43Safford, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a Burning Man participant.

I am skilled with my Yo-Yo.

I am Polyamorous, and am interested in polyamory in general. My relationship status can best be described by 3-ethyl 8-methyl octane. (Add some O2 and some heat, and it might more accurately model the stability of some of my past relationships.) I'm dating a couple of local women, and a few not-so-local women. (one is an international long-distance relationship.) I've only one boyfriend, at the moment, but I'm dating a few local men occasionally. I need to make that more frequent. Most of the people I date are also dating other people. I'd say it was complex, but it's not, really. I love lots of people, and many of them love me, too. Safer sex is important to me, and my partners. We play responsibly.

I'm an ENTP on Meyers-Briggs personality tests.

I'm a Science Fiction fan, and am addicted to reading books. I've friends who are science fiction authors, who have been published. (Carrie's third book is coming out in a couple months. I'm really excited for her! Look for "Kitty, and the Midnight hour", "Kitty goes to Washington", and the upcoming "Kitty takes a holiday". She's a great writer. I'm excited to read her next book!)

I'm a bit of an agnostic, or an atheist. I'm an exmormon.

I've mild deformities, and am a bit more asymetrical than most people are. I've birth defects that mostly affect my left hand, but also a minor spinal problem (upper neck.)

I come from a large family. I'm the oldest of seven (7) kids; I have two (2) sisters, and four (4) brothers. My youngest brother is eighteen (18) years younger than I am.

I participate in the SCA, which is like DIY ren faire. My ex-wife is an amazing sword fighter, and quite intimidating with axes and glaives. It's therefore very important to keep our breakup as amicable as possible! ;)

I'm a sometimes home brewer. I am a beer snob.

I've recently moved to San Jose. My job contract in Santa Clara came to an end. I'm searching for the next one. I anticipate my next job will start soon.

I am eccentric, playful, and smart
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to find a better job, trying to participate in my social life, trying to get back into home brewing and strange artwork. I'm trying to build a better hoist frame for assembling my geodesic dome at Burning Man, and trying to help take over the work on a computer hardware technical review site, with some friends.
I’m really good at
I'm really good with my Yo-Yo.

I'm very skilled with Linux, and Computers in general.

I'm skilled at stimulating nerve endings, and enticing imaginations. I remain fairly verbal while engaged in coitus, and have been known to make use of this to great effect.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not sure... My smile? I notice that I can get others to smile by smiling at them. I'm told that I'm cute. Oddly, most people don't seem to notice my deformities on a conscious level. If I'm not wearing much clothing, people do notice my scars. (I attend burning man events. There are plenty of opportunities for people to see me scantily clad, or unclad.)

I've posted a nice picture of me on a beach, that shows my arms pretty well.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm an insatiable reader. I'm addicted to books. I don't know where to begin describing who my favorite authors and what me favorite books are.

I should mention my friends' books. Carrie Vaughn has written a series of fun stories and books about a werewolf talk radio DJ named Kitty. Her fifth and sixth book are now out. Her books are:

Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty Goes to Washington and, coming soon,

Kitty Takes a Holiday.

Kitty And the Silver Bullet.

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand.

Kitty Raises Hell.

I'm very proud of her. She's a cool person to be friends with.

I tend to read Science Fiction. I'm reading some fantasy. I read lots of historical accounts, and historical technical documentation.

I like SF movies. I like movies with head games. I loved the Prestige.

I listen to a wide variety of music. I like Abney Park, and Rasputina. I like Einsturzende Neubauten. I love Kraftwerk.
Check out Troublesturm's Profile for more info about the music I listen to.

I love food. Food is very sensuous. I love exploring flavors. I love Tapas. I love Italian food. I love Sushi. I Love Vietnamese food. I love fiery hot mexican food (especially New Mexican food! I Love Santa Fe! I Love Hatch green chiles!) I love good fusion food. A Santa Fe Roll, which is a sushi roll with Salmon and Green Chiles, maybe cream cheese. Very delicious!
Six things I could never do without
Friends Lovers Good stories Good food Surreal moments and Interesting conversations.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Computers, Art, Politics, Relationships, searching for a job.
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm not sure what constitutes a typical Friday night. On a typical Thursday Night, I'll be wearing a strange costume, and riding my cruiser bicycle through the streets of Boulder with a few hundred of my favorite people, smiling, and having fun.

Well, that used to be a typical Thursday. I miss Boulder!

On a typical Friday night, lately, I might be trying out a new pub, or at a party, or hanging out with a friend. or on a bus or train en route to do one of these activities.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
So, my profile comparisons often tell me I'm "MUCH MORE INTO DRUGS" than most of the profiles I'm comparing mine to. That seems weird to me. I'm not very much into drugs. I'm just rather well informed about them, and have a strong opinions that they shouldn't be as regulated as they are. For myself, I'm pretty happy with my frequent caffeine and occasional alcohol indulgences. I might play with things, out of a cheshire-catlike curiosity, but don't really take drugs very often. I'm not fond of being too drunk, or stoned. I don't like having difficulty thinking.

I'm multi-orgasmic, and very responsive to sensation. An experimental lover of mine tried to see how long she could keep me in a state of orgasm. She kept me there for 40 minutes. I plan to remain her lover as long as I can get away with it.
You should message me if
You like Burning Man. You like Science Fiction. You like people who are good with YoYos. You like urban exploration. You like abandoned buildings. You like photography. You like silliness. You like men with pretty long hair. You are interested in Polyamory.

Woo hijack! If you WOO me, I'll compose a short romantic poem and send it to you. It'll be totally embarrassing, and likely inappropriate... Probably bad haiku.

If you woo me, because you really think I'm hot, then send me a message saying so. I'll still send you some bad poetry, but I might also add you to my saved profiles, so i can stalk you... ;)
The two of us