secatary and edditing as well as some other top secreat project, security pass i used to live with an mp which party i can not say

be positive and be confident
but also some people can be introvertedly quietly confident

just love the future

i like the deaf sign lanuage thing

fools gold?the humphrey bogart film

privet finnancial instatutions

cipher cyptanalisis codes and code breaking

a game of chess can take years?check mate?

loads of praise to microsoft and computer makers and manufactures and computer software designers around the world you have took the human race in to the future well done


thanx for the visitors

you are all very beutifull people

when i was a kid my mum was kinda famous i went to all the events she was something to do with radio and t.v
i won,t do the name drop thing but i have met over 1000 high profile famous people from radio to t.v to film and sport ego heaven but i like that most are very nice but some live in a fantasy world

i am in awe of hellicopter pilots and fashion women supermodels just love the womens fashion thing


religious fessivals and religious calander date,s

i used to work for a school so kid safe

so checkmate internet police,but you do a very inportant job

i,m a good one

some people who have kids should not have kids, and some
people who don,t should?

i think all kids should visit disney land


thank god for spell check

a serious gsoh


word perfect

ok let,s split the atom


never herd of you data

i am no one,s advertisment bored.

a quiet modested down to earth unflash recluse for life
introverted who has kinda gone write in there?

i like the deaf sign lanuage

kinda into crosswords and code books very well red
all things that stimulate the mind

and people who do good things with out the publicity
ie:quietly successfull.

i wonder about the enviroment the world is chainging on a big scale?

my dream is to 100% own a top secreat home at a top secreat location and to work from home on computers for the rest of my life

i have a system

also to have a privet company 100% mine no shares and no investment to anyone or any company no by

tip never sell your things,no

the bank,s fool,s gold?

i am no one,s advertisment bored

hears a tip

the internet


well in every web there is a spyder that awaits it,s prey?



personality very serious gsoh
ok so i am a 71% nerd and so

touristed sites yes just brilliant

i like that

never crack under presure,easy i fell no presure

i think 2012 plus will be a fantastic year for the world and its people

we are all part of the universe, matter that has traveled billions and infinity of light years we exsorb light from our sun thus to emit,

albert einstine 1879,1955
de broglie

mathmatic,s physic
quantum mercanic,s
space and time

with determination and persistance

2012 mankind will evolve into superintelligent being

the universe is it exspanding?


tip a game of chess can go on for years even a life time

never let them push your button,s
be ice kool
never lose your cool
be relaxed
never lose controll for life

say to your self i feel no presure
never be any ones gofa no tell them to stuff off
stand up for your self
never pace

don,t be brainwashed by religion,s politics or sport or by any public figure or speed talker,s,
forge your own views and opions,my god is nature the people and the tree,s and all that live and breath find good role models and good proffession,s and studie with grim persistance for a good soluble career with a good orginisation and a good company
that is 100% legal,with company insurance and a pension sceam via the complience with registered company,s,

libery,s and galarys are mostly free,respect

be aware of the con team

c them comeing befor they turn the corner

i am older now and more experiance,when i was younger i was impulsive and made a few mistakes well we learn from our mistake,s, i love this beutifull world,

i believe in the futuer and the people of this generation
to inspier the futuer generations to do great thing,i also believe in world peace,time is revenge let time pass

world peace for all nations i greatly respect people from all nations all country,s and all religions and all ethnic genetic make up,s, we are all people in this world together every country has good people and we must build international bridges of comunication and world peace.

a world flag

a world peace flag

a planet flag

a universal flag

god bless

i respect women greatly i have a great mum and a great sister
so it,s ok i,m not a sleezy internet freek,i love people and the world and wish every happyness and joy for every liveing organisum in the universe

life is special and time is precious, iwas in a serious car crash and i am now determined and persistant to tresure every moment life has.

believe in your self you can be anything you want to be
be persistant

every person is born for a special reason be inspiered thus to inspier live in the present and strive towards the future

if there are aliens and life on other planets then hi

never give up

shy people can be quietly confident,i like that,

stand offish with the venom of a cobra

ok lets split the atom

in life you have to stand up for your self.
if you don,t want to do some thing or be used tell them no,no means no and yes mean,s yes

tell the fillistines no, do it your self,
don,t be any ones go,fa,
in life you are the boss of your own life


main dream and destiny is to be a writer of books yes on varrious subjects, fiction and facts xcetra yes so i would love to hear from any publishers or writers with tips.

thanx for the visitors

the pyramids and the great wall of china,as with all the other touristed attractions, health and safety for the builders and the workers,i wonder ?

profile mr nice but nobodys fool i like whispas and codes
also some people are good and some are not the odd swear word comes in handy i,m a good man to bad people in your life tell them politely to stuff off, kinda been there.

i love surfing the internet, and it is amazeing, people from all
over the world, connected in some strange way, via a computer.

life is a race againsted time

the world is a beutifull place but dangerously beutifull

the iq club

secreat society

i am going to start a new club an iq club a genius team with people all around the world of high intelligence to come up with new ideas and inventions and a solve the world plan

hi i,am 71% nerd, a supernerd
9% geek
and 20% dork

ever felt that in a bar full of people your thought,s going a million miles an hour?

ever felt light years ahead from this era?

the world is not perfect we all have to make the best of what we have

i was a home help volutary carea for 4 year,s unpaid,there are good people in this world they are very rare and very special

hears a tip,don,t let many people in to your life be selective

love dose not have a price and some people are priceless

some people went to the univercity of books and lectures and some people went to the univercity of life,the latter has a different experiance

i did politics at 11 years old checkmate,red over 300 books on all subject,s,i like liberys,

i want to get married and have kids work from home and invent something good for the planet
i,don,t drink and i don,t do narcotics and i don,t smoke well there,s honesty for you

i used to work in a place with a kids nursery so child safe helped bring up a kid that was,nt mine and did well so kinda mr nice
but also mr strict and mr spellcheck maybe adopt or work with special needs people not many though.

hellow world i have a plan

any thing is possible

to the people of the world its your life and the world is your oyster
be positive and be confident and chace your dreams with grim persistance and never give up hope we are all hear for a reason
to be inspiered thus to inspier others

we all have a destiny

and we are all part of matter of the universe since the big bang
exsorbing light thus to emit light

for we do not dye we all become the star,s that sparkels in the moonlight sky

shine and sparkel like the star that you are

world peace bless

freedom and liberty

i am determined to be a successfull bizzness man

i like art of all kinds, chinezze art,s,as well

life is a race againsted time, chace your dreams and sparkel.

i like to travel and also kinda like been at home

in life some people will like you and some won,t well that,s there problem

u can be any thing you set mind to

ok lets split the atom

also keep an eye on people from the army and navy who did,nt qualifie but may feel rejected and seek revenge

also beware of kamakarzie bombers aound the time of religious festivals

also i am a fan of laptops mobile,s corperation,s

also i believe in the superpowers of the world building a bridge of world peace around the world
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
the ireland secreat service is back and its global international and the best in the world

piano,s,and the triangle.

also not takeing my self to seriously with a gsoh and quietly confident and positive about life and the future.

thinking of the future and what the future of the world will be like

i wonder ?

in life be positive and confident
never give up chace your dreams

to solve the world for the present and the future generations of mankind a fair and equal society

multifacited person with many proffessional skills

the protection of childrean act 2010
a new international law coff and drop school testical testing is now internationaly illigal and childrean will be given manuals to medicaly examin themselves any person global or school that dose this will be placed in prison on remand awaiting sentanceing
and the school will be shut down comprenda

also the smacking of any child to be international banned,think talk to them.
The first things people usually notice about me
is that i am a square

i am well red loves books film music and art people places and gsoh also life

born,pauli,dirac,bohr,heisenberg,de broglie,plank,schrodinger,
einstein,just love that

i am a winner
and born for a persific reason to solve this planet for all the international populations and nations, after many years of working on certain formulars i have designed some thing very special

we are all special and we all have gifts thus to contrbute to the world to make it a better place for the future of man kind and woman kind.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i am no one,s advertisment bored

but hear goes

films from si-fi and adventure to allsorts
especialy murder mysterys

books all types of books

ah va maria,religious hyme,s
handel,schubert,hayden,vivaldi,the four seasons
beethoven moonlight sonata

all types of art from preafilight,to landscapes

good tip to keep oneself grounded the world dose not revolve around one person

i had a privet tutor as a kid i was lucky

i was a very clever kid and teenager and very outgoing and extroverted untill i had a boating accident that chainge my out look on life nower days i am very carefull and more introverted

i have got over all that of trying to remember every fact that was ever recorded

some people went to univercity of books and lectures and some went to the univercityn of life

also some did home studie univercity full praise for liberys and the internet and t.v documentrys also for spell check

but i am very well red i have red over 300 book,s
lived in other countrys at a younger age and did politics at 11 years old,

i have met a few very clever people not many though

won,t do the name drop thing it,s not my style

as for the fame thing never herd of them.

as well as management books statistics and and global finnancial and economics data

legal mathmatics physics pilot books economics computers codes
books,i like all books and mostly classical music with a passion barc mozart beethoven vivaldi and many other certain peices by other composer,s

i have a sence of a unity of the world and the universe so in the hope that man and woman kind can all live work and prosper in a fair and safe and free society

we live in the computer and mobile phone age and with the internet the world at our fingertips some people can even be more clever than the uni buff,s ie via liberys and the internet

the internet is a bottem less well of info

we can collectively with a positive ripple effect chainge the world for the better and for the present and the future generations to inherit an amazeing just and fair global international society
Six things I could never do without
1 my mobile 2 my friends 3 my computer 4 going places 5 my ambitions 6 glasses 7 oxigen

knolage of 20 plus lanuages

lived in 9 countrys visited over 21 countrys mostly at a younger age, there is still a lot of poverty in the world and people liveing in conditions and situation,s that need, ent be like that in this day and age 2012 plus this is the future the childrean are the future
so there for it is every teachers and adult,s responsability to strive to be a good positive role model thus to be inspiered and thus to inspier others to achive the inachiveable nothing is inpossible with the power of positive thought and positive action

to the women around the world you have an aurora of calm still waters that eases our daily live women,s intuativeness is a gift to mankind and in 2012 plus we have both sexes as equels which is good
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the future of the planet the human race and the world global afairs and the enviroment,and also the process of puting together a genius team to solve the world with formulars and systems kinda getting there


just kinda playing ok clever hermits wanna solve the planet well
it might be a good idea then the next generation will inherit a safe properous world in which to multiply intelligence attract,s intelligence i,mean codes and code breakers it an,t gonna happen with you little crytic crosswords shame gonna have to do better than that


sorry gota do it take a look at the world map and the global population good luck your gonna need it

ok so let,s split the atom.

question there is an 18 stone woman and an 8 stone woman which one is on the diet?

plenty of offence but the russian,s and the chinneze must be laughing at you they kinda got the west and the planet in checkmate ie i say again take a look at the world map?
On a typical Friday night I am
out with friends i am a winner i win in every thing i do i am competative and persistant and a born winner
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that i secreatly wanted to be an astronort on the international space station

what would you do if you new how to solve the world?

the world is chainging at the speed of light

life is a race againsted time

don,t waste any micro second, chace your dreams do some thing positive for your self and the planet
invent something a cure for a diesese or a medical breakthrough
life is a mirical we are all hear for a reason to be of help and a positve collective benifit to each other to come together as human beings as evolved intelligent spieces to solve global issues

with global corperations with people from every country around the world so that together we can all make a positive difference for the future of man and woman kind
live in the present but build and work for the future
be inspiered thus to inspier other,s to do great things in there lives for them selve,s and for other,s

every human being and every liveing orgainisem is special and unique and hear for a positive reason

you are a mirical in space and in time and life is a sientific mirical
within the vast universe the human race and the planet earth,s life system is amazeing and unique to our part of the galaxy

if there is other life form,s in another universe viewing this then hi,hellow
life on other planet,s and spieral galaxy,s well y not?
we hear, for all we know there could be a distant planet thinking that we are the aliens?hu it,s a thought.

every micro second of life is a gift and a mirical tresure it life is very precious don,t waste time your,s or other people,s go for it be the best you can be, we are all part of something very special and something very big in the universe and in space and time.

we are all part of the universe yes u and me every one
You should message me if
never give up

if you want to,
hi women wanna have a dirty weekend ok then i won,t wash for a month sad joke,

message me just to say hi like um internet pen pal,s male or female,it,s interesting to see people,s profiles from around the world

my friend is an actor

i am a 71% nerd so hear is a tip, ignor the moron,s and jerk,s of this universe and if some one dose anything bad to you,well cut them out of your life and deleat them from your mind, focus and move on,move on because you will meet good people in this world as you journey in to your great future,

of this world
you are special and every person is deeply loved and respected we all have secreat admiera,s people and life is a gift you are gift to the world and the universe
The two of us