40Grand Rapids, United States
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My self-summary
Oh, yes, yes, a problem. To summarize, I'm brief and concise and enjoy stuffing myself into a 300 character box. It is a requirement so I will do my best. I'm fun, funny, driven, self-deprecating, afraid of snakes and spiders that are less than two feet from me and not behind a barrier, and completely confident that the earth will burn up if John Boehner has his say (September 22nd update: will that sunburn ever peel?).

I appreciate women who are strong, have a unique personality, and can lead me to things I haven't experienced. I'm not interested in meeting everyone out there. I'm interested in meeting women who make me laugh, think, and question what I think I know. I value strong personality above all else and I think intelligent conversation is the cornerstone to any great relationship.

I moved to Cambridge from NYC earlier this year and have much to explore and looking forward to meeting new people. The doubling of apartment square footage was the first great thing that happened but I hope there are many non area-related benefits as well.
What I’m doing with my life
Civil war re-creations. When I'm not at a Civil War re-creation, I am probably re-creating the Civil War in my mind.

(I got a note from OKCupid that I was a few words short of 1000 words in my profile and decided to use the threshold-breaking words above despite their incredible ridiculousness. I think I get an OKCupid coaster now.)

September 22nd update: This is definitely the most frequently commented on piece of my profile. I think this is very interesting for a number of reasons, particularly the attacks on the possible misusage of the term re-creation. I have enjoyed the strange perpetuation of something with absolutely no basis in truth. Cheers internet.
I’m really good at
My strengths. I'm not as successful at my weaknesses.
The first things people usually notice about me
I pass on vanity questions.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I think I've topped out on books about the Vietnam War (May 5th update: love him but I think I need to lay off Cormac McCarthy for awhile)(September 22nd update: Not done with Vietnam and currently very interested in current "conflicts". I really enjoy books by journalists). I like literary non-fiction, re-found my love of Pynchon in Inherent Vice, and have absolutely no regard for anyone who makes decisions based on what someone else reads. If you read, that is enough for me. Nothing is hotter.

Movies are nice. I gravitate towards documentaries but I will watch any movie but I can't promise I will be awake at the end. (September 22nd update: I purchased Teen Wolf on Blu-ray. I can't really justify this other than the fact that Styles' peer pressuring really comes alive in that format.)

Food is great. I enjoy it very much. I like to eat Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, and Mexican particularly. I will show up on time for a steak also.

Music can't be beat. Indie rock has always been my favorite but my latest bent has been Waits and Bonnie "Prince" Billy (May 5th update: add Solid Gold, Yuck, and a reborn interest in Samuel and Hoover)(September 22nd update: Thanks to the magic of Amazon mp3 downloads I can rediscover the pleasures of Jesus Lizard, Eno's Music For Airports, and The Highwaymen without the hassle of record store clerks looking at me like a maniac.). My favorite live bands all-time are Murder City Devils, Les Savy Fav, and Afghan Whigs. And Low (May 5th update: I had tickets to Prince at Madison Square Garden in January, didn't go, and now wonder what was so important in my life that I couldn't go see Prince, I have no answer for this)(September 22nd update: I actually do have an answer for this but it is a long and convoluted story). I'd rather not box myself in on this one so I will just say my favorite music is probably not played on drive time radio (May 5th update: unless they play Liz Phair on your drive time station)((May 5th EXTRA update: off the first two albums of course)).
Six things I could never do without
electricity (especially the electricity that springs a coffee maker into action in the morning)
sleeping in at least occasionally
conversations that break down into discussions about the origin of the conversation
conception (mine, particularly)
no sixth thing because if I can't do without seven or twelve or forty-two I will just stick at five
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the last question.
On a typical Friday night I am
The same as I am every day of the week except, possibly, drinking more.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't find the photos I posted attractive either. It isn't just you.
You should message me if
You have the ability to work a keyboard. Or you have a friend willing to operate one in order to contact me. Or you have the ability to bust straight through the internet and put a post-it on my fridge.
The two of us