36Dublin, Ireland
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My self-summary
not telling 2 much because it would take ages guys, ill say im always movin but wana stop an chat but havent found the right man yet!i like going to the cinema but im quite at home listening to my cat purr,its nice i think not to think while thinking about things (while listening 2 my cat) if that makes any sense!!!, ya see how crap i am @ this stuff... im a stupid handsome 30something year old that wants fun like any other,iv lots of friends that get my humour,and i like looking after them because after all our friends are the most important thing yeah...

I am careful, mindfull, and i laugh alot
What I’m doing with my life
fook all dropped,if not fell,or was possibly push outa college bu il get back in there soon with the help of god!!!i work for a shitty supermarket,im not going to pretend im something im not(like the whole i work in an office,an there all orange cubicles, and i answer phones all day)nope im a regular joe, just tryin to make his way through life,but im only mopping up after grannies and sick kids so i can have fun...a means to an end i suppose
I’m really good at
cooking food on the cheapo!might n be awesome,bu i've been known to feed the masses from time to time!!!i like listening to peoples stories, listen dudes, every ones story is important to them, thats why we tell them to each other, and i do my best to keep my friends happy, now i dont take sides in there battles, but they know im always here for them(when there looking for any port in a storm,my house is always open) i try an do my best for my friends an family where i can, which is usually moral support, i reckon sometimes thats all folk need...
The first things people usually notice about me
probably my eyes,iv been told there grey,green an blue an i really dont know cos im far to busy to know what colour they are,(confession time i look after myself,but i dont do the whole 'hey good lookin thang in the mirror')plus ladies have told me i'v a nice smile, but again i dont look at myself too much
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
films,anything sci-fi of fantasy, BattleStar Galactica Rocks by the way. books-not really a book worm, but i do read them, and there mostly fact,not big into fiction, i just cant seem to find time for those, but im willing to listen when folk want to tell me about the fictional books that they've read. foodwise id eat almost anything,but i mostly try and stay on the healthy road,an try new dishes when money is aplenty.on the music end, i like alot of stuff,in no particular order-from blink182,guns n roses,johnny cash,kenny rogers,good charlotte,cake,new found glory,the fratellies,the kooks. thats just a sample,i like a whole lotta everything
Six things I could never do without
the first thing would be text messaging,its sooo easy especially when your on the bus or train, the tv remote,need i say more, friends because without them its a scary world outside,defo the shower, a good pair of boots because im always on the go go, and i'd say my wallet, im sure there are alot of more important things but i cant really think of any right now
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Iv been told I think way too much about life, just life in general like those crisps that went missing in the sitting room, if i should av continued that fight when i was in 1st year, if people noticed wen i had a boner on the train(its the vibration thing), am i a good person, the usual stuff,i dont know really i think way too much, hey look theres a penny....
On a typical Friday night I am
probably hanging out in the nearest watering hole if im not working early on saturday, and even if i am working early it may well still happen, or i might be watching videos with friends and stuffing myself with popcorn at home.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
mmh, so many private things, so little time...
You should message me if
if ya just want to have a chat and a laugh, go on everyone needs that...
The two of us