47 Sodus Point, United States
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My self-summary
I am a very confident and successful. I could stand to lose 2 maybe 3 pounds pounds but I love a good meal. Please be similar I prefer the fitter side of average build.
I have a professional career and work hard. I am good at everything I do and enjoy it or I wouldn't do it.
I am funny, at least I think so.

Conservative because values like pro life are important. Not in the religious fanatic way. Abortion is not an answer for birth control.
I don't care if you are liberal, just have some values.
If kids are a reflection of their parents I must be a pretty OK guy. Straight A''s and sings like an angel.
I would just like to get to know you. I don't sleep around and will not do that until I am sure there is "more" there.
No drugs, very little alcohol
like to sing most mostly not great, I like to cook and been told I do pretty good.

I do have kids that I love but I am not trying to sell them. That will come when the time is right.
If you have more pictures of your cats than of you, you are not for me. Not looking for the cat lady. No cats please.
I was raised on a farm and have very good mechanical skills, carpenter and construction manager. I am in Solar now and build very large solar projects.
Please have similar career, phisical standards, attitude, interests and belief.
Professional, no drugs, no cats, lighter side of average!,
I like ambition, but have learned there is educated risk and there is just stupid gamble. I don't like to gamble and lose big on anything.
Sorry but I am addicted to politics and if you will vote Hillary you are just to gullible for me.