30Carbondale, United States
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My self-summary
I'm the mother of a precious kitty. I'm a non-practicing Jew interested in theology. I can cook like nobody's business when I want to, but I don't do dishes (see previous part about anxiety disorder.)

Most people will tell you they are interested in music. They are liars, and anyone who comes to me because they like the Beatles...or cites Dave Matthews or Sublime as their favorites will be immediately ignored. I am a music fanatic. I picked that up from my father, who is the biggest fan, and my favorite special guest of my radio show. (Thursdays, 10pm-12am I became royalty in the Chicago music scene when I was in high school. I'm an elitist when it comes to both music and film. I've spent my lifetime studying both in an intellectual as well as visceral sense.

What else is there to know? Plenty, certainly. I guess the other thing to know is that I'm a hardcore feminist. I don't hate men, I shave my legs and I don't own anything in flannel, so don't even start with the stereotypes. I'm also a hopeless romantic and hate pants.

I am sweet, creative, and out of my tiny mind
What I’m doing with my life
Currently trying to find a job so I can pay my rent. Watching a lot of MST3K and playing CivIII, Sims 3 and Fallout 3. (3 really is a magic number.) I've got my radio show, and I do some acting with a local community theatre company. I work for Whiskey Bender Productions as a cinematographer from time to time. At the moment, that's about it.
I’m really good at
writing, acting, cooking, costuming myself, Fallout & CivIII, getting in the way, making mix CDs, helping people with creative projects, personal issues and spiritual crises, and making my friends laugh.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a tiny person with a great rack. Yeah, I know it, everyone says it, and I've learned to accept it. I've got Audrey Hepburn's eyebrows. Other things, no doubt. Sometimes I'm eloquent & sometimes I stumble over my words and cuss like a sailor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A: To Kill a Mockingbird, A Clockwork Orange, In Cold Blood, Patty Jane's House of Curl, Anything by Susan Bordo, Eastern Body Western Mind, Slaying the Mermaid, Reinventing Eden, Watchmen, Orlando, American Splendor compilations, biographies of musicians & classic movie stars, gender, race, & religious cultural theory.

B: The Man Who Fell to Earth, Performance, High Fidelity, Adam's Rib, the Philadelphia Story, Anything with the Marx Brothers or Charlie Chaplin (especially A Night at the Opera and City Lights), Singin' in the Rain, Velvet Goldmine, Chinatown, Tommy, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Labyrinth, A Clockwork Orange, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, American Splendor, Capote, New York Doll, Don't Look Back, I'm Not There, Troll 2
Also television: Project Runway, the X-Files, Star Trek (TOS & TNG mostly), South Park, Top Chef, long time Simpsons fan (but jaded), MST3K, the Critic, Home Movies, Dr. Katz, the Animaniacs, the Golden Girls, Maude, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Sex & the City, ThirtySomething.

C: Generally: Cosmic Americana, Insurgent Country, Brit Pop, Glam Rock, Old School R&B, Classic Jazz, Real Folk Music (not that singer-songwriter shit that everyone calls folk these days, although I like some of that too), Sad Bastard Music, Avant Garde Rock/Jazz, what my mother refers to as Whiny Mountain Music (Blues and Country from the turn of the 20th century), the vaudeville blues women, anything that truly has soul and heart in it, music that hits you in the gut and doesn't apologize and anything my dad is listening to!

More specifically: tina turner, wilco, neko case, the blisters, kelly hogan, carolyn mark, the new pornographers, the band, the byrds, the monkees, jon langford, neil young, robbie fulks, the shangri-las, justin townes earle, the velvet underground, bob dylan, the who, the flaming lips, glenn kotche/on fillmore, paul burch, bobby bare jr., joni mitchell, emmylou harris, gram parsons, they might be giants, the old 97's, the waco brothers, , chris mills, andrew bird, david bowie, the talking heads, the ditty bops, the blacks, the smiths, morrissey, jon brion, the chamber strings, two cow garage, tim easton, the rolling stones, rhett miller, the smoking popes, loretta lynn, wanda jackson, brian eno, t. rex, robyn hitchcock, grand champeen, jesse malin, the jayhawks, calexico, rosie flores, bessie smith, ma rainey, billie holiday, wanda jackson & memphis minnie, the bottle rockets

D: I make the best matzo ball soup & chili on the planet. Like I said, I'm a whiz in the kitchen, but I do keep a strict vegetarian diet. I'm a sucker for anything with potatoes or pasta...and I am constantly craving palak paneer.
Six things I could never do without
The Lappy 486, a song (either on the stereo or in my head), my precious little Delilah Kitty, my bed, a notebook to write in & my grandmother's necklace.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Stuff to worry about, what I have to do that day, what I didn't do that day, my future, music, food, ideas for flicks to make someday, what the hell actually was going on in "Manos: the Hands of Fate", cleaning my room, balancing out my chakras, the love of my life and did I mention my future?
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with friends or by myself, playing video games and/or watching movies. Usually there is food involved.

Sometimes, when I make it back home to Chicago, I go out to Schuba's or the Hideout to see one of my favorite bands.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've got an anxiety disorder and Crohn's Disease. Not good breeding material.

Also: Not all of my pictures are current because I have recently lost 30 pounds...not intentionally, and am trying to gain back 10.
You should message me if
You're not scared away yet, I suppose. You're intelligent and open minded. You don't necessarily expect a response. Things along those lines.
The two of us