42New Westminster, Canada
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My self-summary
I believe in love. Yep, I do. I believe in butterflies and that deep aching in your soul every moment you're apart.

Actually, that’s not love. That’s limerence. It’s a funny thing that happens in the brain, and it’s fairly well understood by science.

But I do believe in love. I believe in respecting my partner, and putting her needs ahead of my own at times. I believe in being open and willing to have my own beliefs challenged and possibly changed. I believe in taking risks and allowing myself to love and be loved, even if it means making myself vulnerable and maybe getting hurt.

I believe in love.

Love is so powerful that people have long been willing to fight and die for it, but I’m not saying I will die for you. Maybe, it depends. The thing is, Hollywood has done us men an injustice, it paints men as unrealistically as porn paints women. If you’re looking for that guy here, you should probably know – I’m real.

Still skimming?

I’ve lived an interesting life and can hold my own in most conversations. Some random tidbits about me:
Most life changing experience: I spent six months traveling in Africa by any means possible from “Cape to Cairo” and wrote a book about the experience. (I've decided to put it online, you can read the first several chapters here if you are so inclined: I traveled by cargo ship, rail, hitch-hiked, and spent more time in chicken buses than can be good for anyone's health.
Closest to death: I got caught in a riptide while surfing and pulled ridiculously far out to sea, or it could be the time I had a gun put to my head in South Africa.
Gutsiest thing I ever did: Leaving a very secure and well paid job as a college instructor because it prevented me from achieving my travel and writing goals.

My close friends are very important to me and I'm not going to give them up for you (but will give them less time) and my sister is one of my closest friends.
What I’m doing with my life
Attempting to make a living as a fiction writer while settling for a good income writing advertising and travel articles and working as a manager for a tourism company. I can't do the the starving artist thing.

I live an active life - snowboard in winter, wakeboard in summer and am always up for a new adventure.
I am well-traveled - over 50 countries and counting.
I am educated - both in terms of a university education and travel smarts, which I believe is as valuable as anything a classroom can provide.
I am physically and financially in good shape - am no stranger to the gym and own my own condo and drive a nice car.

Although I could never label myself as one thing, I relate to the secular humanist movement. I believe in the empowerment of women. I believe the scientific method is arguably the greatest human achievement (since it led to the development of the iPhone -wink-). I do not think homeless people are lazy and believe our treatment of the mentally ill and homeless is abominable.

That probably makes me sound pretty serious. That's only my deeper side which few people see. Generally I'm a fun guy who knows how to have a good time.
I’m really good at
Making lists of things I'm good at. Trust me on this.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea. I've been told I have a nice smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Lord of the Rings are old favorites, but really too many to mention.
Movies: again too many to mention.
Music: way too many to mention (my tastes can be eclectic and I usually answer "good music.")
Shows: don't have cable and rarely watch TV. When I stream TV, I tend towards documentaries or witty comedies.
Food: Sushi, Mexican, Mediterranean, and anything healthy.
Six things I could never do without
Another list?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The number 42.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have to say I don't have a typical Friday.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have polydactyly. NO that's a lie, doctor chopped the extra digits off when I was a baby. OK, that's a lie too.

Ummm, let me think about this one...
You should message me if
You want to be loved, treated with respect, don't want to play games, isn't into drama, and will offer the same in return.

You don’t have to be the most beautiful girl in the world, the most fit and active person, or a PhD in anything. You don’t have to like the same sports as me, share my taste in music, or movies, or television shows. Although that helps, it would be nice if you have some different interests so we can challenge and learn from each other.

For me chemistry is everything. In other words, we have to connect: Physically - we have to be attracted to each other; Mentally - we have to like and trust each other, and be able to communicate and converse about meaningful things (e.g. not gossip); and Sexually - I've heard I'm not supposed to talk about that on a dating site, but it does matter.

I’m over my clubbing every weekend days. I still enjoy going out, but I’m not looking for a girl who’s just looking to party and play the field.

They say the camera adds ten pounds, but I've noticed some people have magic cameras that subtract a lot more. If your photos were taken with one of these magic cameras, please don't contact me. It's wasting both of our time. I look like my photos. If you don't, you're buying me drinks until you do!
The two of us