31Tucson, United States
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My self-summary
I like movies. Do you like movies (rhetorical question, ergo no question mark because of course you like movies). Ya they pretty sweet! I like that one movie where that person like does that thing...You know that one. Not that one! That one! Ya....I'mma go watch it right now.

Best. Self-summary. Evar!

I like laughing and good company and would like to think I supply both or at least try too. I like learning and experiences. I'm proficient in...basic medicine and video games.

How about this...I would hire me. Totally not a tool-box thing to say.
What I’m doing with my life
I am about to go to pharmacy or nursing school (gotta finally figure out which I like more), and I like to spend my time working (well not really "like" but ya, I "like" that work affords me...affordability...affordibleness? "The ability to buy things," how about that!), exercising, movie watching, drawing, or hanging out with my friends.

Also that orbital space cannon project.
I’m really good at
Wurds. Matching shapes. Occassionally drawing really sweet dragons (but not at correctly spelling occasionally (2 "c"s and 1 "s" really, you can afford 2 "c"s in this economy...? Boom Scrabble slam!). I got an A in pouring and cutting in pre-school. Wut. Being jelly of my talents is so...not cool, girl. I'm sure you're good at things too...
The first things people usually notice about me
Prolly how cool I am is immediately apparent to anyone who perchance happens upon my visage. Like everyone freezes when I walk into rooms (usually in slow motion and usually to some ill beats, perhaps I composed them myself, perhaps I hired John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Harry-Gregson Williams to collaborate on them for me).

I don't know, really good with two forks. Like unnaturally good.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Baby's first book. Learning to read for 3rd graders. I like books with lots of pictures, preferably also with those electronic soundboards thingies so I can click the monkey and he makes a "oooh ooh ooh ya" except when they start to run out of battery and then they're frightening and I DON'T LIKE THEM!

Last good books I read that I like because I typically like any books (big fan of the written word here), were, let's see...Three Hearts and Three Lions (great Fantasy classic), Anonymous Rex (the best humor/detective thriller featuring dinosaurs who dress like humans, prolly one off my best Bookman's whimsical purchases ever), Star Wars: Republic Commando Triple Zero (new Star Wars, please be as cool as this! This is the second one, Hard Target is the first)

Movies, pretty much anything. Foreign, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, anything. I'm typing this as I watch the Bourne Legacy again.

It's Always Sunny. No, Colbert and Jon Stewart (tied) you can watch them legally and for free at their home websites. Great funny and current news shows! Then probably It's Always Sunny tied with 30 Rock. It's too hard to choose favorites.

Music is arguably my weakest...um...thing. I like movie/video game soundtracks, classical, jazz, (gratuitous shout-out to KUAT and KUAZ radio. I love you guys. You're the best! Pizza and soda at my place anytime you guys walk over from the U assuming you can find it and I have said pizza and soda...I'll find something...Do you like Trader Joe seaweed snacks?), I recently got more into poooooooopalar....popular music, like Adele and stuff (bad with names). Just not a fan of country...Sorry.

Me likey food! Sushi is my faves! All-you-can-eat, please and thank you!
Six things I could never do without
The Verticoli.

My chems (unless you can viral me out, as I don't want a cognitive degrade...)

Oxygen, HAL. (actually haven't seen that one yet...So I'm just guessing, we could watch it...ya ya I know it's a classic)

Tritonin to sustain me.

My rememberall. Where did I put it...

My best friend Stephan! And Dinosaur World!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Dame Judi Dench.
Dame Maggie Smith.

Lots of things.
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm not at work I'm usually volunteering in the uncurable disease ward for sickly children and adorable animals. It's so humble of me.

If I'm not at work I'm usually out with my friends or hopefully solving a case. These unexplained murders in Blue Sector won't solve themselves! Or at home with tea and food watching a movie or drawing or hanging out with my turtle, I try to make my Friday nights as excruciatingly boring as possible to dissuade interlopers.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes my socks don't match and I really don't care. Judge me all you want, America.
You should message me if
I only accept smoke signals or missives composed entirely of moon letters. I also like puzzles. And money. Yes. that's it, send me your money.

Message me if you know the three laws of robotics and you think we should have them in the constitution before the robot wars start.

Free the robots!

Message me if you feel like it and please hava great day!*

*Only applies to robots. Void where prohibited. Also robots do have feelings.

The two of us