30Santa Clara, United States
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My self-summary
Going through and rewriting all my answers, so if a field is blank, check back in a few days and I should have filled it in!

Polyamorous, biguy looking to meet like-minded people for chatting, sharing stories, hanging out, drinking buddies, etc! I have a Primary and secondary partners, but I'm seriously lacking in the general friendship department :/

My career is in Information Security, wheeee computers! I love it though, it's fun and constantly challenging like a good chess game.

As you can probably tell by now, I'm a total nerd. I love activities that teach me things (museums, zoo/aquarium, state parks and wildlife) and I love (but am often hesitant of) new experiences! I'm also a weekend pirate and super enjoy Renaissance and other types of Faires! Never done it before and don't think its for you? Imagine a day where you can pretend it's Halloween and get all dressed up, and day drink with other crazy people! Sound like your kinda party? Hit me up! LOL 😂

As a nerd, I play video games and watch a ton of movies. Right now, I'm playing Rocket League and reflecting on how much I genuinely enjoyed The Great Wall as well as Arrival.

Movie/TV Genres of special interest: sci-fi (Star Trek), sci-fantasy (Star Wars, Dr. Who), Fantasy/Magic (Harry Potter, The Magicians)

Just getting back into taking care of myself after knee surgery, working on cardio and getting the strength back in my knee. Got tips? Let me know!
What I’m doing with my life
Day-to-day, I'm working, and thinking about what my next adventure is! :)

Next 5 years? No idea, buy a house maybe? Hoping for the next housinf bubble to pop before I buy!

Next 10 years? I think municipal internet is a very important and very necessary service that should have been established a long time ago in the area where it grew up. Personal internet connectivity, like electricity, water, trash, and many other services, should be a utility that is optionally provided by the local municipality. Should there be private internet companies? Sure, but there shouldn't be a system of local monopolies or agreements of non-competition to preserve inflated prices and deflated consumer choice. One day I'd like to be a part of the initiative to establish municipal internet for the south bay, and eventually the entire bay area.
I’m really good at
- Telling stories, both funny and informative (who am I kidding, they're all funny!) 😂

- Computers! I work with them everyday, so of course I'm going to be good 😊

- Being a drinking buddy! I'll totally make sure you're taken care of if you drink too much; no one gets left behind! Everybody Lives! 😂


I'm working on:
- Communication and understanding. Having recently opened up my relationship, I've realized that not only is communication super important, but that I kinda suck at it.

- Sharing and letting go. The old saying of, "if you love something, set it free," is way more accurate than I ever realized.

- Dealing with plans changing/going with the flow. I hate when plans fall through, but it's not the end pf the world right, oh hey look! An arcade! You wanna check it out? 😉

- Asking for things that I want.

I'm really bad at:
- Video games. Just because I play them, doesn't mean I'm any good!

- Time management. I lose track of all time when I'm doing something fun. Wasted more hours than I would care to admit playing pool pinball and video games.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile, or my laugh, either of which are normally accompanied by the other!

I'm pretty short, but I make up for it with spunk!

I have a beard! It helps me look and feel more manly, while covering my chubby cheeks 😉
The two of us