33Kirkby in Ashfield, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm an upbeat kind of guy, and I love my music (who doesn't). I studied music at Hull uni, and thankfully graduated too, with a respectable 2:1. I play a variety of instruments, not all of them well, and enjoy going out for a drive in my car. Mostly, I love keeping in touch with people and being round my mates, whatever it is we end up doing. I'd like to think that I'm friendly and approachable... thats what I try to go for anyway... and I will chat to just about anyone!
I have my own piano tuning and repairs business, which pays the wages. I seem to have been playing a lot of gigs recently on the piano. It's a little odd, I just seem to walk into them, which is quite fine by me. Keeps me on my toes, learning new stuff!
What I’m doing with my life
Well, like I said above, I'm currently working in Piano Tuning and Repairs, having set up my business recently.
I'm also teaching piano, as well as maths and english (one on one lessons) with an agency. The piano lessons are going well, although I don't currently have many students compared to maths and english, so if anyone wants piano lessons, come to me!
Also working for a piano workshop nearby. If you happen to go into Nottingham Concert hall, and see their Yamaha grand piano... well, I was the one who got that playing again! I'm proud of that one =)
I’m really good at
What can you put here without sounding big headed? Well, everyone tells me I'm pretty awesome at the banjo (no, NOT the instrument George Fornby plays) and I'm currently at the top of the piano tuning course, but I've got stiff competition from two other would-be technicians so its a battle between the three of us at the moment.
I don't think I'm great at the piano, despite what everyone tells me. Seriously, I'm not. If you have this image that I will be an awesome pianist, then you'll be disappointed.
Erm, what else? I'm really good at seeing everyones side of a disagreement, which makes me immensely irritating when you're trying to argue with me, as I will simply admit to seeing your side of things and not fight back.
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair. People either love it, or they hate it. I seem to be the only person who lacks opinion on it. The only reason I have it in this style is because it grows this way. I guess I would get it styled for the right person though ;)
Probably another thing people notice is how good I am at blending into the background in small groups of people. This isn't because I'm particularly shy, I just enjoy letting people talk, and listening to their conversation, rather than adding to it. Its like reality TV. Except with more reality and less TV.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Anything by Terry Pratchett. I have a signed copy of Going Postal somewhere. Loved the TV version.
Movies: 'Snatch' and 'O Brother' I love my silly comedies. Not too bothered about horrors, apart from Evil Dead.
Music: Everything from Green Day to Bluegrass, athough I'm not too keen on rap, or classical music composed after 1908
Food: Italian food. And burgers. And salad. And calzones. And kebabs. And BBQs. And KFC. And beef casserole.
Six things I could never do without
1) My car. My awesome Ka gets me everywhere I need to be, when not costing me hundreds of pounds.
2) My friends. Life wouldnt be life without them. Or at least, it would, but far more boring that what it currently is, thats for sure.
3) My ears. I wouldnt be able to live without music. Had an ear infection recently. Was not a happy guy.
4) My banjo. Yes yes, you may laugh... but the thing kicks ass! Any time I feel down or upset, I immediately feel better, just from picking it up.
5) My piano. Or any piano really. As long as its not a straight strung, overdamper. They are evil, and must die.
6) My family. There for you no matter what. We wouldnt be who we are today without the influence of our families.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How awesome it would be to be so amazing at something that everyone is blown away by your talent. Don't think thats ever going to be me, but I think I could manage to get people fairly impressed. Thats good enough for me.
I also think a lot about how I can cheer people up when theyre down, how much easier things would be if I won a million pounds, and where I see myself in 5 years time.
On a typical Friday night I am
doing something completely different from the Friday night previously.
I cant say any week is ever particularly normal for me. I like the randomness of my life.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still have two baby teeth.
There are far more private things I could have put here... but theyre private.
You should message me if
if you want a reply.
The two of us