45San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
*I find it difficult to summarize myself and feel truly satisfied by the representation.
*I prefer not being labeled or pigeon-holed.
*Playfulness/laughter/humor= essential for me, and a hugely important 'language' of connection for me with others.
*Throw in some witty banter, too, please!
*I have both highly competitive and not particularly ambitious sides to me.
*I find myself rather paradoxical in many ways (and yet also not ;*)).
*What interests me most on the broadest & deepest levels these days is showing up authentically & being real-- whatever this looks like/means for NOW.
*I feel much less need/desire to 'take care' of another and (hopefully) more capacity to/interest in 'care/ing for'.
*I delight in young children, and wish I saw my nieces & nephew more. And, am very thankful to have local "chosen" nieces & nephews (good friends' children whom I get to see a lot).
* This said, I'm also fine (at this point) with not having my own children, and, am open to this happening eventually, or not.
*I loved teaching pre-school back in '95 (though not sure I'd want to do it again at this point).
*I love to dance.
*I like making to-do lists and checking things off once completed.
*I've always considered myself 'spiritual' but not 'religious'.
*Words & Numbers= very cool, very fun, very interesting.
*I am a semi-recovering 'spoonerizer' (bonus point if you know to what this refers [hint: nothing to do with lying down physicality ;^}].
*I love Dr. Seuss (and also love it when others spell his name correctly!).
*I love sports (and have ever since I was about 3 or 4 years-old).
*I like to speak Pig Latin (this is the mysterious 'other' language that I speak).
*My 3 months in Ecuador (back in '94) resulted in meditation- practice inspiration and some pretty mediocre (at best) Spanish-speaking ability.
*I can wiggle my ears.
*I love vegan doughnuts.
*I am a pretty even mix of introvert & extravert, somewhat more on the extraverted side these days.
*I can be extremely irreverent... and, I can also be very reverent.
*I love it when others, as well as myself, are able to acknowledge/embrace/welcome their limitations/weaknesses/challenges and 'shadow' side(s).
*I like that I've retained some of my more stereotypical northeast (Cambridge, MA) sensibilities/qualities, even though I've lived here since '97.
*I like to eat more than I like to cook.
*I can be quite zany/wacky/absurd and also rather stoic/quiet/withdrawn (generally not all at the same time!).
*I generally feel at home both in my 'masculine' and 'feminine' aspects.
*Taking care of myself on all levels is a priority.
*I can be good at withdrawing and am getting much better at staying connected (to myself and others) even as this happens.
*I consider myself quite sensitive and intuitive in many ways, and, there are moments when I feel like I just don't get it! ;*]
*I love a good view/vista (though who doesn't?).
*I love a good road trip and I really like to drive.
*I can be an anal/compulsive recycler/composter, and at work will go 'dumpster diving' to sort things into their appropriate bins.
*I love consolidating and simplifying.

Okay, this is enough (a lot!) for now. You are either curious about finding out more, or you're not. ;*} (Oh, and I am a big fan of the emoticon!)
What I’m doing with my life
This Rilke quote feels like a good summation:
“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day."

Trying to show up for it (my life) as fully as possibly (succeeding at some moments more than others).

And, some of the fine-print includes:
- Program Manager, Facilitator, Mindfulness teacher with a Human Services non-profit (more details upon request and/or further connection).
- Dancing
- Going to Crissy Field, Land's End, GG & BV Parks, the beach, the Embarcadero Farmers' Mkt= favorite place to spend time
- Time with friends, trips to the Northeast to see family
- Tennis (playing); in-person Scrabble (though much less so now since my primary in-person partner is no longer local); occasional... improv theater, ping-pong, frisbee tossing, tv/movie/sports-viewing
- 'Inner work'/Psycho-spiritual practice(s) [meditation & related-exploration/contemplation]: What's REALLY going on here (this human experience/life?!?!
I’m really good at
~Being playful/spontaneous
~Using (or perhaps over-using) the backslash (as you may have noticed!)
~Many sports (both playing and as a fan)
~Using my left hand/arm (you might say I'm left-handed! ;^])
~Remembering numbers
~Following through
~Being honest
~Supporting others
~Connecting with young children
~Taking time for/paying attention to myself
~Maintaining balance (in my life)
~Taking care of myself (physically, emotionally, etc)
~Eating (I recently had a medical procedure that precluded solid foods and most liquids for over a day-- a good challenge!)
~Maintaining connections that are important to me (with family & friends)
~Remembering birthdays (yes, Facebook does also help with this)
~Appreciating clouds
~Talking to animals (I think my housemate's dog has heard enough of my absurdity!)
~Making French Toast (though what was once a weekly happening is now a rather sporadic treat)
~Applying multiple condiments to many a meal
~Moderation (except when excess strikes(!), which one might say is happening with this profile "^})
~Timing (I say this not just to prove my rhyming prowess [I'm sure you're very impressed! ;*)], but I actually am pretty good at keeping track of and estimating length of time)
~Embedded parenthetical statements (in case you haven't noticed [or, have you...?!])
~Guessing the outdoor temperature and other number-related matters
~Communicating (in various forms)
~Food shopping
~Knowing when a list is long enough(??? open to debate)
The first things people usually notice about me
That my socks are on the wrong feet. Or, are they...? (I need to start polling people to get other possibilities here.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
For now, a smattering, with many additional unlisted favorites about which you'll have to ask:
^Books/Authors: Wherever You Go, There You Are (this is what inspired meditation practice while I was in Ecuador in '94 (yup, it rhymes!); David Sedaris; David Foster Wallace; Pema Chodron; Jack Kornfield; Rumi; Hafiz; David Whyte; AH Almaas; Adyashanti; Malcolm Gladwell; Po Bronson; Bill Simmons' articles.
^Movies: Most Pixar ones; most Wes Andersen ones; Star Wars (this was such an ongoing big part of childhood for me, seeing the original first one [#4 in the series] when I was five or six); Naked Gun (the first one-- I believe this is the movie at which I've laughed the longest and hardest, and, at which I lost my gummy bears only to find them wedged in the seat at the end); Pulp Fiction; The Princess Bride; Superbad; Pan's Labyrinth; Do The Right Thing; (and, many I'm currently forgetting).
^Theater: The Boys Next Door (this was a play at which I likely laughed the hardest and which provided much-needed healing/energy from what was my first major excursion out of the house after having a serious case of mono between junior and senior years of high school); Stomp; various improv theater shows.
^Music: Depends on my activity/mood; for dancing: Dancehall (reggae), Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Bhangra; others: Bonobo, Thievery Corporation, Kaskade, Santigold, Matisyahu, Emancipator, Tracy Chapman, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac, Lykke Li (sp.?).
^TV: The Wire; Arrested Development; Homeland (well, for the first two seasons); Boardwalk Empire; Breaking Bad; Friday Night Lights; Boston and Bay Area sports teams games (especially baseball, football, basketball).
^Food: Veggie burger w/ bbq sauce, mustard, tomato, grilled onion, avocado, swiss cheese, pickles, and chips or fries on the side (a comfort food for me that always satisfies); Sushi; Thai; when I eat meat: sustainably-raised/organic/healthy.
^Drinks (hold the alcohol): Ginger Beer; Sparkling water; kombucha; coconut water; (alcohol, please): Guinness; good tequila (I'll pass on the worm, thanks anyway); red wine.
^Color: Purple (of the darker shades... this has been so for as long as I can remember, though I went through a phase when I was young (6 or 7) when I would say that blue & red were my favorite colors, not knowing at the time that together they made purple, though having internalized the unfortunate peer "norm" that purple was "for girls" :^[ )
Six things I could never do without
(In no particular order of importance...)
+ Having/Creating as many options as I want/need
+ Friends & Family
+ Sports & Exercise
+ Playfulness & (good) Humor
+ Words & Numbers
+ Trees & Clouds (the Nature thing, generally)
+ Being real & finding deep satisfaction in connection with myself/others
+ Presence & Kindness
+ Good/Healthy food (and... dessert, please)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
You name it, I could be thinking about it! My mind is pretty amazing at generating a wonderful diversity & abundance of fairly useless thoughts, with a few gems scattered about. ;*)
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging with friend(s) [in or out], having a mellow evening solo (generally a really nice occurrence!), catching up on a favorite (DVR'd) show, watching a game, playing Scrabble, dancing, all (well, not all at once!) and/or none of the above.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll keep you in suspense on this one, and, I'd rather share such things with you in a different context. I will admit that I can be a fairly private person, playing it "close to the vest" at times, and am rather selective about what and with whom I share more "private" things. This said, in the right connection/circumstances, there's pretty much nothing I won't share, and I find it usually very satisfying and rewarding to "bare my soul".

I will also share that I'm in a place of feeling open and receptive to different possibilities for and ways of connecting-- from something that is platonic, to primarily sexual, to something that could end up being long-term partnership (with or without having children). I'm most interested in finding out what the "truth(s)" of our connection is(/are), rather than trying to fit it into a preconceived idea/desired outcome (mine or yours). For me, this is a somewhat newfound and rather "liberated" place from which to be exploring relationship.
You should message me if
Any or all of these apply:

Why not?.... You are intrigued by what you know about me thus far.... You get some hit that we should connect and see what happens.... You are open to finding out what the two of us (together) are all about.... You think we'd probably have a fun time.... You would enjoy a connection that is: playful; fun; nourishing; deeply satisfying; authentic; sexy; passionate; wonderfully intimate; inspiring; adventurous; spontaneous; supportive; honest; mature; has as its foundation our individual 'wholeness'/'fullness' and is not primarily about looking for the other to 'complete' or 'fill' us (in the way conventional societal beliefs about relationship often suggest); truly feels 'right'; and, is a mutual 'YES!' (though may begin as just a 'yes...?').... You know you're pretty awesome, and, you wonder if you and I could merge awesomeness(es) and be *wicked* (an ode to Boston with this) awesome together!
The two of us