42 St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
Question to self—How to approach this task? Haiku-like simplicity, and the clear evocation of a single provocative and powerful image? Or, the beautiful, artistic verbosity more reminiscent of the bard? (minus archaic English usage, of course, though I don’t rule out the sonnet as a form, of course)

I think I’ll opt for a resoundingly insouciant “to hell with it!”-like response to self, and jump into the stream of consciousness; I’ve got enough air in the inner-tube of my mind to see where the current takes me, after all.

I'm originally from the west coast, but in fine Sagittarian fashion, I've lived in quite a few major metropolitan areas, including overseas. St. Louis is the newest chapter, and I'd like to add to the cohort of cool people I know in all the other locales I've been, so find myself here.

So read on, and don't be afraid to let me know if you like what I have to say.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it--hopefully with a graceful equipoise between responsibility and enjoyment!
I’m really good at
Balancing misanthropy with solicitous kindness.

Impromptu and impassioned soliloquies, that sometimes reach the level of harangues!

Whiling away hours and hours in used book and music stores.
The first things people usually notice about me
It'd be presumptuous for me to guess, as I'm not the one doing the noticing, but am instead the noticed. That being said, I do tend to get noticed, but who can say what on any given occasion it is that catches that particular person's eye.

My intuition, though, is that it's highly situationally dependent.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors--Herman Hesse (reading his novels in translation is enough all by itself to make me wish I could speak German, and corroborate for myself whether there is any lyricism lost in translation); William Gibson; Tom Robbins; Philip K. Dick; Noam Chomsky (both for his contributions to linguistics and political theory and history);Henry Miller (I kind of feel there needs to be a grammatical construction that conveys more praise and admiration than the superlative to describe the beauty of this man’s literary genius—truly, a veritable Titan!) ; The Dalai Lama (who was going to stiff me after my stint as his looper, until I said, “hey lama, how about a little something, you know, for the effort. He didn’t give me any money, but he said that on my deathbed, I’ll receive total consciousness. So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice!”) Those are the major A-listers, but I can and do sacrifice whole days to the used book store gods, and will demonstrate my fervent devotion to them by a willingness and desire to read an extremely wide and eclectic variety of things.

Movies--(this list could get quite long, so we'll stick with only those I'm sure I've seen more than twice). Fight club, Caddyshack, Blade-runner, a good number of the James Bond franshise, Big Trouble in Little China, Amelie, This is Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride, Ocean's Eleven, Star Wars & the Empire Strikes Back, (but not any of the others, Return of the Jedi included), Serenity, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...and so and and so forth. I like movies to the degree that this list couldn't possibly give a complete picture of all the types of movies I'd happily watch.

Music--this too could go on forever, as I'm a huge audiophile, with stuff in my collection from all over the world, without much regard to genre, only skill of the performers. That being said, I'm a huge reggae fan, and love Bob Marley. Other notables that spring to mind but do not in any way exhaust the list are: Tom Waits, Van Morrison, Morphine, Bjork, U2, infinitum. Seriously, this list goes on and on, if you're curious whether or not I like someone in particular, just ask.

To give a bit more of an idea on the music score--I've recently started collecting vinyl, because I refuse to have my access to good music arbitrarily limited by the profit-motivated decisions of record company execs. who deemed certain, older analog stuff wasn't worth releasing in the more updated technological formats!

Shows--Californication, Community (which usually succeeds in making me laugh out loud at least once an episode), White Collar, Archer, Spartacus.

Food-anything pretty much, as long as it doesn't have mushrooms in it!
The six things I could never do without
1. Literacy
2. Music
3. The liquid intoxicant wonder twins—coffee & beer
4. The inherent kindness of the human spirit
5. Constant expansion of my knowledge base
6. Good Mexican food—(and I’m native Californian, so know that’s a high bar! Oh al pastor, how I love thee! This might be a good time for the aforementioned sonnet!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
“Why do human beings do all the crazy shit they do?” (and as an inevitable corollary question—after watching so damn many others do the exact same ridiculous shit, why do people keep doing the same aforementioned ridiculous shit? It kind of blows my mind…constantly.)

“Does their explicit rejection of the puritanical make bonobos the smartest primates on the planet?”

“Why were there so damn few independent coffee shops in a city the size of Tokyo? It’s not like Japanese people don’t like coffee?” (seriously, I would have had more luck Unicorn hunting—and no, not for a wall-mountable trophy, just pictures.)

“What bizarre amalgamation of factors has to coalesce to create the mind-boggling level of anti-intellectual obstinacy towards uncontroversial scientific fact that infects the minds of many religious fundamentalists?”
On a typical Friday night I am

Other than that, I'm not sure what constitutes typical. Sometimes it's yoga, sometimes it's drinking and being boisterous, sometimes it's sitting at home in peaceful solitude, playing a little guitar, or reading.

But, should an extremely interesting and novel suggestion be put forth, I'm usually down! Even if it's something I have no idea how to do!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
This seems like a real "hit-or-miss" category, so I'm just going to let it lie. But if you're curious, and ask me a specific question, most times you'll get an answer.
You should message me if
****Two years in this town, and I really have only a meager cadre of friends to show for it, but would really like that to change. So, if i'd be happy to meet anyone with any interest in any of the following: being running/yoga buddies; going and grabbing an occasional drink, and maybe shooting some pool; hiking; seeing a movie; going used book-store shopping; trying new restaurants; checking out local museums, seeing live music, etc...****

****end of new additions****

You, too, think intelligence is if not the most powerful aphrodisiac out there, that it’s at least top three!

You want to hear my (100 % true) story about a horse named “stirring up trouble.”

You are actively auditioning cool people because you need more in the stage production that is your life, and the role of sarcastic, intelligent, spirited, iconoclastic rogue with a heart of silver (I’d have said gold, but I just like silver better, what can I say?) is currently vacant, and you’d like me to read for the part.

Or, for some other inexplicable, or perhaps explicable, reason, you feel moved to do so.

You're a true redhead! (So intoxicating, the gingers!)