34 Denver, United States
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My self-summary
50% Scot-Irish, 1/8 German, and a little English and Polish mixed in there somewhere. Good old American Mongrel.

I came to Colorado in June 2009. Born and raised in NJ, moved to DC for 8 years. I'm looking for a special someone who gets me. I can be quite odd and quirky, I love to make people laugh but also need someone that I can have an intellectual conversation with, and frankly, I need someone who is wild and open minded when it comes to sex.

I was living out in the mountains, SW of Conifer, CO, and was going out of my mind. I will grant that it was a beautiful place, sparsely populated, and very quiet, but that came with it's own problems, namely getting to and from work and meeting new people. I have recently moved down to Denver and have never been more at ease with my life, in that before I was depressed and defeatist, and now I want to live a full and exciting life.

So, now that I have the ability to go out and socialize more readily, I plan on doing so more often, and okcupid seems like a good venue for meeting like minded people.

What I am looking for:
Someone who is open minded, articulate, fun loving, nerdy, physically and emotionally fit, and can hold their own in a logical discussion without letting their emotions completely control their responses.

What I am tired of:
Controlling, manipulative, conniving, possession oriented, crazy people who care only about their own wants, needs, and desires.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a professional mover with 8 years of experience and can handle anything that comes my way in that regard. I'm good at gardening, and keeping upbeat, even when life tries to bring me down. I'm also something of a problem solver and neutral party.

I am kind of starting over and I don't want to hang out with people who are only interested in bringing me down because I have the potential to go anywhere I want. I'm tired of thinking in the short term and I want to go somewhere with my life, choosing where that will be on the other hand will, by definition, not be easy.
I’m really good at
Giving massages, Being patient, Being someone's rock, listening to other people's problems from a neutral point of view, making others laugh even at my own expense.
The first things people usually notice about me
My shaved head, my blue eyes, and my calm but (physically tense) demeanor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Really too many to list, I normally keep to sci-fi and fantasy, but I also read self help books. Some of my favorite authors are Terry Goodkind, Laurell K. Hamilton, David Webber, Orson Scott Card, Peirce Anthony... (the list goes on)

Shows: I don't watch TV, I turned it off three years ago, but I will buy the occasional box set of shows that I really think I'll like.

Music: Classical, Epic Metal, Techno, Irish, Rap [(Selectively) newest interest in the genre is "Ill Mind Hopsin"], Classic Rock. I hated country for a long time, but there are a hand full of songs that I can stand as long as they're not all about America or our Military. I'll listen to almost anything with a good beat, good vocals, or good guitar riffs.

Movies: I love Comedies, Horror, Thrillers, Action, Foreign, and even some chick flicks.

Some of my favorites with no particular rhyme or reason: Equilibrium, What the Bleep Do We Know?, Mindwalk, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Pitch Black, IT, Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, A Walk to Remember, Fearless, Unleashed, Aladdin, Up, Wall-E; most any Pixar movie.

TV series: Aeon Flux, Bleach, Dexter, Penn and Teller's Bullshit, Band of Brothers, Shark Week, Dungeons and Dragons (way old TV series, gave it to my Niece and Nephew) Ninja Warrior,

more to come.
The six things I could never do without
I never understood this question. We have so many things that we cannot do without. Food, shelter, clothing, a vehicle, money, social interaction, family....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Anything that piques my interest, but since I am in a state of growth at the moment these are apt to change.
On a typical Friday night I am
I can be something of a night owl, but I am not usually very social. I don't like going out to dance clubs with oppressively loud music, I'd rather be able to hold a conversation in which I don't have to shout to be heard. I don't have any normal weekly patterns so, really, I'm up for whatever is going on. It's not that I can't make a choice about where to go, I'm just not very familiar with the better places to hang out in Denver.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am very much into the fetish scene, and have been since I moved to DC, and I see no reason to go back to being vanilla when there are so many other interesting flavors to experience.

I identify as a Switch, meaning that I love both being Dominant and submissive equally, and I have a wide range of interests within the scene.
You should message me if
my profile interests you at all, I'm more than willing to talk about anything, and should we not be compatible, this is the best time and place to find out.