35Marietta, United States
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My self-summary
I grew up in a beautiful valley in the foothills of New York where cows outnumbered people 3 to 1. I moved to Georgia when I was thirteen and have been here since.

I’ll just run through a couple of quick things that I think are very telling of my character:

Of all my family members (20 aunts and uncles and 16 cousins, my parents and sister) I was the one who was honored in receiving both of my grandfather’s most important earthly possessions after they passed away.

One night I heard screeching rubber on pavement followed by an explosion at the end of the neighborhood. I grabbed my flashlight and ran in the direction of the sound. A car was flipped over amongst some trees. I was the first on the scene. I was horrified what I would find but I investigated closely anyway… When something horrible happens my reaction is always ‘how can I help’?

The one part of my body I am historically least proud of is my nose. My mother prayed to God that if she were to have a child damned with her nose that it would be the boy. Prayer answered. The benefit is I was forced into developing a deep sense of humor. There is no one that crosses my path who doesn’t feel comfortable joking with me. Humor preserves my humility and provides relief from the seriousness in life.
I am the absolute opposite of who I was growing up. My room is clean, I make schedules and plans for everything, I don’t play video games, I always have multiple projects, and I iron. I suffer from the inability to plan social events for myself. Despite being outgoing and socially refined, these unfortunately have been too low on the priority list. Like pictures! I’m not opposed to them at all, I just never remember to take any.
What I’m doing with my life
Taking on every challenge I can experience. I'll need it one day when I'm elected to the presidency :-)
I’m really good at
Playing the saxophone (like a brotha).
Coaching football.
Public speaking.
Telling stories.
Eating peanut butter cookies.
The first things people usually notice about me
They wind up telling me I come across much younger. I think I look my age, must be my energy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Pillars of the Earth, The Other Boleyn Girl, Atlas Shrugged, The Stand, everything by Malcolm Gladwell or Robert Greene, The Notebook (read it WAY before the movie just out of curiosity. embarrassing that I loved it.) I also have a personal library of nearly 2000 books, mostly non-fiction. And they are real, not e-books.

Movies: I like all movies from Sharknado to 300 to Moulin Rouge to Dirty Harry. Its a Wonderful Life is still one of my fav. And Christmas Vacation can be watched all year.

Shows: House of Cards. Firefly. The League. New Girl. Bar Rescue. Cops.

Music: It all depends on my mood. I prefer rock and even heavy metal. I like country, classic rock and prog rock. I am beginning to enjoy orchestral more and more. Big band music has always been a love of mine ever since listening to my grandfather wail away on the sax in his own stage band. If there is one music genre I wish would come back it would be funk. Funk makes everyone move, it is the essence of soul. If rap would adopt its more funky roots I would be more of a fan. Rap has its place mainly when I am preparing for an athletic event where I need to go kick ass.

Seafood sucks. Everything else is amazing. I know, I alienated half the world's cousine. I grew up on farm fresh corn, steak and potatoes.
Six things I could never do without
A premium hand rolled cigar.
My books.
GaTech football.
Intelligent conversation.
My mama.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lord, am I going in the right general direction?
On a typical Friday night I am
Walking to a decent restaurant for dinner with a friend or just relaxing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Someone got the bright idea of asking the director of my department, as he walked by, if he wanted to join our Secret Santa. Of course being a good boss and “team player” he said yes. I have a reputation at work of being the funny guy who does not fear toeing the line of what is appropriate and what is not. This is likely due to a very strange confidence that if I talk long enough I can make anything ok. My wonderful coworkers did not share my confidence and were unnerved at the idea of having to buy the director a gift. So Adrienne, who was in charge of drawing the names for everyone, set Mr. Director’s to the side for yours truly. I didn't know him well, but I couldn't resist the opportunity of experiencing something that will one day be a great story. So naturally I bought him the most inappropriate object possible. A Santa hat thong. Thank you Spencer Gifts. I proceeded to Target for a very formal, professional, non-Christmas, holiday bag. I set out for the finest candy shops I could find. Thank you Google. You see, Mr. Director is a huge Ohio State fan who loves chocolate like a depressed, single lady on Valentine’s Day. I was privy to a custom peanut butter filled chocolate called a “buckeye.” What else (besides the obvious) would be more perfect to put in a Santa Hat thong? Sadly, after visiting three shops (and calling a half dozen more) I settled for the finest gourmet chocolates the mall had to offer.

Now that the gift buying was over my conscience finally made an appearance. It begged me to find something else. As the date got closer for the party the strength to follow through with my original plan began to falter. I employed the best mechanism in conquering fear: I ignored it. At the last minute I compromised with fear wisely adding a very nice card inscribed with “I’m hoping you have the sense of humor we all know you have.”
Mr. Director didn’t make the Christmas party. I was temporarily saved. My boss, knowing my good nature, hesitantly opened it in his absence. The sudden urge that I would get fired fully overcame me. I blushed a deep read. It was too late. There was shock fueled roaring laughter. Knowing that it went well with my colleagues didn’t give me much comfort when I looked over at the supervisors who just covered their mouths and looked at me. Of course somebody who knew him instantly snapped a picture and texted him his new garment. My supervisor came over to me clearly recognizing the concern on my face and tried assuring me, “I think he’s got a pretty good sense of humor. Don’t worry.” She had the eyes of pity, not too convincing. I ordered a strong drink for myself.
After a few minutes and enough time for me to order another bourbon on the rocks, Mr. Director replied.

“My wife will enjoy it. However, it looks a little small.”

People were rolling on the floor.
Later I found that the ‘gift that was too small’ had been passed around the corporate bigwigs as they pranked each other that Christmas. Thanks to the conscience that urged me to include a nice card, they all now know my name. That was a year ago and I’m still employed. I think it’s safe to say it went over well.
You should message me if
You never want again to feel like you are dragging a guy to a musical, museum, chick-flick, or family event- I love these things and do them anyway. (Don’t worry, I’m still a man. Drinking beer, shooting guns, enjoying sports are still all included. I’m just a little more well-balanced than some others.)
If you want to see Jurassic Park at The Strand Friday night! Just like being 9 again, except maybe with an adult beverage in hand :-D
The two of us