44 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a single mutt female ultimately looking for heartfelt connection, mutual understanding, compassion, support, a best-friend, a lover and life partner. Given that I've not been here in Seattle too long, I'm also open to new friendships.

I describe myself a mutt because I don't believe I fall into any stereotypes as a Eurasian, as a scientist or as a energy healer. So I invite you to keep reading with an open mind and heart... I promise that you've not met anyone like me!

I'm a holistic healer for a happy & healthy brain, and am passionate about what I do! I'm deeply committed to my personal growth (I've come a LOOONG way (thanks to powerful methods) since I started this work), and the growth of my clients, and I'm looking for someone that values growth (and I'm not referring to your waistline), as an important part of your journey.

I'm also quite health conscious, and love outdoor activities (hiking, snow sports), and dance, yoga & rocking climbing and I eat plenty of vegetables. While you don't need to enjoy all the same activities I do, it's important for me to be with someone who can keep up with me and who shares my values and general tastes in food.

Having lived in Hong Kong in my youth and traveled a bit through Asia, southeast Asia (Tibet, China, Thailand, India, Nepal) and beyond (New Zealand, Europe, Mexico) , I consider myself reasonably worldly, and I'd love to find someone who loves exploring diverse cultures as much as I do!

While I can be perfectly serious, let me introduce you to my more playful (smartass) side:

Oh, you want to know about me? Well I’m beautiful. That’s because I’m a woman. (I think that actually comes with the definition of being a woman, right? Isn’t that what wikipedia says?) I speak cat fluently. I’m seriously serious minded. I can spell “eseehc” forwards. I was the VP of programming at Diebold and convicted drug trafficker for Halloween, and all I had to do to look like a geek was to put on a pair of glasses. My bout with chickenpox in kindergarten destroyed my dream of being a pumpkin narrator forever.

If you think you might qualify, drop me a line. If you are a ~36-54 yr old male, bring a flower, chocolate, your sense of humor or intriguing conversation as well. It usually starts things off on the more agile and well-trained foot.

I am fun and curious, I live a purposeful life and am socially conscious.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and postdoctoral work in neuroepidemiology, and I've had a long interest in natural and alternative medicine. Now I'm applying my life long passion to understanding the root causes of problems with our brains to help people on an individual level. I never would have guessed just a few years ago that my life would take me in this direction, but I'm eternally grateful that it has!

My exploration with energy medicine has taken me on some wild and fascinating rides. I'm constantly being surprised about where it takes me, and the miracles I've experienced or been a part of as a result. I'm passionate about this work and feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity and priviledge to be a part of other's healing process.

I have been in Toastmasters for 3 yrs, and am working on being a better public speaker and story teller. I'm also really digging doing improv these days.

Since I've moved to Seattle, I've become a regular hiker (thanks to meetups) - how can I not? I love the varied terrain here - and especially the waterfalls and alpine lakes! I also really enjoy the x-country skiing, and snow shoeing, and hope to be able to do some downhill skiing next yr!

I've been a long time group exercise geek. Taught for over 10 years. Now just enjoying the classes. I love step, classes w/good choreography, muscle conditioning, yoga, etc. As long as it challenges me, I'm happy! Variety is the spice of life!

On my serious side, I am becoming very concerned about growing inequality and the loss of our democracy.

a lot of my time working (its not just a job for me.. its a calling!)
Some of my time dancing (never enough).
Some of my time hiking
some of my time catching up on the news, signing petitions and trying to inspire social action.
Some of my time public speaking (love my toastmaster's group)
Some time going to (board) game nights
Some time going to theater/dance performances / lectures & story telling nights
Some of my time running around Greenlake, Discovery Park and
Some of my time exploring & traveling (although not enough lately- wanna help me change that?)
I’m really good at
listening, being supportive and making positive differences in the lives of clients. I'm also a pretty good dancer.
The first things people usually notice about me
I think whatever people notice about me probably says more about them than me.... no?

In social situations: my positive energy! I do love to laugh and joke around.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Born Standing Up, Comfortable With Uncertainty, Kiss my Tiara, Undress me in the Temple of Heaven, The Poisonwood Bible, all of Amy Tan books, Room to Read: Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, Changing for Good, Matrix Reimprinting, The Brain that Changes Itself, Authenic Happiness, The Ice-Cream Queen of Orchard St., anything by Gabor Mate, Beyond Outrage or anything by Robert Reich.

Movies: Flirting with Disaster, Slum Dog Millionaire, Step it Up Revolution (for the choreography), The Hundred-Foot Journey, Inequality for all, Into the Woods

Music: New Age and world music, pop, the Bobs

Favorite Food: Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, healthy eating, your cooking ; ) I love cooking with others!

I've recently become a smoothie -junkie.

I rarely watch TV, but I do watch (online): So you think you can dance, Smash, the Michael J Fox show, My cat from Hell, and sometimes The Daily Show,

Podcasts: Radio Lab, This American Life, NPR Health, TED, Snap Judgment, the Moth, Serial, Invisibilia
The six things I could never do without
fresh air & the mountains
the friendliest [cat] on the planet (mine) (warning, her mission is to charm you!)
fulfilling, supportive friendships & fun friends
my mental and physical health
healthy living
new places to travel to
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Overcoming health challenges (as a part of my work)
my business
my next speech or blog or video project
What we can do to get our democracy back.
which meetup to join for my next outdoor adventure
On a typical Friday night I am
Not sure there's a typical, but I enjoy watching good movies, eating with friends, dancing, cooking, taking walks, or catching up on my favorite shows, or just decompressing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can do a weird trick with my tongue. (Yea.... I figured that would get your mind going!)
You should message me if
a.) if you can behave like a gentleman - I love kissing and being intimate, but I want it to be with someone that I've developed a bond with beyond the bedroom.
b.) and you live near me or if you are willing to travel for the right person
c.) and if you are confident that you can catch my attention with a well-written profile, shared values and interests.
d.) and if you are intelligent, enjoyed my sense of humor and can deliver your own
e.) and If you are committed to personal growth and emotional intimacy.

If you want to talk with me about holistic healing for a happy & healthy brain.

This quote really resonates with me:

"It's beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind. Someone that wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts. Someone that wants to watch you slowly take down all the walls you've built up around your mind and let them inside."
-unknown author