42Bend, United States
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My self-summary
Ahhh, if only perception was reality! Self promotion makes me nauseous. So, with that said: Yes, I'm cool, but apparently not so cool that I don't need to solicite the help of the internets with my love life!
What I’m doing with my life
"What am i gluing in my life?" Well, I made this bench seat next to the front door and somebody (maybe me) cracked it. So, i glued that earlier in the week. And old girlfriend gave me her dry-suit, which is pretty awesome of her. But, the ankle gaskets need some gluing i see, so that's on the "to-glue" list for this week. I Resole rock climbing shoes as a hobby business of sorts, so its a glue-apaloza when i have some pairs of those to do. My favorite glue is Gorrilla glue, but apparantly i used to eat Elmers glue as a kindergardener, so it is a close second i suppose.
I’m really good at
Digressing off topic. Never mind what i'm good at, recently i heard a list of things to are not supposedly polite to discuss at a dinner party. I suppose they apply to a first date as well. Here is the list from memory:

1. health problems
2. how you slept last night
3. money
4. menstration
5. the route you took to get to where you are
6. dreams

Rules can be silly, should this absurd computer matchmaking attempt lead to an actual meet up, I propose we discuss at least one of the above :)
The first things people usually notice about me
i like to laugh
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite book of the last decade is Confederacy of dunces. recently i got pretty into this british sit-com Peep Show. My sense of humor is very british i realized. The movie Crash is pretty incredible, oh the humanity! why can't hollywood create more films like this? I noticed it streams on Netfix, so if your reading this, perhaps your bored, so check it out. My favorite bands of all time are The Clash and The pixies. But, i've moved on. Recently, I listened allot to Gregory alen isakov after i saw him at the sisters folk festival.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why women are always staring at their phones. How do you initiate a conversation with someone who you can't possibly make eye contact with? If someone is this far into my profile on their mobile, please please, please...lift your head up and if there is a man without a ring on that doesn't look half bad, smile at him. Ladies, you are the soldiers on the front lines of the battle to defeat the dating site takeover of 3-demenional reality!
You should message me if
the following rings true, or at least "true-ish" to you: A soul-mate isn't someone you run into on the street one day. Love at first site may exist, but its probably best suited for teenagers or twenty-somethings. As we age we develop more sophisticated (complicated?) personalities, and these nuances can take months or years for our partner to fully get a grasp of. So, when i meet someone new, and i can see that it might take some serious paying attention to this person before i can figure out what they are all about, i ask myself the following questions: Can it be any other way? Would i want it to be any other way?
The two of us