37Leeds, United States
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I’m really good at
putting my children to bed
riding a bike with no hands, including turning
preparing vegetables but not necessarily cooking them
not typing properly
being right ;)
rock climbing ( at least somewhat good at)
rolling the d20
The first things people usually notice about me
tall/skinny maybe my facial hair or beautiful blue eyes. possibly the children with me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i mainly read fantasy/fiction books. i just read through terry pratchett's tiffany aching series and may be moving on to more of his books or possibly kushiels dart. also a fan of robert jordan, i hope someone finishes his damn serious!

movies are the same, i like fantasy movies,comedys, romantic comedies, anything that makes me question myself or society or at the very least makes me think a little bit.

currently phil ochs, flogging molly, me first and the gimme gimmes, weird al, nuetral milk hotel, rilo kiley, tegan and sara,johnny cash,
mountain goats, nofx, propagandhi, rocks, you can find alot of good music on there

i eat mainly a vegetarian diet, and within that range will consume just about anything, though chocolate, sushi, pizza, and pbj (or almond butter) are my top choices.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home with the family.

what i could be doing: go out dancing , goofing around online, watching a movie, hanging out with someone from okcupid.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My maiden name is O'Reilly. When my wife and i got married i took her last name. Although if i had to do it again i would like to come up with a completely new last name, for our new family instead of choosing between 2 last names.

i have more secrets that i will tell you if you ask, but be be careful what you ask for cause u just might get it.
i dislike:
wet plastic bags
You should message me if
you wanna play D&D, you wanna hang out, you think i am cute, you are looking for friends in northwestern ct, you are curios about polyamoury and what its all about, if you dont shave your legs/armpits. And of course any other reason you may think of.
The two of us