40Holiday, United States
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My self-summary
1/19/2015 Editing (I know it's a bit TL:DR... but I'm almost 40.. there is a lot o say. )

Let me be upfront. I'm not "easy". Sadly I have to say that due to trolls. :P

I have a mind, heart and soul. I'm an artist, mom, and a freelancer looking for work in the Tampa Bay area. I am BUSY.

My kids' dad lives in PA, so this isn't a "Drop the kids off with their dad so mom gets a one night stand" sort of deal. I'm a full time mom, and my kids will always come first.

I am more then welcoming of friend requests - especially from other creative types. <3 Love my people. ;)

I'd LOVE to find "art buddies". As I uprooted from NJ most of my friends are up there, so I'm rather floating free. As a bit of a social butterfly, I need friends. ^.^ It doesn't matter if you craft, write, sing, paint, dance, etc...

To be sure when I get my own place (as I'm staying with my sis right now), I'll host some nightly "art jams". But this will be sometime in the future.

Art is life.


Can you tell I'm tired of the trolls? I'm far too complex an individual, with too many layers. I'm too old and world-wise for the petty high school games. Sex doesn't equal love. Sex is the icing on the cake, in my personal opinion. It's the sugar that makes the coffee sweet. The gold at the end of the rainbow, so to speak.

And yes.... I like sex. BUT, I prefer it safe and sane. Thanks.

I'm interested in making new friends mostly. I've lost touch with a lot of my old friends from moving, them moving, or such.

The relationship with my kids' dad left me in an emotional limbo. After being rescued by my sister, and being dragged to Florida, I've finally gotten my head together (mostly).


Could I seriously date someone if I wanted to? Sure.

Am I interested in it at this time? Not really. We can see just where things go as things progress.

Could it happen? Perhaps. Attraction is what it is, and does what it does - the heart has funny ways about it.

Push it in the initial stages and I don't care how truly awesome you really are, I will ban/block you.

Now that I've gotten that clear, feel free to read on. It's long, so if you message me with a tl;dr attitude our conversation will be short at best. :?

If you can't tell at this point....... I am rather verbose, usually.


Honesty and openness is best no matter what in which type of relationship one finds oneself involved. This is something of a mantra I carry around with me all the time. I don't care for the "white lies to make someone feel good" thing. If my hair looks bad, for the love of pete tell me so I can fix it! If you smell bad, I will tell you, so you can fix it. ;)

However, this means I can hurt feelings when I don't mean to, even with a side joke or witty remark. If you don't have "thick skin" or are not at peace with yourself, this may mean bad feelings for us both. Just to be warned, I honestly do not mean to be "mean".

I also have an odd sense of dark humor. I laugh at things that may not be appropriate Again I know this isn't exactly kosher, so I try to limit it. Heh. ^.^

I went to art school and have a BS in Computer Animation. I want to go back for a teaching degree and/or finish my studies in Environmental Science. Yes... Yes Olivia, I am a nerd. An artist nerd.

Oh and I'm a German-phile. And a StG nut with a dash of Klingon. Fantasy. I like to write - but really have horrible grammar. No really. I write like I talk. ;) The list goes on.


I don't trust easily, but for those who have earned it, they have also earned a loyal friend for life. I have various "circles" of friends, and some of them are closer to me then my own family.

I have a passion for life and all things in it, for good or for bad.

I'm a gamer. No Cujo, not JUST a video gamer gamer... I like board games, card games, table top rpgs, some video games.... it's entertaining. :)

Playing pool. Seriously when I go to the bar and they don't have a pool table, I leave. Simple.

I'm also a member of the SCA. Look it up. :)

I <3 dragons and wolves. I <3 Werewolves of all kinds, but prefer the feral "more wolf like" rather then the monstrous "ugly" type.

I love the outdoors, but due to my increasing asthmatic condition I'm not in the shape I need to do even light hiking (although my heart is in it!) I do need to get out of the house more, though. :)

I am an eclectic spiritualist.

I am tolerant to a certain degree, expect for stupid people. If you make my brain bleed from the level of moronic and self-destructive ways.., yeah don't bother me. Thanks.

I am drug free. Let me repeat.. drug free. I tolerant weed smokers to an extent, but really I don't need that kind of stuff in my life. My family was a family of addicts and I watched them all crash and burn. Why live like that? It only causes suffering. *SMH*

Also, for the weight-conscious, I am a bit on the overweight side. 5'8" and was at 230lbs. Mostly all baby-weight gain after having my daughter about a year ago.

I -will- eventually shed it back to 140 or 150lbs. *shakes a fist in determination*

Fine my art on my Fan Page "Drakenhart Studios" on Facebook.
What I’m doing with my life
I got my BS in Computer Animation ( a Science degree in an Art major. o.O heheh ).

Couldn't find work in my fields of expertise. Disney flooded the market with professionals of //several// more years of experience then I at the time of my graduation.

I picked up some Graphic Design experience, as well as self-taught web-design ( front-end, not programming ). I do what freelance Web-design I can grab to boost my personal portfolio. I also offer character commissions for personal rp characters as well.

I'm currently looking for work with a company, as freelancing is not easy with kids and no real support.

I want to get my Masters in Teaching. Dream-Goal. I got to get my slate cleared first. ;)
I’m really good at
Advice, Compassion, Empathy.

Art, creative mentality, creative problem solving.

I love music, but have not learned to produce it ( and I can't sing *sniffs* even though I try *winces* ). I love singing in the shower when a tune pops into my head. I mostly sing in the car and play air guitar, or air piano. ;)

Dominating a conversation, so I tell people don't feel bad about telling me to shut up from time to time. ;) I take no offense.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and my personality.

People tell me how remarkable my eyes are. Since I can't see them without a mirror ( insert humor ), I don't know what they mean. ;) heh.

I have a weird sense of humor, and often will twist conversational topics into various other meanings. I'm not quick or overly witty, but I /think/ I'm a lot of fun. ;) But then I would, as I have to live with myself everyday. ;) *chuckles* Kidding. ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A) (( by Author )) Mercedes Lackey, Steven Brust, Stephen King, Anne McCaffery, Jean M. Auel (( Genre )) Sci-Fi-High-Fantasy Hybrids, Horror ( werewolves are key ;) ), High Fantasy, some Historic Fiction, High-Fantasy

(( Subject )) Dragons, werewolves, classic themes twisted, classic stories twisted, human nature, character-driven plot and development.

(B) Classic and Computer Animation Movies ( ie American classified "Family" Movies ) <--- My degree is in animation. duh. ;)
Classic Movies. Horror films. Stupid Movies to laugh at ( MFig Snake on a MFing PLANE!!! )

(( Titles ))
The Game, Dog Soldiers, Secret Garden, Gone with the Wind, Brother Bear, Lady and the Tramp, The Bear, X-Men, Monkey-Bone

(C) Music huh? How about what I DON'T like? *chuckles* Music moves me in ways I can't even begin to describe. But there is a trend in the last 10 years of the hip-hop and rap music that just doesn't appeal. There are some groups and songs I ejoy, but not enough to constitute listening to it on a regular basis. I'm also not a big Country fan, but there are a number of billy-rock songs that I like.

I was raised on Classic Rock like; Aerosmith, Queen, and Black Sabbath. I grew up on Heavy Metal, Grunge, ane New Wave. I started clubbing to Goth-Industrial, and have been into that ever since. Its not ALL emo. ;) Techno-industrial is best to dance in the dark by!
Six things I could never do without
Art (being creative), Tea, my kids, Friends, Family, Books
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Artistic things, Science studies, philosophical ideas, religious beliefs, spirituality, and other sundry things. I may not be a super-intelligence, I may not be a trivia encyclopedia, I may not uber-smart, but I like having my mind stimulated by serious conversation from time to time. :)

Or just stimulated ( I watched a lot of TLC and Discovery or Animal Planet ).
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm not working, I want to be out and about. I like socializing, talking, listening, laughing, and just being out and away from the house.

I also from time to time like sitting with a friend and playing video games, whether I'm good at them or not. :) I <3 Crazy Taxi.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like uber hot showers... with someone... ;)
You should message me if
You have actually gotten this far and what I've typed sounds interesting. Even if you don't want to do anything but chat about geeky gamer stuff. :) Or even better geeky art stuff.
The two of us